Emerging deep tech startups to watch in 2022

Emerging deep tech startups to watch in 2022

Emerging deep tech startups to watch in 2022 


With the onset of COVID 19 and in the post-COVID World, the industries and the economies have undergone a drastic digital transformation. The companies have employed deep tech, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning concepts to gain a competitive advantage, prioritize the work, save resources and build up the operations’ effectiveness and efficiencies. 


New startup companies come to the forefront of the industry every year through exciting innovations, technologies, and industry-disrupting business models. And deep tech technology has been one disruptor that has put every industry on its toes. 


In this article, we have lined up the Top 3 deep tech Startups in India that startup founders, investors, and aspiring entrepreneurs need to follow. 


  1. Aigroedge Technologies 


Aigroedge Technologies is a deep tech venture founded by various researchers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs focusing on building cutting-edge IoT sensory and AI-powered digital solutions for the agricultural sector. The company focuses on improving the physical quality assessment, disease detection, and prediction of parameters affecting plant growth. 


The innovative software products focus on developing solutions for the farmers and the agricultural entrepreneurs to allow the easy storage and tracking of seeds crop information and crop yield data. 


The Deep Tech startup based in New Delhi has proprietary hardware called ‘Krashaak,’ which is an IoT sensory system powered by a SaaS Software called ‘AgriVital.’ The goal is to enhance the yield and profit margin to the end-user with the personalized recommendations. 


Two versions of the hardware ‘KRASHAAK’ are available for the agro-based companies dealing with vast amounts of data. 


  • The lighter version uses a few parameters like soil temperature, ambient humidity, light intensity, ambient temperature, and soil moisture level. It comes in a lower price range for medium farms and farmers. 
  • The second version of ‘KRASHAAK’ has a very advanced level of parameters for advanced analytics of the farms and the crops. Along with the parameters extended by the lighter version, this advanced version also considers leaf thickness, pH, wind speed and direction, and much more. 


Advantages of using Aigroedge Technologies 


A state-of-the-art farm automation and management system, Aigroedge Technologies helps the farmers pave their way toward profits and revenue. 


  • Both the hardware versions are equipped to produce a vast profit by investing just 10% of the revenue generated. 
  • Aigroedge Technologies not only provides the options of buying the hardware, but the farmers and the agro-corporations can rent the hardware and the software on a trial basis. 
  • The initiatives are supported by the Government of India, banks, and various insurance companies.

The company is helping farmers enhance their product lines and expanding its Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence to leverage the soil data and plant growth data to combine into personalized analytics related to the genetic breeding trials and research. 


These initiatives have expanded the clientele to Fortune 500 companies and governments. Thus, the company focuses on revamping the agriculture sector by uplifting plant health. 

2. Kwantics 


A Call center automation firm, Kwantics has a strong technology foundation that uses Speech AI to improve call center metrics. With the help of the software, sophisticated voice bots and speech analysis can be used by various organizations to increase the productivity of the voice processing ad customer service agents. 


Moreover, Kwantics Software allows it to extract and analyze consumer discussions with the voice. Various businesses, organizations, and corporations use this speech AI tool to uncover hidden information and increase sales conversion, customer satisfaction, and agent performance.  


Also, various Speech to text (STT) solutions can transcribe the different voice inputs into text in many languages. The software startup utilizes deep tech to provide various valuable solutions. 


  • AI Voice Assistant: The company automates customer interaction with natural, human-like voice assistants. 
  • Speech Analytics: The organizations can derive critical insights to improve sales conversions, customer experience, and agent performance with AI-powered solutions. 
  • Speech Recognition: The AI software can also be used to transcribe the multilingual voice data accurately and in real-time. Additionally, it also provides noise-robust speech recognition with speaker segmentation. 
  • Speech Synthesis: The software helps in synthesizing the text data into a natural voice timbre and develops a voice for the brand. 


This software follows a voice-first approach to connect the customers and increase sales in various industries and sectors. Banking and Finance, E-Commerce, Travel and Hospitality, BPOs, telecommunications, and retail are some industries where Kwantics has been playing a leadership role.

3. Technivorus


Even though artificial intelligence, deep tech, and machine learning have paved their way into everyday life, organizations still need marketing, cybersecurity, and other IT solutions to market their products and build a competitive advantage. 


Technivorus is providing the same with the help of deep tech. This startup offers businesses tailored Cybersecurity, Multilingual Contact Centre Services, IT Recruitment, and other IT Services. The company provides multiple customized plans for organizations all over the World. The executives become a part of your team to employ the cutting edge technology to turn it into operations reality. 

  • Cyber Security and Risk Services: The organization uses Cloud Computing to provide a cloud-based Cyber Security Operation Centre
  • IT Recruitment and Staffing: With the help of Machine Learning, the corporate connects hiring managers with the top industry talent. 
  • Application of AI/ML and its development: The startup provides intelligent solutions and services assisting businesses to gain an edge in their industries
  • Cloud Solutions: The organizations help the businesses in their digital transformation by employing essential to advanced deep tech, AI/ML areas. 


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