Top Quantum Technology Startups In India

“If you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don’t understand quantum mechanics”. 

                                                                                                               – Richard Feynman (An American physicist)

Quantum Technology & Its Use 

Quantum theory says that all matter and energy are made up of tiny particles called quanta. Long-term goals of quantum information technology research include developing methods for controlling and manipulating quantum systems in order to extend information processing beyond the capabilities of the classical world.

The usage of quantum concepts in engineering to solve difficult technicalities in computers, communications, sensing, chemistry, encryption, imaging, and mechanical issues will be quite common in the future. For example, the quantum computer can do things that even the most sophisticated supercomputers cannot.

Future of Quantum Technology 

The adoption of quantum technologies across industries has the potential to add $280-$310 billion in value to the Indian economy by 2030, according to a report by the IT industry body Nasscom. Quince Market Insights estimates that the global market for quantum computing, which had a value of $487.4 million in 2021, will increase to $3.7 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 25.40 %.

Indian Govt Support for Quantum Technology 

The Indian government announced to invest ₹8,000 crores ($1.12 billion) in quantum computing research over five years. The country’s finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, said the scheme will boost the research for technology under the National Mission of Quantum Technology and Application project.


The startups listed below (in no particular order) are leading the quantum computer race in India-

  1. QpiAI Tech
  2. Quantica Computacao
  3. Taqbit Labs
  4. QuNu Labs
  5. BosonQ Psi
  6. QRDlab


Top Quantum Technology Startups In India QpiAI-Tech

1. QpiAI Tech

Startup Name QpiAI Tech
Legal Name QpiAI India Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Nagendra Nagaraja
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 21 to 40
Contacts, 090088 92602
Head Office Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Official Website


Q for Quantum, π for human Ingenuity, AI for Artificial Intelligence :  This Bengaluru-based QpiAI, founded by Nagendra Nagaraja, is integrating quantum computing and AI vertically.

QpiAI is a subsidiary of Qpi Technology  . QpiAI is well supported by other Qpi technology subsidiaries, Qpicloud   which is pioneering next gen Quantum and AI cloud computing.

The startup claims to be able to construct an entire hardware stack based on three-chip solutions:-

  • Bumblebee, a scalable cryogenic control chip;
  • Trion, a quantum processing unit;
  • A scalable spin-qubit based QPU (quantum processing unit).


QpiAI is an AI discovery and deployment platform that simplifies AI and enables AI to be deployed at a petascale like never before. QpiAI provides platform to enable this progress by simplifying AI and Quantum compute.

QpiAI Tech has many software platforms and products, including QpiAI-explorer, QpiAI-pro, QpiAIsim, QpiAIML, QpiAIopt, and QpiAI-logistics. Its platforms currently run on CPUs and GPUs to provide hybrid classical computing solutions in order to improve performance in optimization workloads.




Quantica Computacao

2. Quantica Computacao

Startup Name Quantica Computacao
Legal Name Quantica Computacao Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Harsh P, Sudin Baraokar
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 10 to 20
Head Office Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Official Website


Quantica Computacao works in the quantum computing space and is developing a quantum computing platform. Their primary objective is to develop software technologies to utilise future quantum computer technology.

Their software tools will help the banking and financial institutions in the country to develop Quantum proof tools and techniques to facilitate data security and and encryption, Quantum Machine Learning tools for investment banking and stock exchange, Quantum Simulation Algorithms for pharmaceutical companies to develop new and effective drugs.


Alchemy (Quantum Virtual Simulator): They are developing a state of the art quantum virtual simulator to compile and run different quantum capable software tools. This platform will enable the researchers and industries to optimise different algorithms.




Top Quantum Technology Startups In India Taqbit Labs

3. Taqbit Labs

Startup Name Taqbit Labs Private Limited
Legal Name Taqbit Labs Private Limited
Founders Sugata Sarkar, Animesh Aaryan, Sreeram Sreekrishna
Start Year 2018
No. Of Employees 10 to 20
Contacts, +91 88844 59524
Head Office Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Official Website
Taqbit Team


In 2018, this Bengaluru-based startup founded by Animesh Aaryan, Sugata Sarkar, and Sreeram Sreekrishna offers solution in deep technology area of Quantum Key Distribution.

Products : 

QKD ( Quantum Key Distribution ) :

Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a secure communication method which implements a cryptographic protocol involving components of quantum mechanics.

TAQBIT has won National Tender From DRDO. Taqbit’s goal is to improve data communication and security by integrating modern quantum technology into existing infrastructure. It provides solutions in areas including manufacturing, aerospace, defence, and the financial and healthcare sectors.


Top Quantum Technology Startups In India QNu Labs

4. QNu Labs

Startup Name QuNu Labs
Legal Name QuNu Labs Pvt. Ltd
Founders Sugata Sarkar, Animesh Aaryan, Sreeram Sreekrishna
Start Year 2018
Funding Undisclosed.
Investors Speciale Invest, WAOO Partners LLP
No. Of Employees 21 to 40
Head Office Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Official Website


QNu (Quantum Light) is the first and only Indian company in the Quantum safe-Cryptography space, According to the startup, it uses quantum physics concepts to encrypt keys instead of traditional ways.

Products : 

  • Armos (QKD – Quantum Key Distribution) – a key distributor.
  • Tropos (QRNG -Quantum Random Number Generator) – a random number generator.
  • Hodos (PQC – Post Quantum Cryptography) – a secure platform for key management.

QNu Labs is a winner of open challenge at iDEX’s Defconnect 2.0 for generation of Quantum Secure Keys between 2 nodes connected directly over 200 KM.

Funding :

QNu Labs received an undisclosed amount of funding in January 2022 from Speciale Invest, WAOO Partners LLP, and others for research and development, product expansion, and technology.




BosonQ Psi

5. BosonQ Psi

Startup Name BosonQ Psi
Legal Name BosonQ Psi Private Limited
Founders Abhishek Chopra, Rut Lineswala, Jash Minocha
Start Year 2020
Funding $ 600K Pre-SEED
Abhay Tandon, Anand Reddy, Vijay Sethi, Chandan Chowdhury, 3to1 Capital
No. Of Employees 21 to 40
Head Office Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India
Official Website
BosonQ Psi
Founders of BosonQ Psi.- Jash Minocha, Abhishek Chopra, and Rut Lineswala.


BosonQ Psi is a software venture that leverages the power of Quantum computing to perform simulations. BosonQ Psi makes enterprise SaaS-based engineering simulation software that takes advantage of the power of Quantum computing.

Product :

BQPhy :-

  • BosonQ Psi is now developing the world’s first Quantum-powered engineering simulation software called BQPhy. This software is equipped with high accuracy CAE solvers developed from the ground up by domain experts to deliver the Quantum advantage
  • Companies in the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries could use this software to improve their time-to-market and product quality.



QRDLab is an Kolkata based Industry-first initiative originated in Kolkata, India to promote quantum research, education and consulting in multiple areas of Quantum Computing.

QRDLab will aim to collaborate with independent researchers and academic institutions to accelerate quantum research. The effort includes translating nascent research ideas and advancing entire Quantum Computing technology stack in India.

Key Research Areas: The research activities of QRDLab are to contribute to the quantum computing domain and provide a quantum ecosystem for researchers, developers and industry personals  to map real-world hard problems in quantum setting.

  • Quantum Algorithms
  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • Quantum Internet & Cryptography


Conclusion :

According to Nasscom, sectors such as manufacturing, high-tech, banking, and defence will likely lead the charge in adopting quantum technologies for critical and large-scale use cases in India.
Companies like Tata Consultancy Services, HCL Technologies, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Zensar, Mphasis, Coforge among others creating use cases for quantum technologies and proof of concept for clients.


How can quantum computing help business owners?
Quantum computing will enable businesses to better optimize investment strategies, improve encryption, discover products, and much more.
Will quantum computing change the world?
Yes. Quantum computing will revolutionize the world by addressing issues that today’s conventional computers can’t solve.
Does quantum computing Startups have a future?
From 2020 to 2021, funding for start-ups focused on this deep tech – quantum technologies more than doubled to $1.4 billion. Quantum computing has the potential to be worth nearly $700 billion as early as 2035, with a market worth more than $90 billion annually by 2040.

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