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Discover New

The SanchiConnect platform features over 1500 IP-led deeptech startups, each creating innovative solutions

Potential Future Collaborations

It’s been noted that mentors, after initially assisting startups, often take on roles as advisors or investors in these companies

Stay Informed and Relevant

Mentors stay informed of innovations in their field by working with innovative startups

Opportunity to knowledge transfer

Mentors experience great satisfaction from sharing their knowledge with new founders

We make startup assessment easy for you

Get deep insights on key indicators of venture validation


Problem size, timing & opportunity


Is the business model viable & scalable?
Knowledge Sharing​

Business Model

Strength of startup’s offering differentiation
Decentralize Operations​


Does the startup comply with your investment strategy?


Team’s mindset, composition & ability to execute

How it Works?

Structured Mentorship Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Guide to
Building Meaningful Connections


Register and receive AI driven startup matches based on your industry and skillsets


Browse and connect with our AI curated startup suggestions or personally identify startups


Establish tailored objectives; oversee mentorship through our strategic interface and collaborative dashboard.

We make startup assessment easy for you

Get deep insights on key indicators of venture validation

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Startup's Path to Success?

Join SanchiConnect Community as a mentor, which is driven on Pay-it-forward principle.
A community which has highest regard for your experience and keen to learn from it.

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