Top Emerging MLOps Startups in India To Watch Out 2022

Top MLOps Startups in India :

Machine learning (ML) has been a buzzword going around the tech industry for quite some time. With technological advancements, AI applications have grown rapidly due to a high demand for infrastructure and software that supports AI applications. Many start-ups have been joining this field of MLops.

What is MLOps ?

Machine learning operations (MLOps) is the use of machine learning models by development/operations (DevOps) teams.
Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is a set of processes, emerging best practises, and underlying technologies that make it possible to automate and scale the deployment and management of trusted ML applications in production environments in a way that is centralised and controlled.

Why MLOps is Important ?

MLOps enables businesses / companies to easily deploy, monitor, and update models in production, paving the way to AI with ROI.MLOps can be applied to different areas in machine learning to drive seamless integration of data science and IT operations teams to improve collaboration and automation to release more efficient and reliable machine learning projects.MLOps is used through the iterative phases of design, model development, and operations to get the most out of machine learning for business.

Now a days almost every other organisation is trying to incorporate AI/ML into their product. This new requirement of building ML systems adds/reforms some principles of the SDLC to give rise to a new engineering discipline called MLOps.

Here are top emerging MLOps Startups in India you should check out-

  1. OpsLyft
  2. AIVID TechVision
  3. Dataorc
  4. Tredence
  5. Scrible Data
Emerging Indian MLOps Startups To Watch Out 2022 OpsLyft
Simplifying Cloud For Organizations

1. OpsLyft

Startup Name OpsLyft
Legal Name OpsLyft Inc.
Founders Aayush Kumar
Start Year 2020
Funding $ 700K , SEED
Investors Anand Chandrasekaran, Rajesh Yabaji, Abhinav Shashank, Sandeep Gupta, Kanav Hasija
No. Of Employees 21 to 40
Head Office San Francisco, California, United States
Official Website

OpsLyft Inc. is a San-Francisco & Noida-based technology company working towards building the future of cloud infrastructure management for internet companies across the World. OpsLyft, founded by Aayush Kumar, is developing a full-stack DevOps observability and automation platform to help engineering managers, executives, and DevOps teams save time, effort, and money on cloud infrastructure management.

OpsLyft is presently working with some of India’s most successful high-growth startups, such as Inshorts, Innovaccer, Zenoti, Purplle and others.

Its Platform Overview :-

Cost 360 :

Cost360 is a cloud spend management platform that analyzes the cloud resources in real-time to give software developers insights and suggestive actions for making cost-friendly infrastructure changes.

  • Cloud Cost Budgeting & Predictability.
  • Map Cloud Costs to Business Metrics.
  • Infrastructure Cost & Usage Visibility.
  • Infrastructure Management.

Funding :

It has received $500k in seed funding from Anand Chandrasekaran, the founder of a unicorn company, as well as well-known angel investors from Freshworks, Oyo, and Innovaccer in India and the US.

These funds will be used by OpsLyft to accelerate product development, strengthen the team, and expand go-to-market functions in the US.

Emerging Indian MLOps Startups To Watch Out 2022 AIVID TechVision

2. AIVIDTechVision

Startup Name AIVID TechVision
Legal Name AIVID TechVision Pvt Ltd
Founders Nikhil Jain, Dhaval Vora
Start Year 2020
No. Of Employees 21 to 40
Contacts, +91 7948993215
Head Office Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054
Official Website
AIVID gives businesses the ability to use an AI-powered inspection automation platform to make sure processes are being followed in all locations, gain insights, and make improvements at a large scale.
Their platform uses AI and deep learning to automate tedious, repetitive, but important manual processes like inspections across locations with central control.
AIVID platform helps teams automate visual inspection tasks and manage standard operating procedures (SOP) by analysing camera feeds. Based on real-time visual insights, the platform aggregates camera feed data for automated inspection, alerting, reporting, and process improvement.

Emerging Indian MLOps Startups To Watch Out 2022 Dataorc

3. DataOrc

Startup Name Dataorc
Legal Name Dataorc LLP.
Founders Mayur Jadhav, Navdeep Agarwal
Start Year 2018
No. Of Employees 1 to 10
Head Office Pune, Maharashtra, India
Official Website

DataOrc was founded by Mayur Jadhav and Navdeep Agarwal in 2018. The company enables businesses to make data-driven decisions. DataOrcs builds practical machine learning solutions with data, right from POCs to deploying machine learning models.

What They Do ?

  • Data Engineering : Building robust, scalable, fault tolerant and cost effective Data platforms which enables organizations to draw insights from data fast and easy.
  • Product Engineering: Product engineering at scale with primary focus on performance, scalability, least time-to-market.
  • Machine Learning : Building practical machine learning solutions with the precious data. Right from POCs to scalable deployment of models.

Product :

  • Data Syncer(Beta) :It helps in building insightful data streams from existing application stores without having you write a line of code.

Top Indian MLOps Startups Tredence

4. Tredence

Startup Name Tredence
Legal Name Tredence Inc
Founders Shub Bhowmick, Shashank Dubey, Sumit Mehra
Start Year 2018
Funding $ 30 M
Investors Chicago Pacific Founders
No. Of Employees 501 to 1000
Head Office Gurgaon, Haryana India; San Jose, California, US
Official Website

Tredence is an AI engineering and analytics company that uses its ML works platform to industrialise and accelerate MLOps.

Its industrialised machine learning operations platform ‘ML Works’ helps enterprises manage several AI customer engagements. It allows them to scale machine learning models, reduce outages in the machine learning pipeline, and simplify model monitoring.

The world’s largest corporations are collaborating with Tredence and deploying its prediction and optimization solutions at scale, empowering end-users to make better decisions. Tredence also has a track record of delivering business impact to Fortune 500 customers.


Tredence has received a nearly $30 million investment from Chicago Pacific Founders, a strategic healthcare investment fund.

Scribble Data

5. Scribble Data

Startup Name Scribble Data
Legal Name Scribble Data Inc
Founders Venkata Pingali, Indrayudh Ghoshal
Start Year 2017
Funding $ 2.2 M
Investors LogX Ventures, Blume Ventures, Sprout Venture Partners
No. Of Employees 501 to 1000
Head Office Indiranagar, Bangalore, India ; Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Official Website


Scribble Data is an MLOps product company that provides the building blocks for enterprises to build their ML models and analysis. It offers a machine learning feature store for data teams of mid-market enterprises.

Scribble Data also assists businesses in developing and managing production-ready datasets needed to scale machine learning and analytical use cases and applications.

Product :

Enrich : Enrich handles the complexity of computation and data semantics by providing a python SDK to develop,                                            document and test the feature engineering modules (transforms, pipelines, scheduling, etc) and controlled                                            execution on the server-side.

                  So for Data Scientists, the Enrich feature store experience simplifies, standardizes, and speeds up the machine                                    learning model deployment pipeline, with confidence in their performance.

Funding :

Scribble Data raises $2.2 million in seed funding led by Blume Ventures. The round also saw participation from Log X Ventures and Sprout Venture Partners.


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