Top 10 AR Startups in India to Watch out in 2022

Augmented Reality is transforming the way people interact with products. Businesses, governments, and allied agencies have come to realise the wide scope of AR/VR. Here We have listed Top 10 AR Startups in India to watch out in 2022.

As we are in 2022, there is no stopping Augmented Reality. According to Statista reports, that there will be 1.07 billion users of AR in 2023 alone, which will inflate to 1.7 billion by the end of 2024. The global AR/VR market was worth US$ 28 billion in 2021 and is expected to be worth US$ 250 billion by 2028.

With a large market to tap into, businesses and investors are taking notice and increasing their investments to fuel the growth of augmented reality.

Some Interesting Real-World Examples Of Augmented Reality :-

AR has proven itself as a powerful aid for businesses / industry and the general public at large. Some examples are –

  • Snapchat : Snapchat filters use AR to overlay a filter or mask over the user’s Snap or picture.
  • Pokemon GoIt is a popular 2016 AR mobile game, uses the player’s GPS to detect where Pokemon creatures appear.
  • TV News Channels – From weather reports to sporting events, AR is becoming increasingly frequent on TV.
  • L’Oréal’s Modiface on Amazon –  Enables the first virtual try-ons for cosmetics on Amazon.
  • ASOS – ‘See My Fit’ – It uses augmented reality to ’digitally fit’ clothing onto models.
  • Amazon Salon hair colouring – Customers will be able to try different hair shades using AR, before actually it done.
  • IKEA Studio App Allow users to place virtual furniture in a room. Now using LiDAR sensors in iPhones,
  • Gucci Virtual Sneakers – Gucci adding an AR feature to its app to let users ‘try on’ sneakers.


In this blog, we identify and acknowledge top Indian AR startups (in no particular order) for their ideas, innovative products, immersive experiences, and motivations to take AR technology forward.

Top 10 AR Startups in India to watch out in 2022

  1. Imaginate
  2. The Intellify
  3. InfiVR
  4. Kalpnik
  5. ExpoSim
  6. TATA Elxsi
  7. PlayShifu
  8. GoPhygital
  9. TREZI
  10. Simulanis


Top 10 Augmented Reality AR Startups in India Imaginate

1. Imaginate

   Legal Name   Imaginate Technologies Inc
   Founders   Hemanth Satyanarayana
   Start Year   2016
   Funding   $ 540.0k
   Investors   Start-Up Chile, SRI Capital
   No. Of Employees   21 to 40
   Head Office   Hyderabad, Telangana, India
   Official Website

Imaginate founded by Hemanth Satyanarayana, is a top rated Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) & Mixed Reality (MR) technology enterprise. It provides innovative visualisation products and services that improve the consumer experience of reality.

Products :

  • ATOM – Atom enables geographically dispersed teams to connect with each other inside virtual classrooms using interactive and gamified 3D content from any device of their choice.
  • ASSIST – Assist empowers field workforce with digital instructions (through text, pictures, videos and 3D models) using smartglasses or smartphones, for hassle-free completion of maintenance, repair and inspection tasks.

Imaginate has been rated by 3 top-rated agencies (Forrester, Gartner, and IDC) as a top innovator and also by Deloitte as a Fast 500 Company for APAC in 2020.


Top 10 Augmented Reality AR Startups The Intellify

2. The Intellify

   Legal Name    The Intellify
   Founders    Shravan Rajpurohit, Darshak Doshi
   Start Year    2018
   No. Of Employees    21 to 50
   Head Office    Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
   Official Website
Founded in 2018, with around 50 team members, The Intellify is recognized as a top rated augmented reality development agency, with virtual reality and web development expertise.
Top 10 Augmented Reality AR Startups in India : The Intellify Team
It is an app development startup that creates feature-rich custom apps for a variety of enterprises.
Intellify has one of the best growth rates among Indian AR firms.
They have been named as a Most Reviewed AR/VR company on The Manifest’s 2021 leader list.

Services : Intellify’s in-house services and expertise includes Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions, AR Filters, 3D Modelings and Animations and WebAR.


Augmented Reality AR Startups in India InfiVR

3. InfiVR

   Startup Name    InfiVR
   Founders    Atish Patel, Rohal Chandrakar
   Start Year    2018
   No. Of Employees    21 to 50
   Contacts, +91 9739425439
   Head Office    Bangalore, Karnataka, India
   Official Website


This Bangalore based infiVR offers solutions for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. InfiVR is a leading AR / VR company providing cutting edge Virtual Reality Simulations for Aerospace, Aviation & Defence companies and organizations. InfiVR was a part of the World Defence Show 2022.

Products : 

  • Infi Showcase – Make customers experience products in real life.
  • Infi Sevice – Amplify maintenance & servicing capability by powerful assistance tool for technicians.
  • Infi Simulation – Train technicians, associates in an immersive simulated environment increasing their efficiency.

With their strong experience in virtual and augmented reality, They have set out to create products that would transform the way workforce will perform their tasks in industries, factories, labs, onsite or in war zone. Their vision is to empower future workforce with Virtual and Augmented Reality by providing them tools which make them more intelligent, efficient and effective.



4. Kalpnik

Startup Name Kalpnik
   Founders    Ashwani Garg, Apul Nahta, John Kuruvilla
   Start Year    2016
   Funding    $ 526K Pre-Serieas A
   Investors    HNIs
   No. Of Employees    21 to 50
   Head Office    Bangalore, Karnataka India
   Official Website

Kalpnik, a Bengaluru-based startup tells you not to despair by bringing all your favourite Gods to your living room by capturing live pujas and blessings on a virtual reality platform called VR Devotee.

Kalpnik is revolutionising the very concept of devotee engagement in India through immersive VR/AR content & technology.

India is a land of faith and religion. The media in India says religion is a $40 billion dollar business here, The virtual experience allows a person to make offerings of virtual flowers, fire, incense and water through the VR Headset and toggle

Product :

  • VRDevotee – VRDevotee is bringing something exciting to the spirituality & religion vertical – A unique immersive and interactive experience for devotees to engage deeper with their faith. VRDevotee is available on Android, iOS.
  •  Its app which is available on both android and ios has over 5 lakh downloads.

You can discover 150 temples on the app. “The depth of the frames, the immersive experience, transferring those frames over a network without creating any latency was what his team worked on,” says John (Co-Founder).


5. ExpoSim

Startup Name ExpoSim
Legal Name Innoevent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Mohit Ramani
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Contacts, +91 095600 90700
Head Office Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Official Website

ExpoSim is the most advanced virtual & hybrid expo platform. It’s a code-free platform that helps businesses and event planners create, manage, host, and promote virtual and hybrid events.

Their aim is to give people an offline event experience in the virtual world and to organizers the freedom to personalize their events, a strong engagement plan, and an event setup that they can do on their own.


ExpoSim – ExpoSim is a virtual exhibition software which is very easy to use and operate. ExpoSim provides an all in one package when it comes to organizing virtual events.

Features :

  • Custom design
  • Bring sponsors
  • 3D expo
  • Schedule meetings

Their platform presents a suite of microservices that help organizers manage an end-to-end virtual/hybrid event from a single place.





  Startup Name    TATA ELXSI
   Founders    TaTA Group
   Start Year    1989
   Investors    TATA Group
   No. Of Employees    1000+
   Contacts, +91 802841 1474
   Head Office    Bangalore, Karnataka India
   Official Website

Tata Elxsi provides end-to-end immersive experience solutions to prepare the existing and future workforce, reduce costs, improve productivity and customer experience for diverse industries. Tata Elxsi is recognised as a premium engineering service provider worldwide in the automotive, media, broadcast, communications, and healthcare industries

Tata Elxsi is among the world’s leading design and technology services providers across industries, including Automotive, Broadcast, Communications, Healthcare, and Transportation.

Tata Elxsi and Lenovo announced the collaboration to deliver smart XR solutions for enterprise and engineering applications on 31st May 2022.



7. PlayShifu

   Startup Name   PlayShifu
   Founders    Dinesh Advani, Vivek Goyal
   Start Year    2016
   Funding    $35.4 M Series B
   Investors    IDFC Parampara, Athera Venture Partners, Chiratae Ventures, Trifecta Capital
   No. Of Employees    101 to 150
   Contacts, +91-78996-44400
   Head Office   Bangalore, Karnataka India
   Official Website


Founded by two friends in 2016, PlayShifu aims to revolutionise the use of augmented reality within the framework of child growth and development. With expertise in AR technology, game & toy design, and storytelling, PlayShifu orchestrated a magical experience through phygital smart-toys for the vast ‘early learning’ market.

Product :

  • Shifu Orbit – It is an AR-based globe, which, when used in conjunction with an app, throws up a lot more information on countries and regions including maps, cultures, monuments, inventions, cuisines and animals.
  • Shifu Plugo – Plugo has 7 STEM toy kits that teaches math, words, construction, music & more.
  • Shifu Tacto – It transforms any tablet into an interactive board game.

The AR toy startup received $17 million in Series B funding from Inventus Capital India. This round was also attended by existing investors Chiratae Ventures and Bharat Innovation Fund.



8. GoPhygital 

Startup Name GoPhygital
   Founders     Ninad Chhaya
   Start Year     2016
   No. Of Employees     11 t0 20
   Contacts, +91 8879447708
   Head Office    Mumbai, Maharashtra India
   Official Website

Gophygital, which focuses on the gaming industry, uses Mixed Reality to provide clients with immersive, experiential solutions. All of their products have strong elements of gamification

Product :

  • GoPhygital App – the GoPhygital app brings to life static, print images into fully interactive, 3D AR powered solutions. With intuitive touch based controls, you can pinch to zoom in or out of the model or use swipe to rotate the model

GoPhygital works with businesses across various segments like education, healthcare, retail, lifestyle etc to help them enhance their product offering and user engagement by implementing phygital solutions incorporated with a strong element of gamification.



9. Trezi

Startup Name TREZI
    Legal Name     Smartvizs Pvt. Ltd
    Founders     Tithi Tewari, Gautam Tewari
    Start Year     2015
    Funding     $ 2.0 M Series A
    Investors     Ajay Lavakare, YourNest, IAN Fund, Rockstud Capital
    No. Of Employees     11 t0 20
    Contacts, +91 9873265220
    Head Office     Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Official Website

Trezi, a deep tech (AR) startup based in Noida, was founded in 2014 by Gautam Tewari. It allows architects to showcase their building plans using augmented reality. It is an immersive virtual reality product that allows experiencing the designs with the help of 3D modeling software & architecture software.

Trezi is India’s first Virtual Reality platform for the construction industry, allowing users to collaborate with clients and colleagues to review, modify, and experience design within an immersive environment – in real-time, at full scale, and in colour – regardless of the users’ physical location.



10. Simulanis

Startup Name Simulanis
   Founders     Raman Talwar
   Start Year     2013
   Funding     $ 500K SEED
   Investors    Education Catalyst Fund, Village Capital, Apurva Chamaria
   No. Of Employees    11 to 40
   Contacts, +91 9990912140
   Head Office     New Delhi, India
   Official Website


Simulanis is India’s most awarded XR Company dedicated to delivering excellence in creating some of the most engaging, interactive and immersive AR-VR applications

Simulanis develops Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality software applications for Education, Skill developement, and Industrial Training

Product :

  • Remote Assist : It is a cross-platform industry 4.0 productivity application, equipped with a plethora of digital features that provide quick and effective assistance for on-site workers to efficiently perform their tasks.
  • Reflexis  : Simulanis “REFLEXIS” is a high-tech exoskeleton glove enabling precision hand-tracking and haptic feedback to seamlessly allow interaction with virtual objects.

Simulanis has raised $500,000 in a pre-Series A round from Education Catalyst Fund, an early-stage education and skilling fund for low-income groups.


Conclusion :

AR/VR is in very high demand in the deep tech – edtech, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail sectors, and it is expected to expand to travel, hospitality, and media & entertainment in the near future. The expansion of 5G networks may make it easier to support cloud-based augmented reality experiences



What is the difference between AR, VR, and MR ?

  • AR : It adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. e.g- Snapchat lenses, Pokemon Go.
  • VR: It is an alternative world replaces with a simulated one with the help of devices. e.g- Oculus Rift , Google cardboard.
  • MR – It combines elements of both AR and VR, real-world and digital objects interact. e.g – Microsoft’s HoloLens

What is the Future of AR Startups in India ?

In deep tech industries, AR in India has a large market to tap into, making it even more groundbreaking and revolutionary. According to Research and Markets, the total market size of AR/VR in India is expected to advance at a CAGR of 38.29% to US$ 14.07 billion by 2027

Where is Augmented Reality used in Business?

  • Education & Training
  • Retail Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Printing and Advertising Industry
  • Design and Construction
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Navigation Systems

What is Metaverse ?

The metaverse is a virtual world where people interact via their digital avatars with specific devices like Smartphone, virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, gaming consoles etc.

What are recent Trends of Augmented Reality in India

  •, an Indian eyewear brands, plans to open 100 franchise stores based on AI and AR/VR.
  • An AR company Krikey launched Yatra (an AR game) in India with Reliance Jio.
  • Flipkart launched “Flipkart Labs” to improve the e-commerce experience through AR & non-fungible tokens.
  • Reliance Jio invested $15 million in TWO, a Silicon Valley startup specialising in the AR/VR industry.
  • Microsoft and Volkswagen joined up to use Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 to bring augmented reality to cars.
  • India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurated the Pradhan Mantri Sangrahalay (PM Museum) in New Delhi in April 2022. Tagbin, an Indian startup, and other technology partners digitised the museum for an estimated US$ 40 million (Rs. 300 crore) by leveraging technologies such as AR/VR.



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