Top 80 Recycling Startups in India 2022

According to a report by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB):  India (a country home to over 1.3 billion people is equivalent to 17.7% of the world’s population) generates over 3.3 million metric tons of plastic waste each yearAccording to a Statista report, India generates 12 per cent of global municipal waste. (Find list of top recycling startups in India)

At present, only 30 percent of the 75 percent recyclable waste is recycled. The waste problem is progressively getting worse day by day. Therefore, waste management has become the need of the hour globally. Several startups have taken matters into their own hands in recent years, deciding that it is finally time to make India waste-friendly.

Sanchiconnect has compiled a list of top recycling startups in India working in waste management to recycle non-biodegradable waste into valuable resources-

1. Phool

Alia (investor) With PHOOL Founder
Startup Name Phool
Legal Name
Founders Ankit Agarwal, Prateek Kumar
Start Year 2017
Funding $9.4M, SERIES A
Investors Sixth Sense Ventures, Alia Bhatt, IAN fund
No. Of Employees 21 to 50
Contacts, 91 7408584112
Head Office Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Official Website is a biomaterial startup. They collect flower waste from the temples and mosques in Uttar Pradesh and use this floral waste to make patented charcoal-free incense, organic vermicompost, and biodegradable packaging material. As a result, 7,600 kg of waste flowers and 97 kg of toxic chemicals are prevented from entering the river on a daily basis.



By using flower cycling, rural women’s self-help groups turn the waste into patented organic fertiliser and incense sticks. Phool’s goal is to solve the problem of flower temple waste


2. Kabadiwala

Top Recycling Startups in India Kabadiwala

Startup Name Kabadiwala
Legal Name ASAR Green Kabadi Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Anurag Asati, Kavindra Raghuwanshi
Start Year 2014
Funding $413.3k, Angel
Investors Suresh Parekh, Vishal Thaker, Bhushan Gajaria, Bharat Mandloi, Naveen Reddy
No. Of Employees 61 to 100
Contacts, 91 76972 60260
Head Office Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Official Website

The is a technology-driven company working on SaaS based model to organize the waste management sector. This Bhopal-based startup brings local kabadiwala online, with 50,000 users and 100 tonnes of waste collected per month.

They have created a technological platform for each stakeholder in the waste management value chain, including waste generators (Collection App), waste aggregators (Center App), brands, and recyclers ( Marketplace app). It makes easy for thousands of consumers to sell scrap online.


3. Shayna EcoUnified

Top Recycling Startups in India- Shayna

Startup Name Shayna EcoUnified
Legal Name Shayna EcoUnified India Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Paras Saluja, Nitin Srivastava, Sandeep Nagpal
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Head Office Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Official Website

Shayna EcoUnified India is using plastic waste to make colourful “floor tiles”, tree guard, park benches, furnitures. These products are durable, heat resistant, weather resistant, chip resistant, acid proof, corrosion resistant, anti static, anti microbial, water proof and most importantly recyclable.

The products also offer better structural stability, longer shelf life and are eco-friendly as compared to conventional materials.


4. Cashify

Top Recycling Startups in India - Cashify
Cashify Team
Startup Name Cashify
Legal Name Manak Waste Management Pvt Ltd
Founders Mandeep Manocha, Nakul Kumar, Amit Sethi
Start Year 2013
Funding $118.3M, SERIES E
Bessemer Venture Partners, Shunwei Capital, Trifecta Capital, CDH Investments, Morningside Group, Blume Ventures
No. Of Employees 501 to 1000
Contacts, 7290068900
Head Office Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Official Website

Gurgaon, Haryana based Cashify is an online marketplace for reselling used electronic gadgets. Customers can sell their old electronics online and receive instant cash as well as free home pickup. 

Cashify, a marketplace for gadgets trade-ins and buybacks in India, has raised total of $118.3M in funding over 6 rounds.


5. Attero Recycling

Top Recycling Startups in India - Attero Recycling

Startup Name Attero Recycling
Legal Name Attero Recycling Private Limited
Founders Nitin Gupta, Rohan Gupta
Start Year 2007
Funding $28.6M
Investors Threshold, NEA, Granite Hill Capital Partners, Forum Synergies, Kalaari Capital
No. Of Employees 101 to 150
Contacts, 18001029882
Head Office Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Official Website

Attero is India’s largest E-Waste Recycling Company. Attero actively promotes eco-friendly electronics reuse and recycling.

Attero at present recycles 3500 MT of Li-ion waste in India and is expanding the capacity to 11000 MT by October 2022. According to its CEO and co-founder Nitesh, Attero Recycling has been able to extract metals from lithium-ion battery waste with 99 percent efficiency.


6. Recykal

Recycling Startups in India - Recykal Team

Startup Name Recykal
Legal Name Rapidue Technologies Pvt Ltd
Founders Anirudha Jalan, Abhishek Deshpande, Abhay Deshpande
Start Year 2015
Funding $24.0M
Investors Morgan Stanley, Circulate Capital, Vellayan Subbiah,Triton Investment Advisors LLP, Vijay Acharya
No. Of Employees 61 to 100
Contacts, 91 7799996255
Head Office Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Official Website

This Hyderabad-based company is utilising digital technology to connect waste producers, processors, and recyclers in an effort to solve India’s expanding garbage problem. Recykal’s digital footprint includes more than 400,000 people, over 1,000 businesses, 500 aggregators and waste management organisations, more than 100 recyclers, and 30 municipalities across 25 states and union territories.

In January 2022, Waste-commerce solutions provider Recykal has raised $22 million in funding from investment funds managed by Morgan Stanley India and existing investors.. Recykal intends to use the funds to improve its technology, expand its B2B marketplace across India, and build hyper-local waste processing infrastructure.


7. Banyan Nation

Recycling Startups in India - Banyan Nation

Startup Name Banyan Nation
Legal Name Banyan Nation Pvt Ltd
Founders Raj Madangopal, Mani Vajipey
Start Year 2013
Funding $14.3M SEED
Investors Artha Capita, CIIE (Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship), USAID
No. Of Employees 101 to 150
Head Office Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Official Website

Banyan Nation, a Hyderabad-based company, is providing a better solution for waste management in India by recycling thousands of tonnes of plastic. Banyan Nation is Vertically integrated plastics recycler and technology innovator driving circular economy in emerging economies. It is building India’s first vertically integrated formal recycling business.

Banyan Nation has recycled over 500 tonnes of plastic, reduced carbon dioxide emissions by over 750 tonnes, and diverted over 1,000 tonnes of plastic from landfills.


8. The Shakti Plastic Industries

Recycling Startups in India - The Shakti Plastic Industries

Startup Name The Shakti Plastic Industries
Legal Name The Shakti Plastic Industries Pvt Ltd
Founders Pratik Palan, Vishwanath Pddar
Start Year 1969
No. Of Employees 201 to 500
Contacts, 022 49671500
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

The Shakti Plastic Industries, founded in 1969, is a leading waste management company in India, as well as a maker of recycled plastic granules working tirelessly toward a clean and sustainable future and facilitating a circular economy. It has a pan-India network for collection and logistics

TSPI (Shakti Plastics) is engaged with 500+ PIBOs to achieve its desired result of managing a total of 5,00,000 MT+ of plastics and packaging wastes.

The Shakti Plastics Industries Won ‘The Policy Times Sustainability Business Excellence Award 2021’

9. Lohum Cleantech

Recycling Startups in India - Loham Cleantech

Startup Name Loham Cleantech
Legal Name Lohum Cleantech Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Rajat Verma, Justin Lemmon
Start Year 2017
Funding $7.0M
Investors Baring Private Equity Partners
No. Of Employees 11 to 25
Contacts, 1800 572 8822
Head Office Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Official Website

Lohum Cleantech was founded in 2017, is a lithium ion battery maker and a battery recycling solutions company. Lohum is the world’s only integrated company capable of recycling and repurposing lithium-ion battery packs.

Lohum Cleantech enables re-use of used li-ion battery cells. It helps EV companies maximise battery life cycles and encourages them to conserve resources. Since its inception, it has manufactured and distributed over 1,000 batteries. Lohum Cleantech manufactures battery packs for two-wheelers and three-wheelers and is yet to enter the four-wheel domain.

10. TrashCon Labs

Recycling Startups in India - Trashcon Labs

Startup Name Trashcon Labs
Legal Name Trashcon Labs Private Limited
Founders Nivedha RM, Saurabh Jain
Start Year 2017
Funding $5.0M
Investors Shell E4, Target Accelerator
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Contacts, 1800 572 8822
Head Office Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Official Website

TrashCon Labs has end-to-end technology that sorts trash and recycles it. This is a complete way to turn every bit of trash into something useful.

They use following patented technologies to deal with the problem of waste:-

  1. Segregation Technology (TrashBot) – Mixed waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable components.
  2. Recycling Technology – Recycle biodegradable waste into bio-fuel.

They provide an end-to-end automated solution that can make any space (airport, mall, IT park, village, city etc.) completely ZERO WASTE!


11. 3R Management

3R Management

Startup Name 3R Management
Legal Name 3R Management Private Limited
Founders Paras Arora, Manish Pathak
Start Year 2014
Funding $1.5M
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Contacts, 91 11 43029300
Head Office New Delhi, India
Official Website

3RM is a solution first company enabling modern technologies and spirit to curb the waste management problem in the world. They claimed that 3RM removed close to 1 hundred thousand metric tonnes of waste so far from India, 

Services & Solutions :- 

Smart Composting Solutions, Gas Recovery, bioMAD Septage Management, Waste to Energy, Integrated Solid Waste Management, Door to Door Waste Collection, Landfill Management, Smart Waste Management, biomining, sustainability, Waste Collection and Transport, EPR, Sanitary Landfill, and Plastic Waste Management.


12. BatX Energies

BatX Energies

Startup Name BatX Energies
Legal Name BatX Energies Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Utkarsh Singh, Vikrant Singh
Start Year 2020
Funding $1.6M, SEED
Investors JITO Angel Network
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Contacts, 91-9667704460
Head Office Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Official Website

BatX Energies, a Gurgaon-based lithium-ion battery recycling startup, has developed a proprietary Zero Waste–Zero Emission technology to extract critical rare earth metals, namely lithium, cobalt, nickel graphite, and manganese, among all the other materials required. Thus, they contribute to making the planet greener.

They expertise in Li-ion Battery Recycling and Resource Recovery. BatX Energies exists to develop Green Tech Solutions which empowers the Global Clean Energy Transition creating a Circular Economy and Sustainability ethos.

BatX Energies has raised $1.6 million in a seed funding round led by JITO Angel Network.


13. Saahas Zero Waste

Saahas Zero Waste

Startup Name Saahas Zero Waste
Legal Name Saahas Zero Waste Pvt Ltd
Founders Wilma Rodrigues, Shobha Raghavan
Start Year 2013
Funding $868.6K, SEED
Investors C4D Partners, Asha Impact, Indian Angel Network, Artha India Ventures
No. Of Employees 201 to 500 
Contacts, 1800 258 6676
Head Office Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

Saahas Zero Waste is a socio-environmental enterprise with 18 years of waste management experience that provides end-to-end waste management services. It designs smart solutions and executes complex activities, such as collecting segregated garbage, tracking and managing logistics, secondary sorting systems, aggregation and compaction, and recycling and selling recycled products.

Saahas Zero Waste has raised ₹6 crore from leading Impact Investors Capital 4 Development (lead investor), IAN, Artha Ventures and Asha Impact.


14. Hasiru Dala

Hasiru Dala
Nalini Shekar – Hasiru Dala
Startup Name Hasiru Dala
Legal Name Hasiru Dala Innovation NGO
Founders Nalini Shekar, Anslem Rosario
Start Year 2013
Funding ₹12.5M
Investors Ennovent
No. Of Employees 11 to 50 
Contacts, 91 99868 08866
Head Office Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

Hasiru Dala, which was founded in 2013, is an organisation of waste workers whose mission is to improve the livelihood and quality of life of waste pickers by providing comprehensive waste management services to large waste generators.

Hasiru Dala works for waste pickers and informal waste collectors to bridge the gap between waste workers and other stakeholders, like local governments, policymakers, and citizens.


15. Namo E-waste

Namo E-waste 

Startup Name Namo E-waste 
Legal Name Namo E-waste Pvt Ltd
Founders Akshay Jain
Start Year 2014
Funding ₹12.5M
No. Of Employees 11 to 50 
Contacts, 1800-123-5124
Head Office Faridabad, Haryana, India
Official Website

Namo E-waste was founded in 2014 by Akshay Jain,(who holds master’s degree in Business Management from Greenwich University, London), to make e-waste disposal sustainable and clean across the country.

They deal in all kinds of electronic scrap like Old PC’s, Desktops, Printer, Telephones, Mobile Phones etc. They use proper dumping techniques and commitment towards the nature and humankind. The company claims it attained the best recycling techniques for e-waste by getting R2 certification along with OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001.


16. Citizengage


Startup Name Citizengage
Legal Name Citizengage Solutions Private Limited
Founders Ashish Malayil, Pronita Saxena
Start Year 2015
Funding $315.0K
Investors Sahil Barua, Pravega Ventures, PitchRight Ventures
No. Of Employees 2 to 10 
Head Office Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

Citizengage is a platform that connects, manages, and improves a waste-to-resource network, laying the groundwork for recycling economies. Their platform is developed using algorithms & analytical codes to measure, track, monitor & control the waste management activities

Citizengage is a waste-to-resource technology startup that has developed an end-to-end waste management system that assists communities and businesses in managing waste at the source. The software can be used by waste producers to manage the services. Faasos, Blue Frog, Social, Tipsy Bull, Box 8, and Rural Blues are among the customers.

17. Antariksh Waste Ventures

Antariksh Wate
Antariksh – Smart Garbage bins
Startup Name Antariksh Waste
Legal Name Antariksh Waste Ventures Pvt. ltd.
Founders Mahek Mahendra Shah, Jyothi Mahender Kumar Shah
Start Year 2017
Funding $42.8K
Investors Grant
No. Of Employees 11 to 50 
Head Office Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Official Website

Antariksh Waste Ventures Pvt. Ltd. focuses on “Designing and developing Smart IoT-powered Garbage bins with Load & Communication modules, to establish a smarter eco-system of waste disposal and recycling management.”

They made a product called ‘AirBin,’ and it allows for remote monitoring of waste accumulation levels and clearances via IoT systems, which allow devices to communicate intelligently with one another. The objective is to assist rural and urban local bodies in clearing every bin before it overflows, thereby accelerating sustainability. Antariksh Waste Ventures Pvt ltd has raised a total of $42.8K in funding by Grant.


18. ExtraCarbon

Extra Carbon
Extra Carbon Founders


Startup Name Extra Carbon
Legal Name Extra Carbon Private Limited
Founders Anant Avinash, Gaurav Joshi
Start Year 2015
Funding $315.0K
Investors Brand Capital
No. Of Employees 11 to 50 
Head Office Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Official Website is built by small team in Gurgaon It is a young and energetic organisation that aims to reduce the carbon from planet through effective waste collection and its proper recycling as well as conserving energy. 



19. Ishitva Robotic Systems

Ishitva Robotic

Startup Name Ishitva Robotic
Legal Name Ishitva Robotic Systems
Founders Jitesh Dadlani, Sandip Singh
Start Year 2018
Funding $1.0M SEED
Investors IPV, Sandeep Patel, Anup Gulati, Plug and Play, Kamaljyot Investments, AVI Global Plast, GRP Ltd
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Head Office Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Official Website

Ishitva, founded in 2018, uses deep-tech like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and IoT (Internet Of Things) to effectively segregate waste to recover recyclables, thus creating a circular economy.

Products :- To identify waste, and smart bins it uses –

  •  SUKA – AI-powered air sorting.
  •  YUTA – AI-powered robotic sorting.
  •  Netra – AI Vision system.

This Ahmedabad-based robotics startup, raised $1 million in a pre-series A funding round led by Inflection Point Ventures (IPV).


20. APChemi


Startup Name Apchemi
Legal Name Pyrocrat Systems LLP
Founders Suhas Dixit
Start Year 2007
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Head Office Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Official Website

APChemi is a leading provider of chemical recycling solutions for post-consumer plastic waste, including landfill plastic waste.Apc has been focusing on developing sustainable pyrolysis technology for disposal of waste plastics and tires. 

Agile Process Chemicals LLP was earlier known as Pyrocrat Systems LLP. APC has 10+ years of expertise in manufacturing fuels and petrochemicals from plastic & tire waste They  have Their own pyrolysis research facility as well as machinery design & manufacturing   facility. 


21. Ziptrax Cleantech

Ziptrax Cleantech
Ziptrax Cleantech Founders
Startup Name Ziptrax Cleantech
Legal Name Ziptrax Cleantech
Founders Rohan Singh Bais, Sonia Singh
Start Year 2016
Funding $120K
Investors SHELL
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts, 91 8373969539
Head Office Delhi, India
Official Website

Founded by Rohan Singh Bais and Sonia Singh in 2016, Ziptrax is a recycler of Li-ion batteries. Ziptrax uses AI (artificial intelligence) to repurpose discarded Li-ion batteries and creates battery packs for EVs (electric two- and three-wheeler vehicles).

It has a R&D facility in Delhi and a manufacturing facility in Ghaziabad. The startup is also planning to build a pilot facility that will recycle 1,200 tonnes of Li-ion battery materials per year, allowing it to produce close to nine million cells per year.


22. SLII


Startup Name SLII
Legal Name Sustainable Livelihood Initiative India Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Abhimanyu Rathi, Vardan Dinesh Rathi
Start Year 2016
Funding $120K
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 91 – 99256 29000
Head Office Surat, Gujarat, India
Official Website

Sustainable Livelihood Initiative India (SLII) is a social start-up enterprise dedicated to accelerating societal development and innovation by promoting the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

SLII was awarded ‘The Best IndiaVardan Water Purifier – Its low cost and power is provided by PV Solar Cells made from e-waste. Hence, no external energy is required.n Social Enterprise Award’ by Action For India Forum in 2019, and Abhimanyu Rathi was named one of the Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs.

Product :

  • Vardan Water Purifier – Its low cost and power is provided by PV Solar Cells made from e-waste. Hence, no external energy is required.


23. DCC Infra

DCC Infra Pvt Ltd

Startup Name DDC Infra
Legal Name DCC Infra Pvt Ltd
Founders Saurabh Aggarwal
Start Year 1966
No. Of Employees 101 to 250
Contacts, 01746-222120
Head Office New Delhi, India
Official Website

DDC (Daya Charan and Company) is one of the leading companies in the market of heavy earth moving machinery providing services such as hiring of bulldozer and excavator.

Its an emerging manufacturers of Municipal Solid Waste processing plant, waste segregation machines, and equipment such as trommels, conveyor belts, baling machines, ballistic separators, and other MSW equipment.


24. Infinite Cercle

Infinite Cercle
Divya Shetty  – Founder
Startup Name Infinite Cercle
Legal Name Infinite Cercle Pvt Ltd
Founders Vishnu Vardhaan, Divya Shetty
Start Year 2020
Funding $254.0k SEED
Investor Inflection Point Ventures
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts​, 91 96404 96454
Head Office Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India
Official Website

Cerclex is a cloud-based, full-stack waste management company that strives for circularity, enabling brands to achieve zero waste through circularity while also meeting their sustainability goals. It  is a leading waste management company that offers all types of scrap deals at reasonable prices.

This tech-enabled waste management platform, has received a seed funding round of approximately $255,000 led by Inflection Point Ventures.


25. Ecovia


Startup Name Ecovia
Legal Name Ecovia Pvt Ltd
Founders Dhwani Mehta, Parikshit Joon, Pranjul Jain
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 41 to 60
Contacts, 91 9591724638
Head Office Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Official Website

Ecovia is India’s first returnable “packaging” solution for E-Commerce and Hyperlocal brands.

How it works ?

  1. SHOP – shop with our partner brands. 
  2. RETURN – return the packaging post delivery.
  3. REDEEM – redeem exciting rewards by acting responsibly.

Its India’s first and only returnable packaging solution for eCommerce, helping brands elevate their post-purchase experience and making it more sustainable.


26. Zolopik


Startup Name Zolopik
Legal Name Zolopik E-Waste Recycling
Founders Hemanth Kumar
Start Year 2020
Funding ₹ 50 Lakhs
No. Of Employees 41 to 60
Contacts, 91-9743440440
Head Office Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Official Website

Zolopik is an E-Waste Management Company which helps Households, Companies, Industries to sell their E-Waste at the best price. Selling E-Waste, Old Electronics & Battery Scrap is Simple, Easy and Quick with Zolopik.

Zolopik is an online platform where one can sell electrical and electronic scrap online. Zolopik will help corporates to get 100% Compliance for E-Waste Disposal.


27. GEM Enviro Management

GEM Enviro Management
GEM Enviro Management Team
Startup Name GEM Enviro Management
Legal Name GEM Enviro Management Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Sachin Sharma
Start Year 2013
No. Of Employees 51 to 100
Contacts, 91-9654991840
Head Office Delhi, India
Official Website

GEM collects both pre- and post-consumer packaging waste from factories, offices, hotels, motels, and educational institutions. The collected waste is then recycled into items such as T-shirts, caps, and bags.

They specialise in the collection and aggregation of all packaging waste in a professional and organised manner backed by technology and offer pan-India services.


28. Paperman

Mathew Jose – Paperman
Startup Name Paperman
Legal Name Papermanfoundation
Founders Mathew Jose
Start Year 2010
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Head Office Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Official Website

Paperman operates over 250 waste paper marts throughout the city to assist residents in removing trash from their doorstep.

How It Works –

  1. Interested entities can register on the company’s website.
  2. Paperman will send a kabadiwallah within three hours to collect the trash.
  3. The customer gets paid and has two options – recycling for a cost and recycling for a cause.

In 2016 -Forbes Magazine has added mathew Jose (Founder of Paperman) into the annual list of 30 people under age of 30 from India and Asia. 


29. Vital Waste

Vital waste

Startup Name Vital waste
Legal Name Viral Waste Pvt Ltd
Founders Tushar Himatsinghka, Prasanth Bothra
Start Year 2016
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 033 66064288
Head Office Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Official Website

This startup is assisting the city in recycling its garbage and becoming landfill-free. They provide convenient and affordable recycling solutions to residents of residential communities, schools and corporate offices in Kolkata.

What Vital Waste Buy – To reaching the goal of zero waste to landfill and 100% diversion, they provide comprehensive solutions in the following materials -Paper, Card Board, Plastic-PET, E-Waste and Metal.


30. Plastics for Change

Andrew Almack Plastics for Change
Andrew Almack – Plastics for Change
Startup Name Plastics for Change
Founders Andrew Almack
Start Year 2013
Funding $ 2.0 M
Investor Mirova Natural Capital
No. Of Employees 51 to 200
Head Office Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

Plastics for Change is a social enterprise platform that was launched by Andrew Almack in 2013. Plastics for Change has created an ethical sourcing platform in order to create sustainable livelihoods for the poor (Waste Collectors) while transitioning the industry to a circular economy. Their deal process and mobile platform provide wastepickers with access to fair and consistent income opportunities.

it was the winner of many awards like MIT’s Inclusive Innovation Challenge for Income Growth and Job Creation in Asia and also certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation.


31. Eco Recycling

Eco Recycling
B K Soni – Eco Recycling


Startup Name Eco Recycling
Founders B. K. Soni
Start Year 2013
Funding $ 2.0 M
Investor Mirova Natural Capital
No. Of Employees 51 to 200
Contacts, 91 77380 77086
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco) is India’s first and leading professional E-waste Management Company that provides an end to end seamlessly integrated solution for e-waste management to MNC,OEM, Corporates, Institutions and all other entities willing to discard their e-waste in an environment friendly manner.


32. Karma Recycling

Karma Recycling
Founders – Karma Recycling
Startup Name Karma Recycling
Legal Name Karma Recycling Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Aamir Jariwala, Akshat Ghiya
Start Year 2012
Funding $460.0k
Investor The Low Carbon Enterprise Fund, Infuse Ventures
No. Of Employees 41 to 60
Head Office New Delhi, Delhi, India
Official Website

Karma Recycling is a Delhi-based company that offers consumers and businesses an easy and secure way to dispose of useless electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Customers can enter the details of the product they want to sell, such as the number of years of use and potential defects, in a step-by-step process and receive an estimate for it. After deleting data, the devices are repaired and refurbished by the company and re-distributed with a warranty through Karma’s dealer network.


33. INDRA Water

Indra Water
Indra Water
Startup Name Indra Water
Founders Amrit Om Nayak, Krunal Patel, Abhijit VVR
Start Year 2018
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts, 91 99666 95436
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

INDRA Water, based in Mumbai is Solving the toughest water management, treatment and process challenges globally.

It has successfully treated more than five million litres of wastewater and industrial effluents from the textile, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries with its portable electrocoagulation-based system.


34. Earth Recycler

Earth Recycler
Mohammed Dawood Showkath – Earth Recycler
Startup Name Earth Recycler
Legal Name Earth Recycler Private Limited
Founders Mohammed Dawood Showkath
Start Year 2012
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 91 44 4301 0084
Head Office Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Official Website

Earth Recycler is a pioneer in providing integrated environmentally friendly services and solutions, and is deeply committed to protecting the environment and creating a better community in which to live and work.


35. Synergy Waste Management

Synergy Waste Management
Neeraj Aggarwal – Synergy Waste Management
Startup Name Synergy Waste Management
Legal Name Synergy Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Tapas Saha, Neeraj Aggarwal
Start Year 2001
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 91-11-27933371
Head Office Delhi, India
Official Website

Its a Bio-Medical Waste Management company in India. The goal of Bio-Medical Waste Management is to treat and eliminate the threat of Infectious BMW. they do with this landfill disposal or waste-to-electrical-energy programs. ​Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facilities (CBWTFs) are part of the urban infrastructure in India.

Synergy Group has successfully expanded its customer base and secured contracts with government HCEs, demonstrating its value and sustainability as a one-stop shop for all Bio Medical Waste Solutions and Services under one roof.


36. Binbag

Archita Binbag Recycling
Achitra Borgohain – Binbag Recycling
Startup Name Binbag
Legal Name Binbag Recycling Services Private Limited
Founders Achitra Borgohain
Start Year 2018
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 9663943939
Head Office Bangalore, karnataka, India
Official Website

Binbag offers end-of-life electrical and electronic waste management solutions to businesses. They have two PCB-approved recycling plants and operate throughout India. They recycle Scrap and non-metal waste (from used non-metallic items, old news papers, rejected glass articles, etc)

Their cloud-based software provides a seamless digital experience from booking to compliance. All documents are accessible from a single dashboard.


37. Paterson Energy

Vidya Amarnath
Vidya Amarnath – Paterson Energy
Startup Name Paterson Energy
Legal Name Paterson Energy Private Limited
Founders Vidya Amarnath
Start Year 2016
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 044-42916500
Head Office Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Official Website

Paterson Energy is a waste-to-energy company that recycles plastic waste into high-quality plastic using a continuous thermochemical Depolymerisation Technology process.

Its another plant is is in Mathura (UP) for the GOI under the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan Scheme. It is a one-of-a-kind model in which the state government leases the land, commits to supplying plastics, and a Navratna PSU provides financial support through a VGF for the plant’s commissioning.


38. Bintix

Founders Bintix
Founders Bintix
Startup Name Bintix
Legal Name Bintix Waste Research Private Limited.
Founders Roshan Miranda, Udit Patidar, Jayanarayan Kulathingal
Start Year 2018
Funding $777.0K SEED
Investor Waste Ventures India, Sankar Ramakrishnan
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts, 91- 9100053222
Head Office Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Official Website

Hyderabad-based Bintix provides waste management services to individual households in major Indian cities. It collects waste from your doorstep and recycles everything. Bintix also places a QR code sticker on a subscriber’s doorstep, which they can scan to keep track of their pickups.

Bintix claims to have completed over 80,000 individual waste pickups and recycled approximately 250 metric tonnes of waste, and that it is expanding to all Tier-One cities.


39. RaddiConnect

Startup Name RaddiConnect
Legal Name ReCircle
Founders Rahul Nainani, Gurashish Sahni
Start Year 2015
Funding Undisclosed
Investor AIM Smart City
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts, 91 90042 40004
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Recircle (formerly known as RaddiConnect) is a resource recovery company that works to divert as many resources as possible from getting wasted into landfills and oceans, back into the economy to be reused, recycled, or repurposed.

They provides a free doorstep pick-up service and makes sure that it is sent to the right recyclers in Mumbai.


40. Carbon Masters

Som Narayan
Som Narayan – carbon Master
Startup Name Carbon Master
Legal Name Carbon Masters India Pvt. Ltd
Founders Som Narayan
Start Year 2009
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts, 91-9148923921
Head Office Banglore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

Carbon Masters is a climate tech company Provides complete end-to-end waste management solutions. Their Product – “The Carbonlites smart Bin” is a custom designed bin that can hold up to 200 kgs of wet waste. The pickup works on a rotation model wherein the filled bin is picked up from the client and a new bin is placed on a daily basis.


41. Rexaw Recycling

Alam Mansuri -Rexaw
Startup Name Rexaw
Legal Name Rexaw Recycling Pvt. Ltd
Founders Alam Mansuri, Mohammad Hanif
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 51 to 200
Contacts, 91 9714388888
Head Office Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Official Website

The company has advanced in recycling aseptic packaging material- laminated paper , steel, used oil, washing drum, plastic, paper, Tetra pack. Typically this specific materials  waste is 100% recyclable. Therefore Aseptic laminated packaging materials are recycled to Rexaw Chip-boards, that are further used in making furniture.

The organisation is exclusively authorised and permitted to operate by the Pollution Control Boards of Gujarat and Uttarakhand.


42. GSM Plastic Industries

GSM Plastics Industries
GSM Plastics Industries Team
Startup Name GSM Plastics Industries
Legal Name GSM Plastics Industries Pvt. Ltd
Founders Shashidhar Madarakhandi
Start Year 2015
No. Of Employees 51 to 100
Contacts, 91 99605 86948
Head Office Dharward, Karnataka, India
Official Website

GSM Plastic Industries is Processing (Recycling) Post consumed and Post Industrial PET bottles into PET Bales and Cold and Hot washed PET Flakes.They have very good Experience and knowledge of PET bottle recycling business in India and abroad. 

GSM has a recycling plant in the KSSIDC area which consists of different proven recycling processes like pre-sorting, pre-bottle washing, crushing, cold and hot washing, spin drying, thermal drying, and packing.


43. Green Worms

Green Worms
Green Worms Team
Startup Name RaddiConnect
Legal Name ReCircle
Founders Jabir Karat
Start Year 2015
Funding $109.1K
Investor AIM Smart City, Upaya Social Ventures, SSIDF
No. Of Employees 61 to 200
Contacts, 91 9656 363513
Head Office Kozhikode, Kerala, India
Official Website

Green Worms, founded by Jabir Karat, is a waste management organisation focused on social impact. Green Worms is now a 120-person organisation spread across five districts in northern Kerala, managing 450 tonnes of dry waste per month, three recycling units, and 11 material recovery facilities.

Green Worms collects and manages dry waste from industries, businesses, municipalities, and villages.


44. Phabio Enterprise

Phabio Enterprises
Sukanya Dixit – Phabio Enterprises
Startup Name Phabio Enterprises
Legal Name Phabio Enterprises Private Limited
Founders Sukanya Dikshit
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 91 8077529653
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Phabio, a Mumbai-based biotechnology company, is building sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic. Phabio Enterprises is building more environmentally friendly ways to do things that cause a lot of plastic pollution.


45. SmarterHomes

Startup Name SmarterHomes
Legal Name SmarterHomes Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Kasturi Rangan, Vivek Shukla
Start Year 2014
No. Of Employees 51 to 200
Contacts, 91 7777804646
Head Office Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

The Company offers water metering products for detecting catastrophic and small leaks in water supply. SmarterHomes develops WaterOn, an IoT water metre that measures the number of units used by each apartment. It provides real-time data on the water metres in the apartments, as well as individual consumption, trends, and billing status. It saves up to 35% with a sub-metering solution. This also saves money.


46. Bare Necessities

Startup Name Bare Necessities
Legal Name Bare Necessities
Founders Sahar Mansoor
Start Year 2016
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts, 91 9740326425
Head Office Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

It’s an online shopping platform with all products powered by natural, zero waste personal care, bare ingredient, and home care brands, as well as a hub for waste-free living awareness. Bare Necessities uses post-packaging materials for their products, such as reusable glass jars wrapped in tailor scraps and printer scraps.


47. Loopworm

Founders Loopworm


Startup Name Loopworm
Legal Name Loopworm Private Limited
Founders Ankit Alok Bagaria, Abhi Gawri
Start Year 2019
Funding $3.4M
Investor Omnivore, Titan Capital, Nadir Godrej, Akshay Singhal, Sanjiv Rangrass, WaterBridge Venture
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Head Office Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

LoopWorm a Biotech Agritech startup is developing an extremely protein-rich diet for fisheries and poultry farms by farming insects to feed them using food waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Loopworm convert waste into protein, we farm ‘Black Soldier Fly Larvae’ on food waste to produce premium animal feed and pet food.

Biotech startup Loopworm has raised $3.4 Mn in its seed round co-led by Omnivore and WaterBridge Ventures with others.


48. PadCare Labs

PadCare Labs
PadCare Labs Team
Startup Name PadCare Labs
Legal Name PadCare Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Ajinkya Dhariya
Start Year 2018
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Contacts, 91 90228 22458
Head Office Pune, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

PadCare is an automated hygiene management system that converts used sanitary napkins into harmless, recyclable waste. Padcare Labs enables sustainable menstrual hygiene management by recycling sanitary pads.


49. Spruce Up

Spruce Up Industries

Startup Name Spruce Up
Legal Name Spruce Up Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Abhishek Shelar
Start Year 2015
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts, 91 9012 200 800
Head Office Pune, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Spruce Up is a Pune-based startup founded by IIT B Alumni Abhishek Shelar which makes India’s ONLY true contactless garbage collection machines – JAYATU SUPER & JAYATU HD.

Spruce Up is a manufacturer of innovative hardware technology. They are revolutionising the technological landscape of machines that will clean India’s cities and villages, railways and waterways, beaches, and mountains.


50. PolyCycl


Startup Name PolyCycl
Legal Name PolyCycl Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Amit Tondon
Start Year 2016
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Head Office Kalka, Haryana, India
Official Website

Amit Tandon, a former Silicon Valley engineer, founded PolyCycl, a circular economy company that recycles “non-recyclable” waste plastics. The company has working across 150+ man-years of R&D, developed multiple technologies for chemical recycling and purification of different types of waste plastics. 

PolyCycl converts non-recyclable, low-grade mixed waste plastics into petroleum fuels. It has partnered with Ramky Group to build up plastic-to-fuel projects in many cities.


51. Econiture


Startup Name Econiture
Legal Name Recycle Bell Private limited
Founders Madhur Rathi
Start Year 2017
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 91 8575785454
Head Office Amravati, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Econiture is dry waste management company under its brand name “RE-BELL” that recycles plastic waste into dazzling furniture and home decor products.

They convert post-consumer plastic waste into wood-like lumbers, which are then used to make furniture and home decor products.” These pieces of furniture are an environmentally friendly alternative to wooden and metal furniture because they reduce plastic waste.


52. Thermowaste Solutions

Founders of Thermowaste Solutions
Founders of Thermowaste Solutions
Startup Name Thermowaste Solutions
Legal Name Thermowaste Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Shantilal Jain, Hema Jain
Start Year 2016
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts, 91 8826937129
Head Office Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Official Website

Thermowaste Solutions is a recycling of plastic waste company for sustainable waste management, with offices in seven major cities: Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad, Jaipur, Muradabad, and Gurgaon.

This company processes both recyclable and nonrecyclable waste. At our recycling centres, recyclable plastics including HDPE, LDPE, Thermocol, and PP are recycled. Multilayered Plastic that is not recyclable is delivered to cement mills or energy plants.


53. Nunam


Startup Name Nunam
Legal Name Nunam Technologies India Pvt Ltd
Founders Darshan Virupaksha, Prodip Chatterjee
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Head Office Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

Nunam is a provider of energy storage technology solutions based on lithium-ion batteries. Nunam claims to develop energy storage systems using old lithium-ion batteries for those who most require access to inexpensive energy.


54. Scrapbuk

Scrapbuk Founder
Startup Name Scrapbuk
Legal Name Scrapbuk
Founders Sukant Gupta
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 91 7814300362
Head Office Chandigarh, Punjab, India
Official Website

SCRAPBUK is Waste management startup founded in 2020, Its an online platform (mobile application) to facilitate the sale and purchase of scrap. It buys all types of scrap, including computers, electronics waste, newspapers, and plastics. 

One can encash his trash using the Scrapbuk mobile App. The special features are scheduling free scrap pick-up services and also regular pricing notifications to help you choose the best, along with other great services.


55. Code Effort

CODE Effort
CODE Effort Founder
Startup Name CODE Effort
Legal Name CODE Effort Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Naman Gupta, Vipul Gupta
Start Year 2018
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 91 9990134009
Head Office Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Official Website

Code Effort Noida-based startup collects and recycles cigarette waste, and even pays for it.It dealing in cigarette butts waste management – and recycling. The butt of a cigarette made of Cellulose Acetate are non-biodegradable plastic filter that is extremely harmful to the environment.

Code has over 70 customers, out of which 50 are vendors. It has collected over 10 kg of cigarette waste like ash, tobacco, filters and paper in the last three months, and they are aiming to amplify their reach all across India.


56. Wild West Innovations

Sarah Tantray
Sarah Tantray – Wild West Innovations
Startup Name Wild West Innovations
Legal Name CODE Effort Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Sarah Tantray
Start Year 2015
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Wild West Innovations creates recycling machines that collect waste such as bottles, plastic wrappers, and other materials. Wild West Innovations manufactures ‘ReBots’ which are PET Bottle Recycling Machines.


57. Samudhyoga Waste Chakra

Wastechakra Team
Startup Name Samudhyoga Waste Chakra
Legal Name Waste Chakra Pvt Ltd
Founders Keshav Vijay
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, +91 97909 36504
Head Office Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Official Website

Founded in 2019, this clean tech company uses advanced technology to create value from solid and liquid waste in a decentralised, digitised, and decarbonized manner. They designed ‘Ecofert’ a product to recover water and green chemicals from undiluted urine. 

They’re working with South Chennai Corporation on a pilot project to launch a pyrolysis facility that can prevent 250 kg of plastics from reaching the oceans every day and create 200 litres of oil with zero emissions for industrial usage.


58. Eco eMarket

Eco eMarket
Eco eMarket
Startup Name Eco eMarket
Legal Name Eco eMarket Pvt Ltd
Founders Sarvotham Pejavar
Start Year 2016
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts, +91 70221 78123
Head Office Banglore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

Eco eMarket is a smart and innovative cloud-based digital solution that brings together sellers and recyclers on the same platform to enable seamless disposal anywhere, at any time, with transparency and the best commercials.


59. Earth Tatva

Recycling Startups in India - Earth Tatva
Earth Tatva Founder
Startup Name Earth Tatva
Legal Name Earth Tatva Innovation Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Shashank Nimkar
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, +91 63588 46132
Head Office Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Official Website

Earth Tatva is the only startup in India to design and sell recycled ceramic products at scale.They turn this Ceramic-non-biodegradable waste into beautiful, functional products . They make recycled ceramic tableware that is 35% stronger, 100% recyclable, and 100% food safe 

Nimkar (Founder) was named a ‘Circular Economy Pioneer’ by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2019, as well as the national winner of the James Dyson award and the Ekonnect Circular Economy Challenge in 2020.


60. Breathe Applied Sciences

Recycling Startups in India - Breathe Applied Sciences
Breathe Applied Sciences Team
Startup Name Breathe Applied Sciences
Legal Name Breathe Applied Sciences Pvt. Ltd
Founders Sebastian C Peter
Start Year 2016
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Head Office Banglore, Karnataka, India
Official Website

Breathe, Incubated at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, has come up with new ways to turn carbon dioxide emissions into methanol and other chemicals., which has the highest new value. It is the only team from India to get this far in the $20 million NRG Cosia Carbon XPrize global competition.


61. EcoEx

Recycling Startups in India - Ecoex
Ecoex Founder
Startup Name Ecoex
Legal Name Karma Ecotech Private Limited
Founders Nimit Aggarwal, Akshaya Rath
Start Year 2018
No. Of Employees 21 to 40
Contacts, 91 8447767568
Head Office Delhi, India
Official Website

EcoEx is the Indian marketplace for Exchange of Plastic Credit Certificates.It has facilitated the sale of plastic credit certificates for over 50,000 tonnes of waste, totalling 50 Million INR, on its fledgling trading platform.


62. Zeroplast Labs

Recycling Startups in India - ZeroPlast Labs

Startup Name ZeroPlast Labs
Legal Name ZeroPlast Labs Private Limited
Founders Aditya Kabra
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 91 8447767568
Head Office Pune, Maharashtra, India
Official Website


63. MuddleArt

Sanjay Chauhan - Founder & CEO - MuddleArt
Sanjay Chauhan – Founder & CEO
Startup Name MuddleArt
Legal Name MuddleArt Private Limited
Founders Sanjay Chauhan, Ruby Khan
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 91 8447767568
Head Office Delhi, India
Official Website

New Delhi-based startup MuddleArt provides the textile industry with a one-stop-solution for solid waste management. MuddleArt is an Indian pre-consumer textile waste management start-up that uses a B2B model to connect textile manufacturers.



64. RecycleX

Recyclex Founder
Startup Name Recyclex
Legal Name Recyclex Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Abhishek Chhazed, Vedant Gandhi
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Contacts, 91 8460058437,
Head Office Bharuch, Gujarat, India
Official Website

RecycleX is a company that converts plastic waste into building materials like Brics, tiles, paver blocks, planters etc. Abhishek Chhazed and Vedant Gandhi founded RecycleX in 2020 to manufacture items from plastic and industrial trash to solve the worldwide garbage pandemic.

The entire manufacturing process is carbon-negative, and all products are of greater quality, environmentally friendly, and less expensive than comparable concrete items.


65. HelpUsGreen


Startup Name HelpUsGreen
Legal Name HelpUsGreen Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Karan Rastogi
Start Year 2015
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Contacts, 91 8953047858
Head Office Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Official Website

They manufactures ‘flowercycled’ natural and organic products from the Ganges waste. They takes flower waste from religious places and recycles it into vermicompost, luxury incense and bathing bars.

To prevent the Rivers Ganges from being turned into a sacred sewer, They have developed the “flowercycling” technique to reuse the massive amounts of temple garbage produced in India.


66. Green Buddies

Green Buddies

Startup Name Green Buddies
Legal Name Green Buddies Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Anuya Trivedi
Start Year 2018
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Contacts, +91 6351578576
Head Office Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Official Website

Green Buddies is making eco-designed, affordable “Recycled Play Stations” and sustainable play elements by reusing scrap tyres, which will result in increased access to playgrounds for children.

Green Buddies aim is to use tyres and other reusable scraps to create play stations and save mankind from the dangers of dumping or burning discarded tyres.



SSL E-Wate

Startup Name SSL E-Waste
Legal Name Ssl E-waste Management Llp
Founders Sanjay Mendiratta, Lalit Nagpal, Sanjeev Ahuja
Start Year 2021
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Contacts +91 9311470269
Head Office Delhi, India
Official Website

SSL E-waste Management LLP promotes electronic recycling and ensures data security and protection during the e-waste recycling process.They recycles e-waste for Companies, governments, and consumers. They offers a one-stop technical solution and services to customers while adhering to best environmental practises.


66. JB Ecotex

JB Ecotex recycles plastic waste into “fibres” for a better future by being socially and environmentally responsible. JB Ecotex is one of the leading Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF) manufacturers with a production capacity of 60,000 MT/Annum. Today, the company is known for quality and commitment.


68. Caro Water

Caro Water

Startup Name Caro Water
Legal Name Caro Water Pvt Ltd
Founders Suneeth Tatineni, Chaitanya Ayinapudi
Start Year 2021
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, +91 81868 00800
Head Office Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Official Website

The startup from Hyderabad delivers drinking water in paper boxes. According to the company, the boxes are recyclable and use 85 percent less plastic than standard water cans.

Its water boxes feature corrugated paper and a bag-in-box technology. This project aims to reduce plastic waste and deliver clean water. Caro Water requires users to recycle these boxes. When returned, these boxes earn credit through its app


69. RaddiDedo


Startup Name RaddiDedo
Legal Name RaddiDedo Services LLP
Founders Himani Arora, Nuhain S Mansuri, Avichal Vashishtha
Start Year 2021
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, +91 9352010604
Head Office Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Official Website

RaddiDedo is a doorstep scrap collecting service that contributes to social welfare. RaddiDedo offers free doorstep scrap collection services, allowing customer’s to sell their newspapers, magazines, metal, iron, and other items without wasting time looking for raddi hawkers or padlers.


70. Nupur Recyclers

Nupur Recyclers
Nupur – Nupur Recyclers
Startup Name Nupur Recyclers
Legal Name Nupur Recyclers Private Limited
Founders Rajesh Gupta, Anoop Garg
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 100 to 200
Contacts Compliance@Nupurrecyclers.Com, +91 9555101552
Head Office Delhi, India
Official Website

Nupur Recyclers is engaged in metal scrap processing & recycling. The company imports, manufactures, and trades nonferrous metal scraps such as shredded zinc scrap, zinc die cast scrap, zurik ss scrap, and aluminium zorba grades.The company derives the majority of its revenue from Zurik products.


71. Recycling Villa

Recycling Villa
Recycling Villa Team
Startup Name Recycling Villa
Legal Name Recycling Villa Private Limited
Founders Mohd Ahad
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 11 to 50
Contacts, 18002127277
Head Office Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Official Website

Recycling Villa is a Ludhiana-based company that specialises in the proper and scientific disposal of e-waste and has a proven track record of solid waste processing through multi-product recycling and waste minimization. Their primary focus is on serving MNCs, BPOs, banks, hospitals, industries, and governments.

We help organisations get rid of their E-waste, Hazardous Waste or HMS Metal (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap) in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. 


72. Spas Recycling

Spas Recycling

Startup Name Spas Recycling
Legal Name Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd.
Founders Mr. Anil Singh
Start Year 2019
No. Of Employees 51 to 200
Contacts, +91 8689899899
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Spas Recycling is a full-fledged and reputed company that recycles and trades electronic scrap and metal scrap. They offer E-waste disposal, IT asset recovery, data destruction and various types of scrap/waste recycling services pan-India.We accept all types of Ferrous Scrap and Nonferrous Scrap and surplus metal products.


73. Econscious

Econscious Founders


Startup Name Econscious
Legal Name Econscious Pvt Ltd.
Founders Sonal Shukla, Vaibhav Verma, Abhishek Yadav
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, 91 9268963830
Head Office Delhi, India
Official Website

Econscious (Previously known as ECO DECO) is a social impact startup which recycle waste plastic into eco-boards and then curate innovative and functional products of multiple usage.


74. Deluxe Recycling

Deluxe Recycling
Jignesh Shah – Deluxe Recycling


Startup Name Deluxe Recycling
Legal Name Deluxe Recycling Pvt Ltd.
Founders Jignesh Shah
Start Year 1999
Funding Undisclosed
Investor Circulate Capital
No. Of Employees 201 to 500
Contacts, +91 9820013067
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Deluxe is a leading Indian plastic recycling company that recycles difficult multilayer plastics (MLP) such as sachets and used beverage cartons (UBC) into new and valuable products such as pallets and rickshaw seats.

For over four decades, they specialised in waste management, paper and board, PVC coated fabrics, note books, and film studio. Products include doors, pallets, and boards, among other things


75. Ashaya

Anish Malpani
Anish Malpani- Founder Ashaya


Startup Name Ashaya
Legal Name Ashaya Recyclers Private Limited
Founders Anish Malpani
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Head Office Pune, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Ashaya is a social enterprise that increases the value of waste through technological and scientific innovations in recycling and then fairly redistributes that value to stakeholders in the supply chain, especially those who are poor- waste-pickers.


76. Zerocircle

neha jain Zerocircle Alternatives
Neha Jain Zerocircle


Startup Name Zerocircle
Legal Name Zerocircle Alternatives Pvt Ltd
Founders Neha J
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Zerocircle Alternatives create bio-alternatives Packaging Bags which are heat sealable, printable, food-safe, and 100% home compostable. Since it is designed for the food-packaging industry, it meets food-safety



77. Refillable

Recycling Startups in India - Refillable
Startup Name Refillable
Legal Name Refillable
Founders Lokesh Sambhwani, Rahul Batra
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts 91 8346868686
Head Office Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

Refillable is a zero-waste refill service that develops smart packaging and refill systems for brands and consumers to eliminate waste at the source. It offers the full range of home care products in the most eco-friendly and sustainable manner possible.



78. The Money Bin

Recycling Startups in India - The Money Bin
Achitra Borgohain- The Money Bin


Startup Name Themoneybin
Legal Name The Money Bin Pvt Ltd
Founders Mohan Ramasamy
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts +91 8346868686
Head Office Tirapur, Tamil Nadu, India
Official Website

The Money Bin is a Tirupur-based waste management startup that collects dry waste from households at a rate of 10-12 per kg, segregates it, and sells it. It provides a waste collection Yellow bag to every household in the ward/colony. 

Trichy Corporation has partnered with The Money Bin to launch an initiative encouraging residents to sort recyclable waste and sell it to the startup.


79. Climeto Sustainable Services

Climeto Sustainable Services Pvt. Ltd.
Climeto Founders


Startup Name Climeto Sustainable Services
Legal Name Climeto Sustainable Services Pvt. Ltd.
Founders Devesh Malu, Keshav Bhootda
Start Year 2022
No. Of Employees 11 to 20
Contacts, +91 9039946410
Head Office Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Official Website

Climeto assists businesses with corporate social responsibility in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building strong, long-lasting brands. Main services are Carbon Neutrality and Emissions, Waste Elimination, Plastic & EPR Credits, Carbon & Plastic Trading.


80. Recyteq

Recyteq in news
Startup Name Recyteq
Founders Ritik Srivastava
Start Year 2020
Funding Undisclosed
Investor Nexus, BIRAC
No. Of Employees 2 to 10
Contacts, +91 7380466683
Head Office Chandigarh, India
Official Website

Recyteq is transforming Human hair into plant booster. They are converting human hair into Nitrogenous Fertilizer in an efficient way. They are making a digital ecosystem to collect human hair waste from salons, process it, and sell it directly through the platform. This startup thinks that waste is a made-up idea because there is no waste in nature.

Recycling Startups In India

  • Phool
  • Kabadiwala
  • Shayna EcoUnified
  • Cashify
  • Attero Recycling
  • Recykal
  • Banyan Nation
  • The Shakti Plastic Industries
  • Lohum Cleantech
  • TrashCon Labs
  • 3R Management
  • BatX Energies
  • Saahas Zero Waste
  • Hasiru Dala
  • Namo E-waste
  • Citizengage
  • Antariksh Waste Ventures
  • ExtraCarbon
  • Ishitva Robotic Systems
  • APChemi
  • Ziptrax Cleantech
  • SLII
  • DCC Infra
  • Infinite Cercle
  • Ecovia
  • Zolopik
  • GEM Enviro Management
  • Paperman
  • Vital Waste
  • Plastics for Change
  • Eco Recycling
  • Karma Recycling
  • INDRA Water
  • Earth Recycler
  • Synergy Waste Management
  • Binbag
  • Paterson Energy
  • Bintix
  • RaddiConnect
  • Carbon Masters
  • Rexaw Recycling
  • GSM Plastic Industries
  • Green Worms
  • Phabio Enterprise
  • SmarterHomes
  • Bare Necessities
  • Loopworm
  • PadCare Labs
  • Spruce Up
  • PolyCycl
  • Econiture
  • Thermowaste Solutions
  • Nunam
  • Scrapbuk
  • Code Effort
  • Wild West Innovations
  • Samudhyoga Waste Chakra
  • Eco eMarket
  • Earth Tatva
  • Breathe Applied Sciences
  • EcoEx
  • Zeroplast Labs
  • MuddleArt
  • RecycleX
  • HelpUsGreen
  • Green Buddies
  • JB Ecotex
  • Caro Water
  • RaddiDedo
  • Nupur Recyclers
  • Recycling Villa
  • Spas Recycling
  • Econscious
  • Deluxe Recycling
  • Ashaya
  • Zerocircle
  • Refillable
  • The Money Bin
  • Climeto Sustainable Services
  • Recyteq

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