Top Deep Tech Startups in India

Deep Tech Startups in india
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July 15, 2022
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100+ Deep Tech Startups in India

A brand-new deep-tech ecosystem in India is developing very fast, supported by investors who have invested substantial sums of money in the industry and propelled by innovation. India is the third-largest startup hub, housing more than 12500 budding brands. And 19 percent of India’s start-ups are around the deep-tech space ­ AI/ML, IoT, Big Data, EBC, and CPA. With the onset of COVID 19 and in the post-COVID World, the industries and the economies have undergone a drastic digital transformation.

Investor-favored deep tech startups are anticipated to continue having a significant impact in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), big data, language processing, vision and speech algorithms, robotics, and blockchain

The companies have employed deep tech, artificial intelligence, and machine learning concepts to gain a competitive advantage, prioritise the work, save resources, and build up the operations’ effectiveness and efficiencies. According to NASSCOM’s 2019 Indian tech startup ecosystem study, about 18% of all startups in India are involved in deep tech, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

What is Deep tech ?

Nowadays “deep tech” has become one of the most talked about topics in technology.

Deep tech is the generic phrase for technologies not primarily focused on end-user services, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, advanced material science, photonics and electronics, biotech, and quantum computing.

Future of Deep Tech Startups :

Investors think that the near future will be the “time of deep tech,” with many more VCs and corporations jumping in to fund startups, especially as other sectors become overheated and overcrowded.

Deep tech is the future. The most successful companies over the next decade will be those who know when to move from general tech to deep tech.


Top Deep tech Startups in India

Deep Tech Startups in india




Startup NameKwantics
Industry TypeAnalytics & BI Deep Tech Startup
FoundersManisha V Jadhav
Start Year2017
InvestorsMarshall Group
Employess2 to 10
Head OfficeNoida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Official Websitehttps://www.kwantics.com/
Deep Tech Startups in india

A Call center automation firm, Kwantics has a strong technology foundation that uses Speech AI to improve call center metrics. With the help of the software, sophisticated voice bots and speech analysis can be used by various organizations to increase the productivity of the voice processing ad customer service agents. 

Also, various Speech to text (STT) solutions can transcribe the different voice inputs into text in many languages.

The software startup utilizes deep tech to provide various valuable solutions.

  • AI Voice Assistant: The company automates customer interaction with natural, human-like voice assistants. 
  • Speech Analytics: The organizations can derive critical insights to improve sales conversions, customer experience, and agent performance with AI-powered solutions. 
  • Speech Recognition: The AI software can also be used to transcribe the multilingual voice data accurately and in real-time. Additionally, it also provides noise-robust speech recognition with speaker segmentation. 
  • Speech Synthesis: The software helps in synthesizing the text data into a natural voice timbre and develops a voice for the brand. 

This software follows a voice-first approach to connect the customers and increase sales in various industries and sectors. Banking and Finance, E-Commerce, Travel and Hospitality, BPOs, telecommunications, and retail are some industries where Kwantics has been playing a leadership role.This is a top emerging deep tech startup in India.


Deep Tech Startups in india

Qubit AI



Startup NameQbit AI
Industry TypeAI Deep tech Startup
FoundersKali Gadiraju
Start Year2020
Employess2 to 10
Contacts[email protected], +91 9542821940
Head OfficeHyderabad, Telangana, India
Official Websitehttps://www.kwantics.com/


Deep Tech Startups in india
Qubit technology


Qubit Technologies is a forward-thinking technology  deep tech Startup in India dedicated to providing high-performance Artificial Intelligence-based solutions to all. They are committed to transforming the technological landscape through advanced innovative methods and ongoing research.  :

They offer effective AI solutions that can be used to optimise business operations to business owners.

  • ML Operations [Development & Deployment]
  • Internet of Things [IoT]
  • Innovative AI platforms with easy Plug & Play

Qubit AI is one of the new names in the industry. It is an innovative emerging deep tech startup. It focuses on giving businesses high-quality AI solutions.



Deep Tech Startups in india

Mirrag Ai



Startup NameMirrag ai
Legel NameMirrag Ai Technologies Private Limited
Industry TypeB2B SaaS Deep Tech Startup
FoundersAmrita Sinha , Udit Jain , Pooja Asrani
Start Year2020
Employess2 to 10
Contacts[email protected], +91 9680913353
Head OfficeMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Websitehttps://www.mirrag.ai/
Deep Tech Startups in india
Mirrag ai

Mirrag AI has developed an AI-powered EHS and Quality Management Platform that allows organisations to seamlessly manage workplace safety and quality compliances.

This is the brainchild of entrepreneurs from IITs and BIT with over 40 years of experience in AI and software development, who joined forces with EHS and Quality Control experts from top multinational corporations with the goal of making companies safer and more efficient in terms of quality control.


How It Works :

Mirrag’s detection system can identify various violations related to safety and health risks using the CCTV camera feed. It generates notifications and alerts concerned authorities so that appropriate action can be taken.

The admin panel allows users to register their email/mobile number to receive notifications. Users can also choose the frequency of notifications; for example, a site supervisor can enrol to be notified every hour, whereas the admin head can choose to receive an email at the end of the day to receive violation notifications.


Deep Tech Startups in india

Desintox Technologies


Startup NameDesintoxtech
Legel NamedesintoxtechTechnologies Pvt. Ltd.
Industry TypeHealthTech Startup (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersDon Paul, Sooraj Chandran
Start Year2020
Employess2 to 10
Contacts[email protected], +91 7994088 891
Head OfficeChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Official Websitehttps://desintoxtech.com/


Deep Tech Startups in india
Desintox devices

Desintox Technologies specialize in patient transfer devices and advanced wheelchairs with electric mobility and standing/reclining feature. They have four products called EasyMover, Hoist, Smartmotive and an Electric Wheelchair.

The ‘Hoist’ device transfers the patient from bed, chairs, and toilets; it has a leg spreader feature and high quality imported motors controlled by a display and safety switch and with a joystick switch with speed options.”We presented the device to a child in Thrissur as a gift. I will never forget the tears in the mother’s eyes when she first saw her child stand with our device “says Don Paul.


Deep Tech Startups in india




Startup NameStratforge
Legel NameStratforge Pvt Ltd
Industry TypeAugmented AI Startup (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersJesu Valiant, H Paul Naveen
Start Year2018
Employess11 to 50
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficeChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Official Websitehttps://stratforge.com/
Deep Tech Startups in india
The Stratforge Cloud team is one of the best Deep Tech startups in india. Stratforge develops cloud-based solutions for enterprise users that are designed to scale, connect, secure, extend, and empower them.
RedFlare, Stratforge Pulse and Stratforge FastPath are among the company’s products-
StratForge Pulse :  Customer Sentiment Analysis, Speech Analytics, Customer & agent behavior, Next Action (process automations).
Strat-forge RedFlare : AI powered Process & Quality Audit for Customer Engagement channels, compliance & risks management.
Stratforge FastPath : Guided Support, Knowledge assist AI & Fast path resolution map driving Customer experience.

It works with fortune 100 companies to solving some of the most challenging enterprise use cases. Stratforge is a computer software company which develops life-impacting, and world-changing products.

“There is no spend for you to research, you just sign in and start working, you plug in, and we make it happen. All our solutions are swift, complete and connected,” Said Jesu Valiant – Founder of Stratforge.




Deep Tech Startups in india

Aigroedge Technologies 



Startup NameAigroedge Technologies
Industry TypeAgriTech- Deep Tech Startup
FoundersMayank Rajput, Akshay Taneja, Abhai Tiwari
Start Year2018
Employess2 to 10
Contacts[email protected] , +91 8929090206
Head OfficeDelhi, India
Official Websitehttps://www.aigroedge.com/
Deep Tech Startups in india

Aigroedge Technologies is a deep tech venture founded by various researchers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs focusing on building cutting-edge IoT sensory and AI-powered digital solutions for the agricultural sector. The company focuses on improving the physical quality assessment, disease detection, and prediction of parameters affecting plant growth. 

This Delhi based Deep Tech startup has proprietary hardware called ‘Krashaak,’ which is an IoT sensory system powered by a SaaS Software called ‘AgriVital.’ The goal is to enhance the yield and profit margin to the end-user with the personalized recommendations.

Advantages of using Aigroedge Technologies 

It helps the farmers pave their way toward profits and revenue. The company is helping farmers enhance their product lines and expanding its Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence to leverage the soil data and plant growth data to combine into personalized analytics related to the genetic breeding trials and research. 

These initiatives have expanded the clientele to Fortune 500 companies and governments. Thus, the company focuses on revamping the agriculture sector by uplifting plant health.



Deep Tech Startups in india

DataCrux Insights




Startup NameDatacrux Insight
Industry TypeAnalytics & BI Deep Tech Startup
FoundersManisha V Jadhav
Start Year2019
Employess11 to 50
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficePune, Maharashtra, India
Official Websitehttps://datacruxinsights.com/
Deep Tech Startups in india

DataCrux Insights adds value to a business, which can help it make money and grow. Getting insights from data that can be used can be an unstructured process. It provides corporate training with features such as comprehensive training programmes, industry experts, customised curriculum, proven learning results, vendor agnostic, guaranteed value, and so on.

This startup provides a wide range of Data Science Consulting services. It derives insights from raw data and shows them. Data Crux is a platform where one can find data science articles to help improve                                                                                                               skills to move forward in the  career.



Startup NamePhotom Technology
Industry TypeRenewable Energy Startup (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersHimmat Singh, Narendra Singh Rajpurohit
Start Year2018
Employess11 to 50
Contacts[email protected] , 088668 81876
Head OfficeAhmedabad, Gujarat, India
Official Websitehttps://www.photomtechnologies.com/
Deep Tech Startups in india


The vision of Photom startup  is to provide access to carbon free energy for everyone. Their efforts are towards bringing the sustainability in power sector.They are contuniously developing innovative products and solutions for the renewable energy plants.

Photom robots provide a completely dry system for cleaning solar panels without the use of chemicals or water, allowing you to save money.

They offer autonomous, efficient, and effective operation and maintenance solutions for solar PV plants in order to maximise their operational efficiency. They are incubated at International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology (iCreate) and supported by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India and Gujarat.”

Top Deep Tech Startups in India


Deep Tech Startups in india


Startup NameTechnivorus
Industry TypeIT & Cybersecurity Startup (Deep Tech Startup)
Akshay Aggarwal, Syed Shahroz Ali,, Taushif Ahmed, Sunny Nehra
Start Year2020
Employess11 to 50
[email protected], +91 9097111118
Head OfficeGurugram, Haryana, India
Official Websitehttps://www.technivorus.com/
Deep Tech Startups in india

Even though artificial intelligence, deep tech, and machine learning have paved their way into everyday life, organizations still need marketing, cybersecurity, and other IT solutions to market their products and build a competitive advantage. 

Technivorus is providing the same with the help of deep tech. This startup offers businesses tailored Cybersecurity, Multilingual Contact Centre Services, IT Recruitment, and other IT Services. The company provides multiple customized plans for organizations all over the World. The executives become a part of your team to employ the                                                                                                                                             cutting edge technology to turn it into operations reality. 

  • Cyber Security and Risk Services: The organization uses Cloud Computing to provide a cloud-based Cyber Security Operation Centre.
  • IT Recruitment and Staffing: With the help of Machine Learning, the corporate connects hiring managers with the top industry talent. 
  • Application of AI/ML and its development: The startup provides intelligent solutions and services assisting businesses to gain an edge in their industries
  • Cloud Solutions: The organizations help the businesses in their digital transformation by employing essential to advanced deep tech, AI/ML areas. 



Deep Tech Startups in india

peAR Technologies



Startup NamepeAR Technology
Industry TypeAugmented Reality Startup (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersDharmin Vora, Dhruvesh Mehta, Parth Vora
Start Year2019
Employess11 to 50
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficeMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Official Websitehttps://www.peartech.in/
Deep Tech Startups in india
peAR Technologies

peAR was founded in 2019 by college students Dharmin Vora, Dhruvesh Mehta, and Parth Vora to build augmented reality (AR)-based digital assets for businesses across industries.

It enables you to view the menu in 3D Augmented Reality before to placing an order. Explore restaurant menus to determine where you wish to dine, then when you arrive at the restaurant, scan their logo to display their 3D Augmented Reality menu. This is the Menu of the following generation.


They are an Augmented Reality based In-Restaurant ordering app. peAR is not for online ordering, They use the most sophisticated processes to make accurate high definition & scrumptious 3D food models.

Sankalp Circular For Zero

Startup NameSankalp Circular for zero (Deep Tech Startup)
Legal NameCircular for zero.
FoundersBabu R, Asish Pahwa.
Start Year2022.
No. of Employees2-10 Employees.
[email protected], +91 95995 47095.
Head OfficeNew Delhi, India.

Sankalp Circular For Zero Foundation is a section 8 corporation with a non-profit goal that was registered under the Companies Act of 2013. The CirclularForZero Initiative was developed due to the knowledge and understanding of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY and the current situation in India and the rest of the world. As humanity continues to consume natural resources and energy and produce waste and pollution, they are aware of and growingly concerned about the “ecological” burden on Mother Earth.

Their mission is to take action NOW and for the future. Sankalp Circular for Zero is to create substantial and long-lasting waste management breakthroughs, emphasizing the development of circular logistics systems. They are choosing a really creative and sustainable strategy that makes them stand out.




Startup NamePlayex (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersKaran Sawant
Start Year2021
InvestorsSanjay Singh
Employees2- 10 employees
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficeMumbai
Official Websiteplayex.io

 The evolution of gaming is currently underway. Playex is a  website for playing games that will upend the market. The Playex family is committed to moving forward, improving, and expanding in order to realize the full potential of gaming. This young firm has already accomplished a number of noteworthy feats throughout its active years, but nothing will deter us from aiming higher, creating cutting-edge gaming innovations, and having a substantial impact on the gaming industry.

PlayexTM is a ground-breaking platform that gives players an engaging gaming experience while also producing games that are more ecologically friendly. They are changing how sustainable web3 games are created.PlayexTM is a ground-breaking platform that fuses two of India’s most popular passions—gaming and the NFT marketplace—in a way that offers customers a singular experience that stands out on its own.

PlayexTM has produced a smooth yet thrilling blend of the world of the NFT marketplace while keeping the avid gaming fan alive in you. This has been done not only to disrupt and revolutionize the gaming industry but also the NFT marketplace ecosystem. A digital marketplace that enables users to trade on their preferred athletes from around the globe in a variety of Games.


Constems – AI

Startup NameConstems- AI (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersAmit Singh.
Start Year2015.
Contact[email protected]
Head OfficeNoida, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Official Websitehttp://constemsai.com/

Constem –AI is a business that focuses on creating SaaS platforms for high-performance AI-based vision solutions for the consumer product sector. Their innovative aim is to minimize the AD-HOC human-based intervention and to accelerate industry 4.0 and retail digitalization adaptation by solutions provided.

Their AI – Vision Inspection system <B2B Platform> provides their Enterprise Customers access to their Deep Tech products with on-premise or on-the-cloud options to address their Vision Inspection Pain points powered by Real-Time Analytics i.e. Heart-Beat Tracking of Factory (Manufacturing), Warehouses and Retail.

Their AI Vision System Platform for B2B Customers cuts through the sectors by addressing the pain points of the customers related to Vision Inspection on-premise or on-cloud. Currently, existing player/s & solutions provide a solution that is fairly human-dependent and sector-specific and not addressing the larger spectrum of the problem, but Constem-Ai is addressing those.


Passwordless Auth Tech

Startup NamePasswordless Auth Tech (Deep Tech Startup)
Start Year2022
Official Websitehttps://passwordless.in/

Although novel, this is ideal for someone who values security. Passwordless is a complete API architecture that can be set up in less than 5 minutes for password authentication as a service.

What makes it “passwordless”?

No more security barriers for end users thanks to our “passwordless” method, which removes the biggest pain point for consumers: passwords.


Garuda Aerospace

Startup NameGaruda Aerospace (Deep Tech Startup)
Legal NameGaruda Aerospace Pvt. Ltd.
FoundersAgnishwar, Jayaprakash
Start Year2015
Funding$ 30 M, Seres B
InvestorsMahendra Singh Dhoni, Ocgrow Ventures
No. of Employees11 – 50 employees
[email protected], +91 9500088664
Head OfficeChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Official Websitehttp://www.garudaaerospace.com/

 Garuda Aerospace focuses on the design, build, and customization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones for various applications. Garuda Aerospace precisely satisfies the needs of the customer by catering to a variety of needs, including event photography, agricultural survey, reconnaissance, and surveillance.

 The goal of human-centric company Garuda Aerospace is to create affordable drone solutions that would improve various sectors through precise data. They are primarily a Drone-As-A-Software aggregator that creates flawless drones for a variety of commercial and domestic uses. They are proud of the effective intelligence drone solutions they can provide. They only began in 2015, but they have already had a big impact on the drone market.

VDT Pipeline Integrity Solutions

Startup Name
VDT Pipeline Integrity Solutions Pvt Ltd (Deep Tech Startup)
Start Year2017
No. of Employees11-50 employees.
Contacts, +91 8287954400
Head OfficeNoida, Uttar Pradesh.
Official Websitehttp://vdtsolution.com

The Indian government supports the firm VDT Pipeline Integrity Solutions Private Limited as part of the “Startup India” initiative. It was founded on August 31, 2017. VDT is a design and development, engineering, project management consulting, and field services firm that focuses on offering integrity solutions for the oil, gas, and energy industries.

An “Indian Enterprise,” their business offers “Pipeline Integrity Solutions” to the “Oil and Gas Industries.” holds the patent for creating the MFL Inspection Tool as well as the first Geometry Inspection Tool in India. They are dedicated to offering top-notch goods and services that provide value while also fostering strong, lasting relationships with their clients, consumers, and suppliers.


Cell Propulsion

Startup NameCell Propulsion (Deep Tech Startup)
Legal NameCellprop Private Limited.
Nakul Kukar, Paras Kaushal, Supratim Naskar.
Start Year2016
Funding$4.2 M
CIIE, Sangam Ventures, growX ventures, Huddle.
No. Of Employees21 to 40
[email protected], +91 8029600019
Head OfficeBanglore, Karnataka, India
Official Websitehttps://cellpropulsion.com/home.html

Bangalore-based Cell Propulsion is a provider of electric transportation. To facilitate a smooth transition to eCVs for our customers, they develop zero-emission fully electric commercial vehicles and deploy them as a part of a broader fully managed eco-system. They are giving ground-breaking solutions to speed up the adoption of eCVs by logistics and transportation firms, made possible by patented digital and powertrain technologies.

For the LCV and HCV segments, Cell Propulsion is developing electric drivetrains, including battery packs, BMS, motors, and drives, as well as the support ecosystem and digital infrastructure needed to profitably refuel, run, and monitor these vehicles. By driving the electrification and digitization of fleets of commercial vehicles, they want to make the movement of commodities clean and sustainable.


Raptee Energy

Startup NameRaptee Energy (Deep Tech Startup
FoundersDinesh Arjun, Keerthivasan Ravi
Start Year2019
No. of Employees,51- 200 employees
[email protected],+91 89250 61646
Head OfficeChennai
Official Websitehttps://www.rapteemotors.com/

 Raptee are here today as a result of a fascinating inquiry that compelled them to abandon their preconceived notions and allowed them to create something truly magnificent. They questioned, “How can we improve lives by doing what we love and by allowing others to do what they love?” After much reflection on consumerism, global warming, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, social psychology, disruptive technologies, and Ikigai, they finally realized that they wanted to swim with the tide, but in a much better way: using sustainable transportation.

They realized that the logical next step for them is to produce motorcycles that are ecologically friendly because they know what they love to do—build motorcycles—and they know what people love to do—ride around on them. The positive social attitudes toward green technologies are greatly encouraging, as evidenced by the popularity of electric vehicles. They want our motorcycles to deliver enjoyable riding experiences while also having the least negative impact on the environment. They have a strong conviction that our electric motorcycles will soon occupy a dignified position among viable vehicles, which is why they are so passionate about and committed to Raptee and the question it answers.



Startup NameWI-Jungle
Start Year2014
No. of Employees
51- 200 employees
[email protected], +91 9119119190
Head Office
Gurugram, Haryana
Official Websitewijungle.com

WiJungle is the first unified network security platform in the world and a ground-breaking innovation that allows businesses to manage and secure their entire network from a single interface. The AI and ML-based comprehensive product provides the security stack of numerous stand-alone solutions like Network Firewall, WAF, SD-WAN, Hotspot Gateway, DLP, Vulnerability Assessment, End Point, etc. in a coordinated manner, reducing their investment by up to 60% and making management and scalability challenges easier.

 An Indian cyber security company called WiJungle creates and sells unified network security gateways to businesses in over 25 different nations. WiJungle was the first Indian private firm to offer a totally free WiFi service when it was originally introduced in 2014. It was founded in 2014. Presently, the company provides both public and private giants across industry verticals like Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, BFSI, Retail, Defense, Transportation, ITES, etc.



Startup NamePacerobotics
FoundersAyushmoy Roy
Start Year2020
No. of Employees2- 10 employees
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficeBangalore
Official Websitehttps://www.pacerobotics.net/

Construction robotics startup PaceRobotics (Constrobot Robotics Pvt Ltd) is supported by Pidilite Industries and fostered by SINE-IIT Bombay. Through robotics and deep technology, they are on a quest to make building sustainable and efficient. They are developing robots to supplement human abilities in order to increase labor productivity in the construction industry.

They believe robotics is a tool to orchestrate a technology-led transition in construction by upending the established work practices. They envision an industry where technology is pervasive and robotic-based work methods are the norms. Due to the labor shortage, variable quality, and ineffective project delivery that plague the construction industry. For essential occupations like painting and construction, there is a severe labor shortage. Pacerobotics is creating robots that can supplement human abilities, increase productivity, and accomplish more work with the labor that is on hand.

They are creating a modular, semi-autonomous robot that can offer an entire wall finishing solution (plastering, Putty, and painting). This technique will prove to be quite beneficial.


Updapt CSR

Startup NameUpdapt CSR (Deep Tech Startup)
Supreet Rao, Satish Ramchandnani, Mithun Suvarna, Sangat Babu.
Start Year2019
No. of Employees41- 60 employees.
Head OfficeBangalore.
Official Websitehttps://www.updaptcsr.com/

Updapt CSR is a business-to-business SaaS platform that builds software modules for corporates to track, monitor, and report ESG compliance.

Updapt CSR is a Bangalore-based, new-age technology-driven company that offers comprehensive SaaS-based ESG products to meet the full range of sustainability requirements of businesses of all shapes and sizes, funds, and lenders throughout the world. Their flexible solution enables companies to track, monitor, and digitally report their dispersed ESG data points in accordance with global sustainability standards. 

Deep analytics are also available to support successful interactions with important stakeholders, including investors, rating agencies, regulators, boards, customers, lenders, and supply chain partners.



Startup NameSanchiConnect (Deep Tech Startup)
Rahul Bhasin, Sunil Shekhawat, Ankur Mittal, Mitesh Shah.
Start Year2022
No. of Employees1- 10 employees.
 [email protected], +91 8527333978
Head OfficeNoida, Uttar Pradesh,
Official Websitehttp://www.sanchiconnect.com

A platform called Sanchi Connect helps deep tech firms find funding, talent, and customers. They fervently support the global democratization of deep technology potential. Sanchi Connect is dedicated to investigating and forming international alliances between Indian deep tech stakeholders and the outside world. They are scaling quickly with the help of the best VCs and Angel channels so that Indian deep tech entrepreneurs can conquer the globe.

Sanchiconnect is a platform that makes it possible for startups in deep tech and emerging tech in India to acquire:

  1. Funds.
  2. Business Clients.
  3. Global Tech Talent.

They use a frictionless paradigm in which no party is obligated financially to the platform. With the help of Baring India PE Fund and Inflexion Point Venture, we are working to democratize the use of Indian deep technology goods around the world.



Startup NameClairco (Deep Tech Startup)
Legel NameAliferous Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Industry TypeClimate Data and Information.
Aayush Jha, Udayan Banerjee, Praveena Poojary.
Start Year2018
Funding$572.6K, SEED
InvestorsSanjiv Bajaj
No. Of Employees11 to 20
Contacts[email protected], +91 9980531190
Head OfficeBangalore, Karnataka, India.
Official Websitehttps://www.claircoair.com/

Clairco converts the existing ventilation units into air purification systems to assist business buildings in ensuring clean air indoors in an economical, quantifiable, and scalable manner. Their offerings include Air Quality Monitoring & IoT Platform, where they set up IoT sensors to monitor several aspects of air quality in real-time, such as PM2.5, PM10, CO2, VOCs, temperature, and humidity.

The information is then available on a web dashboard. Additionally, this information can be shown on connected screens to promote clean air to building residents and outside customers. They install high-efficiency filters for Air Handling Units to purify the air. These filters transform existing air handling units into air purification units and are manufactured from nanofibers. Additionally, they have a unique technology that allows them to forecast the lifespan of air filters.

 Through performance-driven business models and the use of AI, ML, and IoT technologies, Clairco (a clean air firm) is bringing technological innovation to the ventilation systems of commercial real estate, making it affordable, measurable, and hassle-free. Air purification has become essential because of the COVID-19 epidemic, and at Clairco, we are enabling that by taking full responsibility for providing clean air at all times with our guaranteed clean air solution.


Samartail Private Ltd.

Startup NameSMARTAIL PRIVATE LIMITED (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersSwami Nathan Ganesan

Aslam Sherieff Jahir Basha

Start Year2019.
No. of Employees1-50  employees.
Contacts·  91 8025043086
Head OfficeBangalore.
Official Websitesmartail.ai


Smartail is an EdTech startup that is focused on bringing AI-powered products and solutions to an Industry that dates back over 5000 years. They chose exam paper correction, one of the most repeated and time-consuming activities by tutors, as the first pain point to fix after researching the industry and the area.


Therefore developing Deepgrade, an AI-powered answer paper rectification on a SAAS platform, as our first flagship product. They think artificial intelligence can have a big impact on pushing this solution to new heights. The important thing to remember is that they want to address both the pain of the students and their gurus, for the simple reason that when you support and encourage one instructor, you impact thousands of students. 

Smartail has brought up solutions to fill the learning gap among students and enhance teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom. Deepgrade is a Smartail AI-enabled tool that enhances the instructional design.

Onward Assist

Startup NameOnward Assist (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersDinesh Koka, Vikas Ramachandra.
Start Year2017
No. of Employees11-50  employees.
Contacts·[email protected]
Head OfficeHyderabad
Official Websiteonwardassist.ai

Early cancer detection is crucial, and the practitioner must examine a vast amount of complex data, including pathology slides. Additionally, there is a global shortage of skilled pathologists.’

A platform for advanced cancer prognostics called Onward Assist helps oncologists make better treatment choices, which leads to better results. Histopathologists, radiologists, and oncologists employ tools from Onward that are automated diagnosis and treatment decision support tools based on computer vision and machine learning.  The PathAssist product contains (a) an AI layer with capabilities based on machine learning and computer vision for automated histopathology diagnosis, (b) a pathology workflow/telepathology solution, and (c) low-cost slide digitization hardware.

 By streamlining the procedure for an accurate and prompt diagnosis, Onward Assist seeks to enhance cancer outcomes. To speed up the slide reporting process, the full-stack pathology AI solution combines advanced analytics with a user-friendly telepathology platform. It also makes use of cutting-edge tools that enable several features and automate numerous repetitive activities.


EduGorilla Community

Startup NameEduGorilla Community (Deep Tech Startup)
Founders Rohit Manglik’s 

Shaswat Vikram

Start Year2016.
No. of Employees51- 200 Employees,
Contacts+91-6393 216806
Head OfficeLucknow.
Official Websiteedugorilla.com


 A “Job-Tech” business called EduGorilla uses an Omnichannel distribution strategy. offering excellent information for more than 1400 examinations to assist candidates in passing their desired competitive exam. As a result, candidates can earn a 16X success rate.

EduGorilla promises to deliver mock exams of the highest caliber while also accelerating the procedure and aligning it with the exam timetable. They achieve this by making better use of technology and adopting a more cunning strategy when creating books and mock exams. Exams are carefully prioritized by their self-learning AI-powered software based on demand. This helps their mock test producers to better manage their time, which gives them more time to conduct research and produce mock tests of the same caliber as the real exams. 


Resonant Electronics

Startup NameResonant Electronics Pvt Ltd (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersAmit Goel
Start Year2015.
No. of Employees2-10 Employees.
Head OfficeNew Delhi.
Official Websitewww.resonant-sys.com

 Resonant is a technology-driven provider of IoT solutions that uses a full-spectrum IoT solution to enable digital transformation in the commercial real estate, industrial, and solar sectors. They provide zero-config (on-site), plug-and-play hardware called Resonant-owned Data Bots and Auto Bots for data visualization, data analytics, and automation.

The hardware interfaces smoothly with the Resonant IoT Platform, Android, and iOS apps, where all analytics, workflow automation, alarm and notification processing, and control and automation are carried out. Through energy optimization, production optimization, critical asset monitoring & control across industries, and a variety of applications or use cases, they assist customers in saving money, time, and effort.



Startup NameBrainwired (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersSreeshankar S Nair

Romeo P Jerard 

Start Year2018
No. of Employees2-10 Employees.
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficeErnakulam, Kerela.
Official Websitehttp://www.brainwired.in

Brainwired is an agritech startup based out of India, which has developed a livestock health monitoring, and tracking system named WeSTOCK, that uses an IoT ear tag and a unique ML algorithm to identify sick and pregnant livestock and alert farmers accordingly.

Both of the co-founders had agricultural backgrounds and wanted to create a solution to assist their grandparents with running their dairy farm. What began as a project turned into a business when they understood the significance of contemporary agricultural techniques in the cattle industry. 

WeSTOCK keeps tabs on a specific livestock’s daily activities and notifies farmers of any emergencies. The entire system is very programmable, allowing farmers to select aspects that allow for the economy while also maintaining quality. the emerging technology built in-house is created to support the farmers and livestock in the country.

Their features include

  1. Automated health monitoring system.
  2. Cloud-based storage for storing livestock biodata (medical history, feed weight..etc.)
  3. Personalized notifications.
  1. Mobile application as an interface for easy communication with other farmers.
  2. Access to veterinary doctors.
  3. Access to online blogs on animal husbandry.
  4.  Automated weight measurement.
  5. Geo Fencing.
  6. RFID-based tracking system.
  7. Easy-to-use interfaces.

Aikenist Technologies 

Startup NameAikenist Technologies Pvt Ltd (Deep Tech Startup)


Start Year2019
No. of Employees2-10
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficeBangalore
Official Websitehttps://www.aikenist.com/

In order to extend the benefits of medical imaging to a greater community, Aikenist offers AI-based solutions for quicker scanning, better detection, and quick turnaround. The solution increases patient convenience while increasing hospitals’ and diagnostic centers’ return on investment. Modern AI-based algorithms form the foundation of the solution.

Products from AIken are specifically created to improve patients’ overall experiences and maximize the use of medical equipment.  Accelerated scanning with QUICKSCAN Using AI technologies, MRI scanning has been sped up by up to 4 times. For instance, because it is a software-only solution, a 20-minute MRI scan can be completed in about 5 minutes. Supports MRI images for the knee, spine, abdomen, and other MSK scans. AI identification capabilities are improved because to improved MRI scans from denoising.

AI-based smart analysis – AI X-ray analysis for COVID-19 detection. Brain, liver, and pancreas scan for tumor identification and segmentation.

Quantification and visualization – Visualization is offered by Aiken Web Viewer, which is also compatible with other third-party viewers.

Continuously and optimally trainable learning models in the cloud, Patients and medical professionals will benefit greatly from this since they won’t have to wait long periods of time because the identical task will be completed fast and conveniently.


CloudHedge Technologies

Startup NameCloudHedge Technologies (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersAbhijit Joshi, Sameer Karmarkar, Asawari Joshi 
Start Year2017
No. of Employees51 – 200 Employees.
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficePune, India / Plano, Texas
Official Websitehttps://cloudhedge.io/

CloudHedge.io is a software product disrupting Application Modernization and Digital Transformation.

CloudHedge’s “Discover”​ enables –

  1. Assessment and analysis of IT applications and infrastructure is possible with CloudHedge’s “Discover” feature.
  2. Recommendations: Its machine learning algorithm suggests restructuring or rehosting the apps based on their suitability.

CloudHedge’s “Transform”​ enables –

Refactoring of cloud-based or data center-based applications is made possible by CloudHedge’s “Transform” feature. Based on workloads, it automates application containerization.

  1. Moving to the desired Cloud (Private/Public).
  2. Using a wizard-like procedure to rehost applications.

CloudHedge’s “Cruize”​ enables –

  1. Multi-cloud support for managing, deploying, and monitoring applications is made possible by CloudHedge’s “Cruize.”
  2. AI enhances monitoring through prediction.
  3. Supports hybrid environments and works with a variety of tools.

Product –

  • OmniDeq : It is a platform that can easily modernize any business application for any new technology, such as Edge or IoT, even those as ancient as mainframes. The outcome? CT/CI/CD pipelines that are intelligent, secure, and a game-changer for businesses trying to stay on top of the game. Fortune 500 firms use OmniDeq, which is praised all over the world. It is evidence of CloudHedge’s commitment to completing tasks faster and more accurately than anyone else in the globe.


Tensor Matics 

Startup NameTensor Matics Pvt Ltd (Deep Tech Startup)
Start Year2022
No. of Employees11 – 50 employees.
Head OfficeDelaware
Official Websitehttps://www.labellerr.com


In the era of AI-first software, we are pioneers. 80% of the data that humans are gathering is in the form of photographs and videos. These data can be highly beneficial in solving a variety of difficulties in the actual world.

One such technology that can advance automation and carry out previously unimaginable tasks is computer vision. Tensor Matics is developing a platform to assist ML teams around the industry in creating computer vision AI to address actual business issues. In order to easily create training data, control the quality, and build high-performing models iteratively, they have developed a platform for training data that functions as a single platform.

They offer a completely managed service to AI-first businesses creating automation based on computer vision. Their SaaS service helps ML scientists who need to train computer vision/unstructured data AI models faster, more conveniently, and securely access training data. Their focus industries include healthcare, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, retail, and manufacturing, and they strive to provide services with a “make it happen” mindset.



Startup NameUniqgrid pvt ltd. (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersAnkit Agarwal, Ankur Kumar Singh.
Start Year2016
No. of Employees 10 – 20.
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficeGhaziabad
Official Websiteuniqgrid.com

The industry-focused Industrial IoT Platform from Uniqgrid is highly configurable both at the edge and in the cloud, enabling real-time visibility into operations on the production floor as well as the modernization of legacy manufacturing processes and the delivery of customized machine scenarios in a matter of days.

What they offer

  1. Industrially Focused Out-Of-Box Apps Or Create Your Own Using Our Low Code App Builder
  2. QUICKLY transition to real-time response.
  3.  Adapters for universal machine communication do not require costly machine integration, data purification, ingestion, visualisation, or analytics methodologies because their quick-to-deploy connectors quickly begin processing and analyzing millions of data points on the edge.
  4. Active insights in real-time.
  5. Avoid waiting days. Utilize the insights from precise real-time data right away.
  6. Quicker Value realizations.

Make your own reports, analytics, workflows, alerts, and triggers.


Quintrans Hyperloop

Startup NameQuintrans Hyperloop (Deep Tech Startup)
FoundersPrasanna Kadambi , Kartik Kulkarni, Pranay Luniya
Start Year2021
No. of Employees2- 10
Contacts[email protected], +91 7757011182
Head OfficePune
Official Websitequintranshyperloop.com

 Quintrans is a private business that was founded by young, talented businesspeople from Pune. In order to address the inadequacies of India’s current supply chain and logistics network, they plan to integrate Hyperloop as a high-speed, dependable, and sustainable alternative. Their vision for the Hyperloop focuses on minimizing direct and indirect impact on the environment in the area while ensuring performance metrics in a cost-effective manner in light of growing concerns about carbon emissions, population congestion, pollution, and extensive energy utilization associated with current transport modes.



[Leveraging AI for more intelligent, quick, and effective edge devices]

Startup NameEDGENeural
FoundersSarvesh Devi
Start Year2019
No. of Employees2- 10
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficePune
Official Websitehttps://edgeneural.ai/

 EDGENeural is a software-defined platform that combines the end-to-end process for any AI engineer for any AI application to design, train, optimise, and deploy across many hardware platforms. It is modular, unified, and hardware-independent. It can be challenging and expensive for businesses to build Edge AI applications. We have created a platform to address these issues by streamlining the AI deployment process on edge devices.

This platform is a complete workflow solution with a focus on enhancing the performance of AI models and algorithms for Edge devices. To make it simple to train, optimise, deploy, and operate Edge AI neural networks, we offer a modular, fully integrated workflow. It is a unified platform that is hardware independent, cloud neutral, and able to autonomously create deep neural network solutions for Edge devices that are scale-ready for production.

Requires a minimum set of inputs and does not require expert coding knowledge to build Edge AI application. Employing expensive Edge AI engineers or experts can be costly for businesses.

  1. AI Model Optimization
  2. Open platform
  3. Model zoo
  4. MLOps/ Edge DevOps
  5. Easy to Use
  6. Hardware Agnostic
  7. Cloud Neutral



Startup NameTruemeter


Start Year2021
No. of Employees,2 – 10
Contacts[email protected]
Head Office Noida
Official Websitetruemeter.co


 Truemeter’s goal is to assist software firms in achieving a 30–40% increase in revenue per customer. The majority of businesses use subscription- or usage-based pricing models, but they fail to find feature and price market fit. Their AI Pricing engine aids businesses in user testing of pricing, localizing pricing for customers in various geographies, and achieving optimized prices.

Their infrastructure for subscription management and invoicing assists businesses in the launch, management, and iteration of usage-based and subscription pricing models. In order to manage recurring revenue, billing, payments, reconciliation, and dunning, we assist businesses.



Startup NameShopEG
FoundersAnkur Arora, Abhishek Mishra, Pranay Suwalka and Yogesh Nehra
Start Year2020
No. of Employees30 – 40 Employees
Head OfficeBengaluru
Official Websitehttps://shopeg.in


ShopG is an e-commerce website with headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka, that enables users to shop and save money with their friends. Building Ecommerce 2.0 for India’s 30 crore future internet users is their goal. Groceries, kitchens, Body & Baths, Hair Care, Skin Care, Deodorant, Home Décor, and Beauty are just a few of the categories they offer their consumers to shop from.


Pantherun Technologies 

Startup NamePantherun Technologies Pvt Ltd
FoundersSrinivas Lakshman Sekhar, Edayathimangalam Ramnath Chandra Shekar, Nien Chih Chan 
Start Year2019
No. of Employees11 – 50 Employees,
Contacts 91 80 41644148
Head OfficeBangalore
Official Websitepantherun.com

 The industrial communication and controls market is a global one, and Pantherun products serve it. They create electronic equipment that can operate in a variety of temperatures and challenging environments. In mission-critical applications like factories, railroads, transportation, and smart city solutions, this is a necessity of the hour.

Their specialized product team creates items using a ground-breaking methodology that has never before been seen in the industrial sector. This high-precision product range is designed in India and Taiwan, produced to a high standard in those two countries, and distributed through partners throughout the world.

The Energy Company

Startup NameThe Energy Company
Legal NameThe Energy Company Pvt. Ltd.
Industry TypeMobility
Rahul Lamba, Prashant Rathee, Prateek Somani
Start Year2021
No. Of Employees2 to 10
[email protected], +91 7760427065
Head OfficeBangalore, Karnataka, India
Official Websitehttps://www.energycompany.in/

By offering quicker, less expensive, and more dependable batteries, the energy company aids in the adoption of electric vehicles by mobility users. Their data-enabled energy platform makes sure that batteries are under better management, offers battery analytics, and guarantees that they are prepared for deployment in afterlife applications.

Say goodbye to sluggish charging and erratic batteries.

The product features

Faster charge (10x faster) and no range worry

Safer than other batteries by three times, providing a stress-free trip

Longer battery life of 5+ years and no replacement costs

5 years of cleaner, 2x less E-waste for a guilt-free journey

A 4x reduction in cost over five years results in savings of up to 3L*.

Buyback – end-of-life buyback



Startup NameTechforce.ai
FoundersVijay Navaluri, Sriram Papani
Start Year2017
No. of Employees11 – 50 Employees
Head OfficeReston, VA
Official Websitetechforce.ai


Techforce.ai empowers business teams to achieve faster outcomes by enabling them to rapidly automate and share knowledge work. Their goal is to maximize human potential and give people the tools they need to prosper in the digital age. & are the founders of the “Digital Enablement” software industry, as well as its pioneer. Through the provision of knowledge and aid at work just in time, their SaaS intelligent personal work assistant “Super” software empowers individuals digitally. It is boosting users’ productivity while assisting people worldwide with cutting-edge digital abilities.

Techforce.ai specialties are Augmented Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Intelligent Process Automation, AI-as-a-Service, Bot-as-a-Service, Hire-a-Bot, Super Workforce, Big Data, IoT, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Augmented Realty, Virtual Realty, Cyber Security, Natural Language Processing, Chatbots, Cognitive Computing, Cognitive Workforce, Digital Workforce, AI, NLP, ITSM, Back Office Automation, Process Automation, Customer Experience, Unified Workforce, Unified Workforce Platform, and E-workforce


FinLock Technologies

Startup NameFinLock technologies Private Limited
FoundersVineet Gupta , Sachin Agarwal
Start Year2020
No. of Employees10 – 20 Employees
Head OfficeNew Delhi
Official Websitefinlock.in


When one of the close relatives of our co-founder, Vineet, fell victim to a SIM Swap fraud in 2019, that is when the concept for FinLock first came to be. The scammer tricked a member of his family into requesting a SIM update, and within minutes had taken money from their bank account. His family sought advice from a number of people before informing the relevant bank and police authorities about the fraud. Even with ongoing follow-up for weeks, they were only able to partially make up for their financial loss.

Further investigation made it clear to Vineet that online fraud was a widespread issue in India. He immediately got in touch with our other co-founder, Sachin, a friend from business school, and the two of them spent hours coming up with solutions to stop this threat. They came to the conclusion that while there were numerous cybersecurity solutions available for enterprises, there was no one solution that individuals could rely on to keep them safe.

 They intended to develop a user-friendly solution because they are tech enthusiasts at heart, one that would safeguard individuals from such frauds as well as speed up their reporting. So, after months of hard work and assembling a special, passionate team, FinLock was born.



 Gordian Technologies

Startup NameGordian Technologies Private Limited
FoundersPrajwal Ajay
Start Year2019
No. of Employees5 – 10 employees
Contacts[email protected]
Head OfficeBengaluru
Official Websitehttps://gordian.in/


Gordian Technologies is a last-mile logistics startup that has set out to solve the problem of security in hyperlocal transit with IoT-based smart lockers/devices. Hyperlocal logistics has always focused on quick and cheap deliveries compromising on the security of the packages and the hand-off experience for consumers.

This is a primary reason why millions of businesses shy away from outsourcing their last-mile logistics, especially businesses dealing in jewelry, electronics, premium products, etc.

The company has developed proprietary smart lockers that unlock only when an OTP is entered on the device. These OTPs are sent by the company’s backend application exclusively to the sender and receiver of the package. Further, the devices come with internal industry-grade cushioning to protect the packages from being damaged. The customer can also track the device through real-time GPS alerts. Gordian’s fleet of delivery executives carry the devices with them on 2-wheelers and undertake deliveries. The company also facilitates insurance for transit.


Jidoka Technologies

Startup NameJidoka Technologies Pvt Ltd
FoundersSekar Udayamurthy, Krishna Iyengar, Vinodh Venkatesan
Start Year2018
No. of Employees21 – 40 Employees
[email protected]
Head OfficeChennai
Official Websitejidoka-tech.com

 Jidoka Technologies, based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is committed to “intelligent automation,” and this philosophy is at the core of their products, which mix Artificial Intelligence with Industry Automation and Machine Vision to produce cutting-edge solutions. They specialize in automating the detection of visual flaws, a technique that is inherently extremely subjective in all fields. They offer Kompass, an AI defect detection and analytics tool, which can be linked with other forms of automation. They are experts in Deep Learning and teach machines to learn by doing; it is a subset of machine learning in AI.

The capacity to handle process drifts and teach differences in the visual nature of components and errors; Machine vision is at the heart of their products, providing the ideal imagery for any application and utilizing image processing methods to best support AI; Inline/Standalone Automation: They offer complete turnkey solutions, including planning, developing, and integrating any automation necessary for the project; Integration – For machine vision, they can combine their software with already-in-use cameras, or they can combine their software and cameras with current automation; cutting-edge AI-driven analytics with real-time monitoring and report creation capabilities to support root cause analysis and address problem occurrences; Customer experience: A clear implementation approach to move from a “proof of concept” to ’ to production and patented algorithms and workflow. They also offer software as a subscription.



Startup NameTRUMAC
FoundersSaurabh Agarwal
Start Year2021
No. of Employees,2- 10 Employees
Head OfficeMumbai
Official Websitehttps://www.trumac.in/web/

Metals and mining, supply chain management, manufacturing, quality, technology, and operations are among Trumac’s areas of expertise. Your chemical, cement, and steel purchasing manager. 

Its goal is to become the most customer-focused procurement firm on Earth. from chemicals to cement and steel. They are motivated by the excitement of creating technologies, creating goods and services that transform lives, and sizing up the future of projects, innovations, programs, infrastructure, and sustainability. The world is most dependent on such categories.

An Indian technology business called Trumac Now is working to transform the way clients from various industries source materials for their projects. The next norm in the purchasing experience is being introduced.


Niral Networks

Startup NameNiral Networks
FoundersAbhijit Chaudhary 
Start Year2019
No. of Employees2 – 10 Employees
Contacts [email protected]
Head OfficeBengaluru
Official Websiteniralnetworks.com

By offering 5G infrastructure as a service for last mile connectivity in Enterprise, Defense, Rural, Agriculture, Mining, etc. using an open and disaggregated Network Operating System called NiralOS integrated with COTS hardware, Niral Networks aims to democratize 5G and Edge networking infrastructure. In an effort to lower the danger of vendor lock-in, Niral Networks works with its client. Adopting open standards, open hardware, and open source is the only way to lessen network infrastructure’s reliance on proprietary vendors. NiralOS is an open-source operating system that has been carefully selected to enable customers to make the transition from being vendor-controlled to vendor-agnostic, enabling quicker innovation, better teamwork, more security, and cheaper costs.


“This was our list of some of emerging deep tech startups in India. If you know any other deep tech startup which we should feature or planning to get funding , You can list that startup on SanchiConnect as well.

Conclusion :

Deep technology is now more of a necessity than an option. India is unquestionably the next deep-tech hotspot., as sectors such as healthcare, education, industry, manufacturing, and others have increasingly adopted its use in their operations.

As of 2021, there are over 70 unicorn startups. These companies are worth approximately $168 billion, and India now has the world’s third-largest unicorn ecosystem, trailing only the United States and China.

Funding Status of Top Deep tech Startups in India :

So, Startups involved in Deep Tech like- Fintech, Agritech, SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, and Drones are expected to continue to attract the majority of investments, with many more such anticipated startups to join the unicorn club by the end of 2022.

Early-stage investment or seed funding in deep tech startups has now reached billions of dollars, with potentially trillion-dollar returns.

Statics :

The Indian startup ecosystem recorded 1,633 funding deals in FY 2022, which was 16% more than the 1,406 deals seen in FY 2021. The top five sector include :

1. Fintech and financial services

2. Edtech and education services

3. E-Commerce

4. D2C – direct-to-consumer

5. Logistic & Supply Chain

“BUT” the sectors which are worth keeping an eye on include Deep tech which saw 49 deals, blockchain – 9 deals, hyperlocal- 5 deals and artificial intelligence (AI) with 4 deals.

In addition, An overview of Top Deep Tech Startups in India can be watched as a video as well. Kindly watch the attached video for Top Deep Tech Startups in India.

Featuring Dr.Hemang Shah, Explaining deep roots of Deep-Tech Startups & Ventures in detaiils.


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