10 Deep Tech Startups in India to Watch in 2022

Deep tech Startups : 10 deep tech startups
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July 15, 2022
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10 Deep Tech Startups in India to Watch in 2022

A brand-new deep-tech ecosystem in India is developing very fast, supported by investors who have invested substantial sums of money in the industry and propelled by innovation.

India is the third-largest startup hub, housing more than 12500 budding brands. And 19 percent of India’s start-ups are around the deep-tech space ­ AI/ML, IoT, Big Data, EBC, and CPA. With the onset of COVID 19 and in the post-COVID World, the industries and the economies have undergone a drastic digital transformation.

The companies have employed deep tech, artificial intelligence, and machine learning concepts to gain a competitive advantage, prioritise the work, save resources, and build up the operations’ effectiveness and efficiencies.

What is Deep tech ?

Nowadays “deep tech” has become one of the most talked about topics in technology.

Deep tech is the generic phrase for technologies not primarily focused on end-user services, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, advanced material science, photonics and electronics, biotech, and quantum computing.

Future of Deep tech Startups :

Investors think that the near future will be the “time of deep tech,” with many more VCs and corporations jumping in to fund startups, especially as other sectors become overheated and overcrowded.

Deep tech is the future .The most successful companies over the next decade will be those who know when to move from general tech to deep tech.


In this article, we have listed some of the emerging deep tech startups in India:

Kwantics Deeptech Startup


Industry Type : Analytics & BI DeepTech Startup

Founders : Manisha V Jadhav

Start Year : 2019

Head Office : 91 Springboard 2nd floor, A 130, Sector 63 Rd, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Contacts : [email protected], +91 099711 00414

Official Website : https://www.kwantics.com/

Kwantics-Bring Speech AI to Your Customer Interactions

A Call center automation firm, Kwantics has a strong technology foundation that uses Speech AI to improve call center metrics. With the help of the software, sophisticated voice bots and speech analysis can be used by various organizations to increase the productivity of the voice processing ad customer service agents. 

Also, various Speech to text (STT) solutions can transcribe the different voice inputs into text in many languages.

The software startup utilizes deep tech to provide various valuable solutions.

  • AI Voice Assistant: The company automates customer interaction with natural, human-like voice assistants. 
  • Speech Analytics: The organizations can derive critical insights to improve sales conversions, customer experience, and agent performance with AI-powered solutions. 
  • Speech Recognition: The AI software can also be used to transcribe the multilingual voice data accurately and in real-time. Additionally, it also provides noise-robust speech recognition with speaker segmentation. 
  • Speech Synthesis: The software helps in synthesizing the text data into a natural voice timbre and develops a voice for the brand. 

This software follows a voice-first approach to connect the customers and increase sales in various industries and sectors. Banking and Finance, E-Commerce, Travel and Hospitality, BPOs, telecommunications, and retail are some industries where Kwantics has been playing a leadership role.This is a top emerging deeptech startup in India.


Qubit Ai

Qubit AI

Industry Type : AI Deeptech Startup

Founder : Kali Gadiraju

Start Year : 2020

Head Office :3rd Floor, Soft Sol Building, Infocity, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

Contacts[email protected],    +919542821940

Official Website : https://qubitai.tech/

Qubit technology is new age technology provides Artificial Intelligence based solutions
Qubit technology


Qubit Technologies is a forward-thinking technology Startup dedicated to providing high-performance Artificial Intelligence-based solutions to all. They are committed to transforming the technological landscape through advanced innovative methods and ongoing research.  :

They offer effective AI solutions that can be used to optimise business operations to business owners.

  • ML Operations [Development & Deployment]
  • Internet of Things [IoT]
  • Innovative AI platforms with easy Plug & Play

Qubit AI is one of the new names in the industry. It is an innovative emerging deeptech startup. It focuses on giving businesses high-quality AI solutions.



Mirrag Ai

Industry Type : B2B SaaS deeptech startup

Founders : Amrita Sinha , Udit Jain , Pooja Asrani

Head Office : 3rd floor, The Boardroom Co Working space, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Contacts : [email protected], +91 96809 13353

Official Website : https://www.mirrag.ai/

Mirrag ai
Mirrag ai

Mirrag AI has developed an AI-powered EHS and Quality Management Platform that allows organisations to seamlessly manage workplace safety and quality compliances.

This is the brainchild of entrepreneurs from IITs and BIT with over 40 years of experience in AI and software development, who joined forces with EHS and Quality Control experts from top multinational corporations with the goal of making companies safer and more efficient in terms of quality control.

How It Works :

Mirrag’s detection system can identify various violations related to safety and health risks using the CCTV camera feed. It generates notifications and alerts concerned authorities so that appropriate action can be taken.

The admin panel allows users to register their email/mobile number to receive notifications. Users can also choose the frequency of notifications; for example, a site supervisor can enrol to be notified every hour, whereas the admin head can choose to receive an email at the end of the day to receive violation notifications.


Desintox Technology Deeptech

Desintox Technologies

Industry Type : HealthTech Startup

Founder : Don Paul, Sooraj Chandran

Start Year : 2017

Head Office : 14, Haddows 1st St, Thousand Lights West, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006

Contacts : [email protected], +91 7994 088 891

Official Website : https://desintoxtech.com/

Desintox Technologies specialize in patient transfer devices and advanced wheelchairs with electric mobility and standing/reclining feature
Desintox Technologies
desintox devices
Desintox devices

Desintox Technologies specialize in patient transfer devices and advanced wheelchairs with electric mobility and standing/reclining feature. They have four products called EasyMover, Hoist, Smartmotive and an Electric Wheelchair.

The ‘Hoist’ device transfers the patient from bed, chairs, and toilets; it has a leg spreader feature and high quality imported motors controlled by a display and safety switch and with a joystick switch with speed options.


“We presented the device to a child in Thrissur as a gift. I will never forget the tears in the mother’s eyes when she first saw her child stand with our device “says Don Paul.



Industry Type : Augmented AI Startup

Founders : Jesu Valiant, H Paul Naveen

Start Year : 2018

Head Office : 14, Haddows 1st St, Thousand Lights West, Chennai, TN 600006

Contact : [email protected]

Official Websitehttps://stratforge.com/

The Stratforge Cloud team is a DeepTech solution start-up. Stratforge develops cloud-based solutions for enterprise users that are designed to scale, connect, secure, extend, and empower them.
Stratforge RedFlare, Stratforge Pulse and Stratforge FastPath are among the company’s products-
StratForge Pulse :  Customer Sentiment Analysis, Speech Analytics, Customer & agent behavior, Next Action (process automations).
Stratforge RedFlare : AI powered Process & Quality Audit for Customer Engagement channels, compliance & risks management.
Stratforge FastPath : Guided Support, Knowledge assist AI & Fast path resolution map driving Customer experience.

It works with fortune 100 companies to solving some of the most challenging enterprise use cases. Stratforge is a computer software company which develops life-impacting, and world-changing products.

“There is no spend for you to research, you just sign in and start working, you plug in, and we make it happen. All our solutions are swift, complete and connected,” Said Jesu Valiant – Founder of Stratforge.


Aigroedge agritech startup

Aigroedge Technologies 

Industry Type : AgriTech Startup

Founders : Dharmin Vora, Dhruvesh Mehta, and Parth Vora,

Start Year : 2019

Head Office : Suite-04, 3rd Floor, Library Building, University of Delhi, South Campus, Delhi 110021

Contacts : [email protected] , +91 8929090206

Official Website : https://www.aigroedge.com/

Aigroedge agritech startup

Aigroedge Technologies is a deep tech venture founded by various researchers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs focusing on building cutting-edge IoT sensory and AI-powered digital solutions for the agricultural sector. The company focuses on improving the physical quality assessment, disease detection, and prediction of parameters affecting plant growth. 

This Delhi based Deep Tech startup has proprietary hardware called ‘Krashaak,’ which is an IoT sensory system powered by a SaaS Software called ‘AgriVital.’ The goal is to enhance the yield and profit margin to the end-user with the personalized recommendations.

Advantages of using Aigroedge Technologies 

It helps the farmers pave their way toward profits and revenue. The company is helping farmers enhance their product lines and expanding its Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence to leverage the soil data and plant growth data to combine into personalized analytics related to the genetic breeding trials and research. 

These initiatives have expanded the clientele to Fortune 500 companies and governments. Thus, the company focuses on revamping the agriculture sector by uplifting plant health.



datacrux Deeptech startup

DataCrux Insights

Industry Type : Analytics & BI DeepTech Startup

Founders : Manisha V Jadhav

Start Year : 2019

Head Office : HR43+XGC, Savitribai Phule Pune University Campus, University Road, Ganeshkhind, Pune, MH 411007

Contacts : [email protected]

Official Website : https://datacruxinsights.com/

Datacrux Insight Deeptech startup

DataCrux Insights adds value to a business, which can help it make money and grow. Getting insights from data that can be used can be an unstructured process. It provides corporate training with features such as comprehensive training programmes, industry experts, customised curriculum, proven learning results, vendor agnostic, guaranteed value, and so on.

this startup provides a wide range of Data Science Consulting services. It derives insights from raw data and shows them. Data Crux is a platform where one can find data science articles to help improve skills to move forward in the  career.


Industry Type : Renewable Energy Startup

Founders : Himmat Singh, Narendra Singh Rajpurohit

Start Year : 2018

Head Office : Adarsh Gold Ind. Estate, near CISF Camp, Odhav, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380038

Contacts : [email protected] , 088668 81876

Official Website : https://www.photomtechnologies.com/

Photom Deeptech Startup


The vision of Photom startup  is to provide access to carbon free energy for everyone. Their efforts are towards bringing the sustainability in power sector.They are contuniously developing innovative products and solutions for the renewable energy plants.

Photom robots provide a completely dry system for cleaning solar panels without the use of chemicals or water, allowing you to save money.

They offer autonomous, efficient, and effective operation and maintenance solutions for solar PV plants in order to maximise their operational efficiency. They are incubated at International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology (iCreate) and supported by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India and Gujarat.”


Technivorus is a deep-tech firm delivering customized Cybersecurity, Multilingual Contact Centre Services


Industry Type : IT & Cybersecurity Startup

Founders : Akshay Aggarwal, Syed Shahroz Ali,, Taushif Ahmed, Sunny Nehra

Start Year : 2020

Head Office : 445, AIHP Horizon, Udyog Vihar Phase V, Gurugram, Haryana 122022

Contacts : [email protected], +91 9097111118

Official Website : https://www.technivorus.com/

Technivorus is a deep-tech firm delivering customized Cybersecurity, Multilingual Contact Centre Services

Even though artificial intelligence, deep tech, and machine learning have paved their way into everyday life, organizations still need marketing, cybersecurity, and other IT solutions to market their products and build a competitive advantage. 

Technivorus is providing the same with the help of deep tech. This startup offers businesses tailored Cybersecurity, Multilingual Contact Centre Services, IT Recruitment, and other IT Services. The company provides multiple customized plans for organizations all over the World. The executives become a part of your team to employ the cutting edge technology to turn it into operations reality. 

  • Cyber Security and Risk Services: The organization uses Cloud Computing to provide a cloud-based Cyber Security Operation Centre
  • IT Recruitment and Staffing: With the help of Machine Learning, the corporate connects hiring managers with the top industry talent. 
  • Application of AI/ML and its development: The startup provides intelligent solutions and services assisting businesses to gain an edge in their industries
  • Cloud Solutions: The organizations help the businesses in their digital transformation by employing essential to advanced deep tech, AI/ML areas. 



peAR Deeptech Startup

Pear Technologies

Industry Type : Augmented Reality Startup

Founders : Dharmin Vora, Dhruvesh Mehta, and Parth Vora,

Start Year : 2019

Head Office : SPTBI Incubator- Room No 2, SPIT 8th Floor, Inside Bhavans College, JP Rd, Near Azad Nagar Metro station, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058

Contacts : [email protected]

Official Website : https://www.peartech.in/

pear technologies creates Augmented Reality menus for Restaurants
peAR Technologies

peAR was founded in 2019 by college students Dharmin Vora, Dhruvesh Mehta, and Parth Vora to build augmented reality (AR)-based digital assets for businesses across industries.

It enables you to view the menu in 3D Augmented Reality before to placing an order. Explore restaurant menus to determine where you wish to dine, then when you arrive at the restaurant, scan their logo to display their 3D Augmented Reality menu. This is the Menu of the following generation.

They are an Augmented Reality based In-Restaurant ordering app. peAR is not for online ordering, They use the most sophisticated processes to make accurate high definition & scrumptious 3D food models.


“This was our list of some of emerging deep tech startups in India. If you know any other deep tech startup which we should feature or planning to get funding , You can list that startup on SanchiConnect as well.


Conclusion :

Deep technology is now more of a necessity than an option. India is unquestionably the next deep-tech hotspot., as sectors such as healthcare, education, industry, manufacturing, and others have increasingly adopted its use in their operations.

As of 2021, there are over 70 unicorn startups. These companies are worth approximately $168 billion, and India now has the world’s third-largest unicorn ecosystem, trailing only the United States and China.

Funding Status of Deep tech Startups :

Startups involved in DeepTech like- Fintech, Agritech, SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, and Drones are expected to continue to attract the majority of investments, with many more such anticipated startups to join the unicorn club by the end of 2022.

Early-stage investment or seed funding in deep tech startups has now reached billions of dollars, with potentially trillion-dollar returns.

Statics :

The Indian startup ecosystem recorded 1,633 funding deals in FY 2022, which was 16% more than the 1,406 deals seen in FY 2021. The top five sector include :

1. Fintech and financial services

2. Edtech and education services

3. E-Commerce

4. D2C – direct-to-consumer

5. Logistic & Supply Chain

“BUT” the sectors which are worth keeping an eye on include Deep tech which saw 49 deals, blockchain – 9 deals, hyperlocal- 5 deals and artificial intelligence (AI) with 4 deals.



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