Women Led Deep Tech Startups in India 2022

Women Led Deep Tech Startups in India 2022

Women Led Deep Tech Startups in India:

Over the past decade, India has undergone a digital transformation. Because of the continuous technological revolution, deep technologies will be at the heart of the next wave of information disruption. It’s also the next big thing that businesses and venture capitalists are clamouring for.

The future of Indian Startups / businesses lies in deep tech. The next 10 years will see huge social transformation, led by deep tech in India.

What is Deep Tech?

A Technology that is based on tangible engineering innovation or scientific advances and discoveries. Deep tech encompasses a broad range of technology domains that are not focused on end-user services.

These includes : Artificial Intelligence, advanced materials, Vision and speech algorithms, machine learning, blockchain, biotechnology, synthetic biology, robotics, drones, data science, photonics and quantum computing

Between 2014 and 2019, around 1,600 deep tech startups were launched, with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 40%.


As Deep tech is fast becoming big business, More corporations / Investors are investing in or forming partnerships and alliances with these startups. Even the Government is also supporting this.

Maharashtra to launch Rs 200 crore fund to invest in “Women Led deep Tech Startups” – News 11th June 2022

So Here , in this article we we have listed Women Led Deep Tech Startups in India :



1. Instoried

Type : AI Content Startup

Founders : Sharmin Ali, Sutanshu Raj

Start Year : 2017

Funding : $ 219.5 M

Investors : GEM, Pritt Investment Partner, SOSV, Venture Catalysts Angel Fund,

City : Bengaluru, Karnataka

Contacts :

Official Website :


Instoried is an enhanced augmented writing platform that increases client involvement and interest. Instoried is an artificial intelligence-powered content creation tool that employs sentiment analysis, plagiarism detection, and a grammar checker to make your writing more emotionally engaging.

The team of Instoried has built natural language processing systems based on deep learning to help make content better. They want to build a workplace where people of all backgrounds and genders can work together to help them grow.

Instoried has announced that it has signed an agreement with GEM Global Yield, Following a public offering, GEM will provide a Share Subscription Facility of up to $200 million for a term of 36 months, at the company’s discretion.

The news comes less than six months after Instoried announced its Series A funding, making it the fastest growing deep tech firm Led by a woman.



NIRAMAI Health Analytix is a Bangalore-based deep-tech startup addressing critical healthcare problems through automated solutions

2. NIRAMAI Health Analytix

Type : Health Tech Startup

Founder : Geetha Manjunath

Start Year : 2019

Funding : $ 6.1 M

Investors : CDC Group, BEENEXT, Dream Incubator, Pi Venture

City : Bengaluru, Karnataka

Contacts : , +91 8660922978

Official Website :

NIRAMAI Health Analytix is a Health tech deep-tech startup
Niramai Health Analytix

Niramai Health Analytix is an AI-powered health tech Startup  offering a no-touch, no-pain, no-radiation, privacy-conscious solution for women of all ages. NIRAMAI provides a breast cancer screening tool that uses Thermalytix, which is machine intelligence applied to thermography pictures. For early and accurate breast cancer screening, the company’s cloud-hosted analytics solution uses big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms.

Niramai Health Analytix raises series A funding round from Ankur Capital, Axilor Ventures, BEENEXT, Binny Bansal, Dream Incubator and Pi Ventures.

Niramai Health Analytix has now received US FDA clearance for their first device called SMILE-100 System. The SMILE-100 System is a breast thermography equipment that aids healthcare professionals in reviewing, measuring, and analysing thermally relevant indications in the breast region.

INDmoney is the super money app which enables you to manage all your money

3. INDmoney

Type : FinTech Startup

Founders : Amrita Sirohia, Ashish Kashyap, Mariam dixit, Pratiksha Dake, Ankit Jain

Start Year : 2019

Funding : $ 144 M Seriesd D

Investors : Tiger Global Management, Dragoneer Investment Group and Steadview Capital

City : Gurgaon , Bengaluru

Contacts : , 1800 1033 817

Official Website :

INDmoney is the super money app which enables you to manage all your money

INDmoney was founded in 2019 as a wealth management app that uses machine learning to assist users in tracking their assets and expenses and establishing financial objectives on a single platform.

INDmoney is a SuperMoney App — it’s free to track, save, and earn money. Easily monitor investments, loans, spending, savings accounts, PFs, and EPFs

In collaboration with SBM Bank India, the company launched its neo banking platform last year and has already grown to half million accounts in three months.

IndMoney has so far raised a total of $144 million from investors like Steadview Capital, Tiger Global and Dragoneer Investment Group.



4. DataCrux Insights

Type : Analytics & BI DeepTech Startup

Founders : Manisha V Jadhav

Start Year : 2013

Funding : Self Funded

Investors :

City : Gurgaon, Haryana

Contacts :

Official Website :

Datacrux offers a broad spectrum of Data Science Consulting services

DataCrux Insights adds value to a business, which can help it make money and grow. Getting insights from data that can be used can be an unstructured process.

Datacrux provides a wide range of Data Science Consulting services. It derives insights from raw data and shows them. Data Crux is a platform where one can find data science articles to help improve skills to move forward in the career.

Datacrux Founder Manisha V Jadhav ha been nominated as “Woman-Led startup in Tech Of The Year 2021” by Women tech Global Awards 21


Astrome is a deeptech startup that is accelerating the deployment of 5G

5. Astrome

Type : 5G Wireless Deeptech startup

Founders : Dr Neha Satak 

Start Year : 2015

Funding : $ 5.1 M Series A

Investors : Urania Ventures, Impact Collective, ArtPark

City : Bengaluru (Karnataka), San Diego (California)


Official Website :


A deep tech startup Astrome, founded by Dr Neha Satak Astrome provides telecom service providers, companies, and defence with Gigabit speed telecommunication solutions. With its innovative wireless technology, Astrome hopes to connect the nation’s rural and semi-urban areas.

“This market is growing quickly because people’s lifestyles have changed in the last two years, making them want more mobile and broadband communication infrastructure..” Neha Satak (Founder) Said.

Main goal of Astrome is to provide high speed broadband internet from space.



  • International Telecommunication Union’s Digital World Virtual SME Award for Most Promising Innovative Solution in Connectivity
  • The first chosen from 60 startups to participate in a Qualcomm and Verizon-sponsored 5G Accelerator at EvoNexus in San Diego, US

This Deep tech startup has raised $3.4 million in a funding round co-led by Urania Ventures, IAN Fund, and Cognizant’s founder Lakshmi Narayanan. According to CEO “The new money will be used to expand into the US, improve global operator trials, and bring more of its core technology to the market through new products.”



In future there will be a lot of startups making big changes in fintech, agriculture, and healthcare. They will be able to do this because technological advances will allow them to disrupt these industries. There will be More interested investors and deep tech startups.


For more articles, news about deep tech startups Please click HERE 

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