Emerging AI Startups In India In 2022

Emerging AI Startups In India In 2022

In recent years, India is one of the most dominating countries that has made it to the international AI market. With the immense success of artificial intelligence technology, the government of India these days has begun funding AI-based projects to better the lives of their countrymen. With the maximum support from the government and the authorities of society, artificial intelligence grew immensely popular. As a result, top AI startups in India began growing eventually.

Over the years, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are booming. According to a report, Bengaluru is one of those places that have built up the AI space to around $87.85 million. With its humongous growth in the AI sector, India thought of capturing the market and growing its AI power. Today, India has nearly 109000 artificial intelligence personnel working across different sectors and enterprises in India.

Noting the success of the AI companies in mind, we have planned to present to you a list of top AI companies in India. Technologists are expecting the mechanism of artificial intelligence and machine learning to remain in the market for at least the next decade if not less than that. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the list of top AI startups in India.


Formally known as Heaps Health Solution, it is developed by Dr. Suman Katragadda. This is largely a health-tech platform and a SaaS service provider that yields advanced data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The purpose of developing Heaps was to bring a revolution in the healthcare sector and to generate new payment models. The key stakeholders of this startup include insurance companies, patients, large corporations, and hospitals. Since this platform is supported by AI and machine learning, it includes features like preparing customized care management plans for the benefit of the policyholders or patients.

Of all the top AI companies in the world, is considered the leading conversational CX platform that caters to consumer-centered brands. To meet the demands of the customers and understand their behavior, has been successful enough in merging the power of artificial intelligence with that of human intelligence. This combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence leads to learning the behavior of the customers actively and catering to them. Some of the brilliant features of include bot studio, agent-assist dashboard, campaign management, proprietary NPL, etc.

Data Sutram

The success of Data Sutram gave it the power to achieve $2.07 million from famous investors like Yatra Angel Network and Varanium Capital. This Ai startup is located in Mumbai, a metro city, thereby catering to the needs of people from all over the country. As a successful AI company, the motive of Data Sutram is to provide data packages based on different sectors so that they can acquire their niche customers effectively. To make to grow more, the company has resorted to using funding for the development of AI. As a result, they are planning to upscale their operations and take them to an international level.


If you are looking for an indigenous artificial intelligence startup in India, Cropin is here to help you. the primary purpose of this AI company is to impart help in the farming procedures by delivering farming solutions beforehand. What makes Cropin one of a kind is its delivery of high-tech tools that can help in making the right decisions at the right time. The other features provided by Cropin include data analysis, live reporting, data interpretation, and many more.


This is an AI startup that manages the fleet. Based on Gurugram, the company was started by Shridhar Gupta and Vidit Jain in 2016. This is a software company that manages a full-stack fleet and is completely focused on providing easy access to fleet technology. Since the fleet of owners and drivers was increasing with each passing day, the makers of LocoNav found it necessary to democratize a software company and provide a much-needed solution.


Incorporated by Santosh Dabke and Abhishek Nehru in 2019, Ripplr is originally operated and owned by the Intelligent Retail Private Limited. It is a startup company based in Bengaluru that is presently focusing on creating both online and offline capabilities to provide companies a platform to test their services and products before launching them on the market. It is a great initiative by which new companies can check out the loopholes of their products and services before getting duped in the market.


Agricx is said to be one of the first companies to have SaaS stacks based on artificial intelligence. This stack is built for the entities belonging to the agricultural sector. It provides cutting-edge technologies to reinvent transactions that are conducted in the food supply chain industry. The main aim of Agricx is to eliminate all kinds of inefficiencies in a hassle-free manner.


This is a video bot platform based on artificial intelligence that offers online development and training programs to students who are looking for career advice. The sessions are interactive specified to the domains and propagated by the top educators to stand by the aspiring candidates. They also provide Expertrons Plus and Pro programs.


Now that you are aware of all the top AI startup companies in India, it will not a problem for you to choose the best the next time you need one. Also, know that artificial intelligence mechanism is here to stay for the next decade. Therefore, investing in it now can help you gather profits in the future. You can list your AI startup on SanchiConnect as well.

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