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What is deep tech?
Deep tech is a term referred to describe technologies that are complex and requires a high degree of technical expertise to develop and deploy. Deep tech startups are engaged in deep R&D and continuously work towards Intellectual Property (IP) creation.
Deep tech is a subset within large technology sector and exist for the purpose of solving bigger goals. At idea level deep tech involves scientific discovery or engineering innovation while general tech or any other tech includes business innovation.
SanchiConnect is a platform to enable deep tech and emerging tech startups acquire Funding – Talent – Customer, access verified network of business service providers worldwide. Our vision is to democratize Indian deep tech and emerging tech opportunities globally. Backed by prominent investors, we are on a mission to create frictionless experience to discover, compare, connect and transact between stakeholders.

SanchiConnect is a product of Sanchi Connect Pvt Ltd, registered in India and having offices in Noida. To partner with SanchiConnect, please write to .

No, the platform is made frictionless with “free to consume” outlook. Our business model revolves around creating SaaS for verified service providers in later stages.
Sanchiconnect’s vision is to democratize emerging tech startup ecosystem starting from India.
No, we are enablers of the ecosystem.

Visitors have limited access to any registered profile. Depending on user profile, access levels are defined.

1) Make sure your profile is 100% complete 2) Follow guidelines and instructions during profile creation. 3) Please provide accurate details and select accurate tags and filters
Sanchiconnect platform offers you direct chat, video chat, calendar block and many other options which enables you speak / connect with others.

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