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Powerconnect, an enterprise-grade software platform with premium security features, streamlines startup centric programs, automates mundane tasks, and fosters high-engagement communities with reporting and performance management.

Incubation Program

Addressing all your Challenges

Simplify application sourcing and evaluation at scale

Supercharge productivity by automating routine tasks

Real time reporting, Data management and Performance Tracking

Monetize existing resources, generate new revenue

Plug-and-Play System:
Complete Solution for Your Incubation Program

PowerConnect replicates your program end-to-end digitally, providing exponential scale, efficiency, and visibility for both the program office and stakeholders

Program to Scale​

Digital twin of
Program to Scale

A DIY platform for custom needs of your program
Networking Hub

Networking Hub

where meaningful collaborations happen everyday
Knowledge Sharing​


Learning opportunities
with inbuilt LMS

Decentralize Operations​


Role based task distribution

Our Patrons

PowerConnect is being used by many reputed incubators, associations and enterprises to automate their innovation programs.

Powering your innovation program

See the different ways customers are utilizing our platform to power their innovation programs.


Manage every step of your startup Accelerator or Incubator program on one single platform.


Efficiently manage your entire corporate innovation program on a single, integrated platform

Social Innovation

Streamline Your entire Social Innovation Program with in a single integrated platform

Open Innovation

Effortlessly Operate Your Entire Open Innovation Program in a unified efficient manner

Key features of PowerConnect

Applications Management

A unified & simple application system

Applications Management

Program Management

Create and manage tailored programs effortlessly


Performance Management

Comprehensive Reports for Informed Decision-Making

Performance Management

Learning Management System

Contribute to Upskilling of incubates 

Learning Management System

Communication & Collaboration

Engage in real-time conversations for quick and efficient communication.

Communication & Collaboration

Easy Onboarding


An intuitive platform for both stakeholders and back office alike

Smooth Migration

Easy transition with data import from your existing platform

Quick Adoption

30 day dedicated support to handhold all stakeholders


Industry-leading uptime, ensuring consistent accessibility.

Ready to scale your startup program ?

Join the league of globally reputed incubators and organisations who are using PowerConnect to scale their innovation programs.

Ready to automate your innovation program ?

Join the league of globally reputed incubators and organisations who are using PowerConnect to scale their innovation programs.

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