Deeptech Community

through our SaaS porfolio

SanchiConnect embarked on its journey with a mission to empower startups, focusing on critical areas such as investor outreach, mentorship, and corporate networking. Transitioning into the Deeptech sector, we developed a unique platform to foster a thriving community.

Our launch of the Preseed Accelerator Program addressed gaps in mainstream accelerators by offering funding and mentorship. The introduction of our white-labeled SAAS platform, “Powerconnect,” revolutionized innovation program management, complemented by “PowerPitch,” which redefined application assessment. Committed to fostering innovation and collaboration, SanchiConnect aims to empower startups in the dynamic entrepreneurial landscape by providing seamless networking opportunities and SAAS-based services that fuel innovation and drive progress.


Deeptech ecosystem often face unique challenges in securing funding and mentorship. At SanchiConnect, we are dedicated to providing the essential support and guidance these innovators need to thrive.

– Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat​

CEO, SanchiConnect


Our Vision

Simplifying access
Amplfying Founders Voice

Our Mission

To automate and empower the startup ecosystem

Our Values

Impact Oriented
Ecosytem Focused

Our Journey

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and we embarked on ours with a singular focus: to empower startups and help them scale exponentially

SanchiConnect Journey
Our founder Dr. Sunil Shekhawat's journey,
rich with experiences from working with
diverse startups and understanding their pain
points, sparked the idea of SanchiConnect.
Its mission: to empower early-stage startups
with community-driven initiatives, tackling
challenges in investor outreach, mentorship, and
corporate networking.
Deeptech Community
Understanding the necessity for specific focus
and scalability, we zeroed in on the Deeptech
sector, a domain of immense transformative
potential but with a complex funding environment.
Unimpressed with the current community management
tools, we were compelled to create and introduce
our unique platform, specifically designed to
cultivate a thriving Deeptech community.
PreSeed Accelerator
Our deeptech community expanded swiftly, and
through interactions with diverse stakeholders,
we identified a critical gap in mainstream
accelerator programs that overlooked key startup
needs. To bridge this, we launched our specialized
Preseed Accelerator Program. Collaborating with top
micro VCs, we offered initial funding and supported
IP-led startups with vital resources and mentorship.
The dynamic ease of managing our Deeptech community
caught SINE IIT Bombay's attention. At their behest,
we created our white-labeled SAAS platform, “Powerconnect”.
This product, now adopted by T-hub, Nasscom, IIT Kanpur,
among others, transformed innovation program management,
enhancing startup tracking and boosting operational efficiency.
Through our close engagement with institutional
partners, we identified a demand for a video-based
application management tool. Thus, PowerPitch was
born, a sophisticated software redefining the
assessment process for awards, grants, and beyond,
providing a dynamic method to evaluate
potential candidates

Our Core Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CTO

Program Director

VP - Investments and Portfolio

Growth & Partnerships Lead

Sr. Software Developer

Key accounts & Engagement

Sanchay Jalan

Marketing Manager


Frontend Developer


Program Manager


Jr. Software Developer

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