Top Deep Tech Startups in India

Top Deep Tech Startups in India

Deep tech startups are impacting a variety of industries, and major deep-tech companies are fostering the emergence of a new breed of businesspeople. In addition to the ecosystem’s organic expansion, businesses and organizations are now actively courting deep-tech startups as they seek to develop specialized technological skills and broaden their product offerings as they embark on the digital transformation process. 


There is a high demand for startups specializing in disruptive technology that can address difficult global challenges, as seen by these multiple deep-tech businesses in India that are being purchased by larger corporations in order to obtain access to specialist technologies and quality people.


Artificial intelligence or machine learning, as well as other creative uses of new or already-existing developing technologies, such as blockchain, computer imagery, quantum computing, cloud-native technologies, cybersecurity mesh, customer data platforms, etc. The future is extremely fruitful thanks to these cutting-edge startups, which can help India’s flourishing and resilient startup ecosystem become global leaders in the deep tech sector.

And here are few innovative deep-tech startups:

Top Deep Tech Startups in India


1. Updapt CSR

Founder – Mithun Suvarna

Updapt is an ESG tech business that provides solutions for enterprises, multiple locations, and portfolios to digitally manage data lifecycles and compute carbon footprints. 

Data lifecycle management (DLM) is a method of managing data across its entire lifespan, from data creation through data deletion. Updapt divides the data into phases depending on several criteria and progresses through these stages when it completes various tasks or fulfills specific standards.

The entire amount of greenhouse gasses (including carbon dioxide and methane) produced by our actions is referred to as our carbon footprint. We can start making a large difference by making little adjustments to our activities, such as eating less meat, taking fewer connecting flights, and line-drying our clothing.

The environmental impact of data is becoming a major source of worry all around the world. Optimising hardware and utilizing solar or other renewable energy sources to generate electricity can assist to reduce the carbon footprint to some extent.

Green software, on the other hand, may be extremely beneficial because the program’s algorithm assures optimal energy efficiency. This is essential because the amount of power utilized in data is directly proportional to how well software programs handle hardware.

Organizations operate in a complex ecological system, and ESG criteria are a proxy for the quality and effect of their interactions with many stakeholders. In this sense, updapt can help businesses in developing innovative solutions for solving today’s ESG concerns.

Startup Name Updapt Csr Private Limited
Legal Name  Updapt Csr Private Limited
Industry Type Saas , Software
Founders Mithun Suvarna and Raghavendra Rao
Start Year 2019
No. of Employees 11 – 50 Employees 
Head Office  Bangalore, India
Official Website 


Emerging Deep Tech Startups in India!

2.Beagle Security  Prathap Chandran

A SaaS-based automation penetration testing system called Beagle Security enables you to find vulnerabilities in your web applications, APIs, and GraphQL endpoints before attackers do.

In order to determine how deeply your online application can be compromised, Beagle Security evaluates it using a number of penetrating testing techniques. A thorough report outlining the exposed vulnerabilities and practical solutions is offered.

By adopting a DevSecOps mindset, you may lower the cost and complexity associated with maintaining web application security thanks to native integrations connecting all significant DevOps pipeline technologies.

3.Fourcore :- Aarush Ahuja

Breach and Attack Simulation with FourCore ATTACK

Don’t rely on out-of-date evaluations from three months ago!

Get a bird’s eye view of the threats that your company is now facing.

The SaaS platform from FourCore is called FourCore ATTACK.

Controls can be evaluated across the assault surface using FourCore ATTACK. You are able to simulate on endpoints that are EDR and EPP protected. Analyze the SIEM rules’ effectiveness. Check to see if your firewalls are capable of spotting and blocking malicious payloads on the network.

4.Vigilant Technologies :-

Srini Pillarisetty

From enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, and human capital management, Vigilant offers a full cloud suite of Oracle SaaS & On-Prem apps to bring uniform processes and a single source of information across the business operations. We assist businesses in enhancing customer interactions, boosting business agility, and responding to change more quickly than previously. One of the biggest Oracle cloud SaaS practises in North America is at Vigilant.

Top Deep Tech Startups in India

5.The Engergy  Company

Ahmed Owiess

A deep-tech startup wants to encourage people to utilise electric vehicles by offering batteries that are quicker, less expensive, and more dependable. Our battery-enabled SAAS platform makes sure that batteries are under superior control and that they are prepared for deployment in aftermarket applications.


Giriraj AR, Sumanth Cheedella 

Drapezy is a draping software as a service (SaaS) company. They are developing technologies that will enable you to create digital photographs of your fashion products that are realistic and suitable for eCommerce. their programme digitally overlays flat photos of fashion-model poses with your simple product shots. In order to sell on any online sales channel, these final photographs can be largely used in the catalogue or listing procedure.

Your own website, online markets like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Voonik, Paytm, Etsy, social reselling platforms like Meesho, Glowroad, or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are all examples of online sales channels.

With the use of a mobile app, Drapezy is attempting to use artificial intelligence (AI) in the development of our draping technology platform and the provision of digital draping as a service to our clients

They currently support a number of saree styles as well as unstitched clothing items like kurtis, salwars, and chudidhars.

Drapezy will be a game-changing solution if you are a seller who already sells or plans to sell sarees or salwars online. It attempts to eliminate every complication you experience when setting up your eCommerce photographs during a typical photoshoot employing fashion models.

Deep Tech Startups for:- AgriTech

1. Farmneed

Angshujyoti Das


Startup Name Farmneed
Legal Name  Farmneed Agribusiness Private Limited
Industry Type Agriculture , Hunting And Related Service Activities
Founders Angshujyoti Das and Ritesh Singh.
Start Year 2020
No. of Employees 11-50 employees
Head Office  Kolkata
Official Website


Farmneed is an agribusiness that creates contextual technology to minimize climate risks in order to maximize agricultural productivity, hence expanding farmers’ reach within the agri-ecosystem. Farmneed was founded with appropriate expertise, insight, and enthusiasm with the primary goal of focusing on agriculture.

Crop output will be endangered as climatic unpredictability increases, jeopardizing the sustainability of agriculture-based livelihoods. Much work has been expended in determining differential vulnerability – or who is at risk. 

Changing weather patterns threaten agricultural productivity and enhance the vulnerability of the majority of the world’s poor, who rely on agriculture for a living. The timing and interplay of stressors at various crop growth stages may result in increased losses and food insecurity in the future.

In this modern data-driven agronomy business, one of the most essential things farmers can do for their fields is to set up effective weather conditions monitoring, which helps them handle frequent difficulties and better optimize their labor, water use, and crop health. 

Weather monitoring systems are extremely beneficial in agriculture. As it turns out, weather forecasting software combined with the correct data can assist you in predicting and mitigating the effects of severe weather.

Every problem has a solution, thanks to Farmneed, Farmneed stores and analyses innumerable data sets to be prepared for weather changes, react to them quickly, and boost climate change management programs using weather gathering data and AI weather prediction. 

2. Brainwired

Founder : Sreesankar S Nair,  Romeo P Jerard


Brainwired is an Indian agritech business that has created WeSTOCK, a livestock health monitoring and tracking system that employs an IoT ear tag and a proprietary ML algorithm.

Agricultural automation and modern technology approaches enhance farm output significantly. The cattle health monitoring system is the current study focused on agricultural automation. 

Coming from an agricultural background, both co-founders sought to create a solution to assist their grandparents with their dairy farm. What began as a project became a business as they understood the necessity of modern-day agricultural methods in the cattle industry. 

WeSTOCK monitors the daily activities of specific animals and warns farmers in the event of an emergency. The entire system is very adjustable, allowing farmers to select from a variety of features while still assuring quality. In-house technology is being developed to help farmers and cattle in the nation.

Mobile, wireless sensor networks have the potential to revolutionize monitoring in a variety of sectors. The infrastructure, hardware, software, and representative physiological equipment are all part of the proposed monitoring system.

The health and well-being of animals are crucial. Unfortunately, monitoring animal conditions on a daily basis is challenging, especially on big farms where personnel do not have enough time to examine animals and discover early signs of sickness. 

The IoT devices technology has already been demonstrated to have potential applications in cattle ranching. The Internet of Things allows for the monitoring of udder health, estrus events, foot and leg health, and metabolic health.

Deep Tech Startups in India

3. E faarms solution Pvt LTD

Alok Duggal, Aditya Khanna, Taranbir Singh       ’s mission is to exceed the expectations of its customers in the global agriculture and food industries by providing them with comprehensive, value-added information-driven services and solutions. Ltd. is a top supplier of cutting-edge informational goods and services for the international food and agriculture industries. Their globally renowned agriculture information site, which more than 25,000 agribusiness professionals, livestock and crop producers use every day, has business services and resources, can be used to access

The family includes PigCHAMP, Inc., the top swine industry software and knowledge management company,, the top human resources website for the agriculture and food industry, and Risk Management, a crop and livestock marketing advisory service to producers across North America that helps them to effectively address their price risk management. Additionally, it consists of Professional Services, a full-service interactive technology company with a focus on the ag, food, and nat resource industries.

4. Segritech

Hetendra Rathore 

With faster processing of fresh produce for longer shelf life, better pricing, decreased waste, and other benefits, SegriTech is an AI-based grading/sorting solution for fruits and vegetables that will increase efficiency in the agriculture supply chain.

For farmers, FPOs, and traders, they have created autonomous fruit grading systems. Users must take images of fruits, which are then further analysed using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and sent on mobile devices. Through the call, farmers can buy or rent machines.

Deep Tech Startups For Smart Manufacturing in India

1. SenseGiz

Founder – Abhishek Latthe

SenseGiz assists companies in manufacturing, improving, and distributing their products by utilizing their IoT products for sensor-based condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, perimeter security, real-time asset/people safety tracking, and in-plant fleet management applications through the use of proprietary mesh connected hardware, cloud, analytics, and apps.

These smart companies are equipped with modern sensors, embedded software, and robots that gather and analyze data to help them make better decisions. When data from manufacturing operations are coupled with operational data from ERP, supply chain, customer service, and other business systems, whole new levels of visibility and insight from previously segregated information are formed.

Technology solutions such as SenseGiz enable enhanced automation, predictive maintenance, self-optimization of process improvements, and, most importantly, a hitherto unattainable degree of efficiency and customer responsiveness. They represent a tremendous possibility for the manufacturing industry to grow throughout the fourth industrial revolution. 

Analyzes vast volumes of big data received from factory floor sensors offers real-time awareness of production assets and gives tools for doing predictive maintenance to minimize equipment downtime.

Using high-tech IoT devices in smart manufacturing increases productivity and quality. Using AI-powered visual insights to replace manual inspection business models decreases production mistakes and saves money and time. 

Quality control staff may set up a smartphone connected to the cloud with minimum expense to monitor production operations from nearly anywhere. Manufacturers may spot mistakes sooner rather than later, when repair work is more expensive, by using machine learning algorithms.

Deep Tech Startups For EdTech in India

1. Edugorilla

Founder : Rohit Manglik

EduGorilla Community is a multi-disciplinary education firm based in Lucknow. EduGorilla, founded in December 2016 by Mr Rohit Manglik, an alumnus of NIT Surathkal and the youngest Educationist Speaker at the 11th World Education Summit in Dubai, is a pioneer in the online education industry. 

It offers a wide range of educational services, including test series for a variety of competitive examinations, an extensive database of the finest schools and coaching institutions, career advice, white-label solutions, and so on.

Mock exams and online test series are among the high points of EduGorilla’s broad learning offerings.

 EduGorilla has established a solid database of 1250+ examinations, 2 crores+ users, 39890+ tests, and counting, serving as an example in digital learning. EduGorilla’s extraordinary efforts in online learning have radically revolutionized India’s educational scene. 

More than 100 prominent media outlets in the country have covered EduGorilla on occasion. Some of these are the Times of India, India Today, and the Deccan Chronicle, among others. Every day, EduGorilla has an impact on the educational life of around 25,000 kids. Every month, around 1 million people are visiting the portal.

It is a group of distinguished specialists that are dedicated to making studying more fascinating and pleasurable. EduGorilla is one of India’s fastest-growing educational companies, and it is evident how it is drawing investors to contribute to its capital.

Their team of famous academics and professionals ensures that the questions in their mock exams are extensively studied and feature the most exam-relevant questions to increase their relevance for students.

2. Smartail pvt ltd

Aslam Sherieff J, Swaminathan Ganesan

This EdTech firm called Smartail is dedicated to introducing AI-powered goods and solutions to a sector of business that has been around for more than 5000 years. They chose exam paper correction, one of the most repeated and time-consuming activities by tutors, as the first pain point to fix after over six months of market and domain analysis.

As a result, they are developing Deepgrade, their first flagship product and a SAAS platform for AI-powered answer paper correction. They are of the opinion that artificial intelligence can significantly advance this solution. The important thing is that they desire to alleviate the anguish of both their gurus and students since doing so will just empower and enable one teacher you impact thousands of students.

Deep Tech Startups For Sustainability & Environment in India

1. Sapio Analytica Pvt. Ltd

Founder – Prashant Nikam

Sapio Analytica is developing data lakes that are both long-lasting and low-cost due to their capacity to grow and exploit object storage. In addition, intelligence gained from untapped and inaccessible data is utilized to maintain a constant dynamic pulse on residents, mapping them throughout their lifetime and leading them toward livelihood betterment, while solving challenges encountered by corporations and governments.

A data lake is a centralized repository that can hold all of your structured and unstructured data at any scale. You may keep your data as-is, without first structuring it, and run several sorts of analytics to guide smarter decisions, such as dashboards and visualizations, big data processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning.

With low latency, data lakes enable you to turn raw data into structured data that is ready for SQL analytics, data science, and machine learning. Raw data may be stored indefinitely and cheaply for future use in machine learning and analytics. It addresses data silo issues (such as data duplication, numerous security regulations, and collaboration challenges) by giving downstream users a single location to search for all data sources.

Sapio Analytica offers data lakes that are extremely adaptable, allowing users with a wide range of expertise, tools, and languages to conduct several analytics jobs at the same time. They use this data to improve and develop a variety of areas, including skill mapping, healthcare, socioeconomic indexes, and a better understanding of consumer behavior. 

They examines these areas and, using an in-built Analytical layer, develops goods and solutions that have a social influence on critical parts of society and provide them with successful decision-making. This creates an eternal cycle when we return it to the sources and the data processing improves.

Deep Tech Startups For Sustainability & Environment

2. Greenturn Idea Factory

Dr Jim Joseph John, Manoj Krishnan, Sajil Peethambaran and Vivek Kuthanazhi.

Greeniee – The Smart Plug’N’Play & retrofittable Energy Analytics Solution for Businesses. RoI in less than a year !

For every enterprise consumer or commercial establishment, energy expenditures rank among the largest operational expenses. Companies all around the world are realising the importance of managing energy as a whole asset rather than just a cost centre. Any reduction in energy use results in an improvement to a company’s bottom line.

According to numerous studies and empirical research, between 20 and 30 percent of the energy used at a facility is wasted. The inability to see how much energy is being used is a big contributor to this waste. Decision-makers are unable to see whether energy is being used in the most efficient way.

The Greeniee solution from Greenturn Idea Factory (GIF) shows customers where energy is being wasted in real time, 24 hours a day.

Additionally, the solution offers intelligent suggestions and real-time notifications to improve energy use.

The data is available on a web dashboard or mobile app from anywhere in the world, unlike traditional EMS solutions. The solution is plug-and-play and doesn’t call for changing the customer’s premises’ existing electrical infrastructure.

All of the appliances connected to a main distribution board can be monitored by a single piece of hardware, which can also track their usage patterns. Additionally, the system can forecast appliance health and alert users to impending equipment breakdowns, hence minimising key equipment’s downtime.

Deep Tech Startups For Sustainability & Environment in India

3. Clairco

Aayush Jha

Assured Air Quality Solutions for Facility Managers

Clairco offers improved air filtration and real-time information to lower maintenance costs, boost energy efficiency, and enhance occupant satisfaction.

Through performance-driven business models and the use of AI, ML, and IoT technologies, Clairco (a clean air firm) is bringing technological innovation to the ventilation systems of commercial real estate, making it affordable, measurable, and hassle-free.

Air purification has become essential because to the COVID-19 epidemic, and Clairco is enabling this by taking full responsibility for providing clean air at all times with our guaranteed clean air product.

Deep Tech Startups For Human Resource 

1. Zapilio

Arun Raghunathan, Subhas Hegde

The desire to recruit top talent has increased competitiveness and innovation among businesses. As a result, firms spend exorbitant amounts of money onboarding applicants in order to reach their hiring targets. Onboarding the wrong people for the proper tasks, on the other hand, is damaging not just to the organization’s interests but also to the employees and their team members.

Profitability, customer satisfaction, and expansion pressures are prompting firms to reinvent themselves. Your firm may use Zapilio to improve its talent strategy, employ and develop individuals with digital skills, and create a dynamic workforce that can adapt to the future.

Zapilio may change your workforce to be more flexible, responsive, and robust in the face of unpredictability. If you want to future-proof your workforce, you must hire people who have the capacity and mentality to develop, upskill, reskill, and learn new skills as the environment, technology, and requirements evolve. Success in this context is most closely connected with agility, curiosity, and learnability.

The talent acquisition test assesses applicants’ key abilities in locating and hiring individuals. This exam will assist you in identifying applicants who have real expertise in talent acquisition and can assist you in meeting your staffing objectives.

Every firm wants to provide the greatest products, services, and sales, which necessitates fantastic personnel. As a result, choosing acceptable people for a certain function and organization is crucial. Talent evaluations play an important role in assisting businesses in making better recruiting decisions by identifying the most qualified individuals.

Zapilio automates the process, from analyzing new candidates’ talents to following up on current staff. Their assessments, curated by professionals from many industrial fields, serve everybody. 

Zapilio prioritizes adaptability, accepting change, and understanding the need to upskill. Cultivating and recruiting for these behaviours is critical in order to enable the agility required in the future.

Deep Tech Startups For Human Resource in India

2. Cometlabs

Prashant Milan Katiyar


Developer Tools & HR Tech firm COMETLABS IT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. has its headquarters in Hyderabad, India. By evaluating their code quality against industry standards, their platform and technology create a comprehensive 360o Developer Profile, creating a pool of well validated engineers for bulk employment. On our platform, technical colleges, developer communities, and tech companies host CodeArenas and Hackathons to assess product-building abilities.

Deep Tech Starups For AI Tech 


Founder : Mohit Ramani

When it comes to virtual events, there is no room for live gatherings. Everything takes place digitally, with the assistance of various technical instruments. Exposim allows you to hyper-personalize your event while also providing several alternatives for engaging your audience.

The fast use of AI and machine learning technology has resulted in readily available tools. Data arises as a result of digital exchanges. Furthermore, customers are increasingly prepared to exchange personal information for tangible benefits such as highly personalized experiences.

Recent events have raised the demand for virtual access to industry knowledge, interactive sessions given by industry professionals, and peer networking. Although several nations have begun to ease their own restrictions, many people remain subject to lockdowns and travel bans.

Those who are unable to attend actual events might reap the benefits of a physical event electronically.

This new type of personalisation is part of the digital era’s “hyper-relevance.” It is about understanding your audience’s specific habits and making interactions more relevant to them by utilizing data, AI machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Since the audience’s aim is worldwide, the reach potential of virtual events is exponentially larger than that of in-person events. ExpoSim has mastered both in-store and online customer experience tactics. With the advent of artificial intelligence, companies are attempting to give improved consumer pleasure by combining physical and online data.

Privacy, data collecting, using AI machine learning, and developing effective hyper-personalization methods all need careful preparation. Exposim carefully manages data and brainstorms concepts that will appeal to your target audience.


Founder : Govind Kumar is a deep-tech firm with a global team of AI technology enthusiasts. They are dreamers who are motivated by needs and a design-driven approach.

Artificial intelligence (AI) advancements have radically transformed the dynamics of video making. It has had an influence on the video creation business since consumers can now quickly create and edit videos using AI. You might be astonished to find that artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the most essential technologies and in-demand tools for creating films. This is because AI can respond, detect, adapt, and act in ways that humans cannot. has always been about more than simply cutting-edge AI technology. A solution is a tool that can and does help people live better lives. Time, product quality, individuality, and integrity are all important to Above all, cherish the consumers. They are continually developing our solutions and are glad to assist. is not only capable of producing high-fidelity videos, but it also possesses a high level of controllability and world knowledge, including the ability to produce different videos and text animations in a variety of creative styles and with 3D object awareness.

An AI video is often quicker and faster to generate, and the creator needs no specialized skills. Furthermore, an AI video typically includes an AI avatar, which helps you to capitalize on the benefits of having a human in your video—after all, people are more inclined to remain and listen if they can relate to the person giving information. With AI avatars easily available on, there is no need to hunt for performers or go through the time-consuming filming procedure.

Deep Tech Startups For Human Resource 

3. Plutomen

Keyur Bhalavat, Ravi Patel, Hiren Kanani

Plutomen is developing a strong augmented reality platform for organizations with the goal of merging the physical and digital worlds. They are a SaaS platform based on Augmented Reality that delivers AR solutions to industrial organizations for frontline digitization. They frontline personnel by providing self-help tools and computerized procedures, as well as connecting them with specialists for remote cooperation.

Augmented reality (AR) has lately received a lot of interest in both the corporate and consumer markets. Augmented reality in industrial production is actually about two separate worlds convergent or mixing in a way that increases the efficacy and efficiency of plant operators.

Augmented reality is a fantastic technique to decrease the barrier to technology adoption. People will be able to make decisions thanks to Industry 4.0. AR is more intuitive than text and paper-based solutions and can help individuals learn and optimize more effectively.

Trends in digitalization have generated a new opportunity for businesses to improve decision-making across their value chains. Plutomen assists industrial enterprises with experience and knowledge in investing in their pilot initiatives, leveraging the capabilities of AR technologies. Furthermore, the platform assists industrial users in increasing productivity, enabling faster resolution, lowering operating costs, and increasing revenue growth while encouraging sustainability and worker safety.

The future of business and employment will be dependent on augmented reality. Plutomen help enterprises in realizing the transformational potential of their technology. They tackle the challenge by proactively creating a coherent and agile innovation environment in order to bring their finest to the forefront.

4. Devnagri AI

Nakul Kundra and Himanshu Sharma


Devnagri is a platform for human translation powered by AI.

90% of people in India are unskilled to understand  English. Devnagri set out to close this gap so that those who don’t speak English may easily access the internet in their own languages. To enable them to participate in the online ecosystem, they wish to provide the same access to information and education in their own languages.


Devnagri was created to translate the data that is available online using both technology and people. They make it easier for businesses and the government to communicate with actual citizens who cannot access the internet due to a language barrier. They want users who do not speak English to be able to access the internet and study in their own language as well.


Devnagri has created a platform for human translation powered by AI that can handle several files from various domains. Using the power of the internet, machine and human translation work together to offer information that can assist young people all around the world in learning new things and pursuing careers.


The Devnagri API makes translation labour more efficient. Instead of using outdated techniques, it boosts production while allowing your staff to focus on what they do best.




Sarvesh Devi


Enabling AI for more intelligent, quick, and effective edge devices

EDGENeural is a software-defined platform that combines the end-to-end process for any AI engineer for any AI application to design, train, optimise, and deploy across many hardware platforms. It is modular, unified, and hardware-independent.


Their platform is Low-Code.

The development of Edge AI applications just needs a minimal set of inputs and does not require advanced coding skills. Employing expensive Edge AI engineers or experts can be costly for businesses.


Model optimization for AI

Improve model performance without accuracy compromises to enable simple deployment on real hardware with the accuracy level bar set to -1. In the event that accuracy declines, ENAP keeps the model.


Open Platform

By being extendable for any application, ENAP enables you to easily interface with any third-party services without worrying about the tools and platforms you are utilising.

Simple to Use

With only one click, edge AI modules may be trained, optimised, and deployed. Reduce the pipeline for training, modifying, and deploying data sets from months to days or even hours.


A neutral cloud

Since ENAP is cloud-neutral, it can easily migrate from Azure to AWS or vice versa and integrate with data sets for any cloud platform or technology.


So why wait? Accelerate Ai adoption on the edge with EdgeNeural


6.Quantian Technologies

Chetan Uday Almelkar, Kaushal Gopal Mahajan 


Future is Ai. Your vision, Our Technology

It’s straightforward; working with them is fantastic. Regardless matter where you are in the world, their committed client executives with expertise working across borders will make sure that they stay in contact with you during the entire project and beyond. Their skilled engineers will create a product of the highest calibre, and their alluring business models will enable them to do it for a fraction of local expenses.


Their offerings include Ptick [Facial recognition attendance], Everys for restaurants and hotels, and AI-driven diner experiences.Various sectors can benefit from a platform for AI computer vision that will revolutionise customer service and analytics. Their platform includes advanced pre-trained and bespoke models including object counting, face recognition, people detection, and demographic identification.


7.Onward assist

Dinesh Koka


Early cancer detection is crucial, and the practitioner must examine a vast amount of complex data, including pathology slides. Additionally, there is a global shortage of skilled pathologists. In India, for instance, there are only about 500 cancer pathologists, whereas more than 2 million cancer cases are reported annually; this discrepancy causes delayed diagnosis and unfavourable clinical results.


By streamlining the procedure for an accurate and prompt diagnosis, Onward Assist seeks to enhance cancer outcomes. To speed up the slide reporting process, the full-stack pathology AI solution combines advanced analytics with a user-friendly telepathology platform. It also makes use of cutting-edge tools that enable several features and automate numerous repetitive activities.


8.Constems Ai

Amit Singh


Constems-AI is a business founded by the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, and is based in Noida. The manufacturing and retail sectors are the only ones for which Constems-AI has developed high-performance AI-based machine vision & vision-based inspection systems.


Delivering 360-degree integrated solutions based on advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, they work together (ML). Their team has more than three decades of experience in the field, and they have patents in streaming, multimedia, home networking, and augmented reality.


9.Openturf technologies

Sriram Jeyabharathi


Solutions that promote genuine and significant growth

They collaborate with clients to co-create growth-promoting solutions that are real and transformative. Their work consistently meets the highest standards for innovation and quality, as shown by the 90%+ of clients who have used them before.

Their goal has been to create products of the highest calibre for the past 20 years. Having shipped high availability telco and banking-grade platforms, they apply that discipline and agility to help all of our customers, regardless of size, get their projects off the ground.


10.Jidoka Technologies Pvt ltd

Sekar Udayamurthy 


Jidoka is at the core of their products, where we blend artificial intelligence with industry automation and machine vision to create cutting-edge solutions. Jidoka is a philosophy that supports “intelligent automation.” They are experts in automating visual fault identification, a technique that is inherently subjective across industries. Discover the most complete solution as you go toward reaching Jidoka.


Human touch combined with automation

To improve the quality and productivity of your manufacturing, we blend artificial intelligence with automation to give cognitive assessment of flaws. Accuracy rates of 98%, alignment with Industry 4.0, and more can be attained by going beyond typical machine vision.




Use ShopEG AI to quickly put your shop online.

Order acceptance, inventory management, and revenue growth.

Trusted and utilised by hundreds of store owners and their clients across Bengaluru!


12.Roots good pvt ltd

Shakil Regmi, Hegde Kodige Dakappa Sachin and Mohan Raj Kumar.


With specialised hardware to maintain farms, grade, negotiate, sell, and transport agricultural commodities from farms to wholesale buyers’ addresses, RootsGoods is an interactive, multidisciplinary online platform.


Bulk Buyers To Farmers

An interactive digital platform that allows for the negotiation, sale, and transportation of commodities from grower to buyer


Objective Quality Evaluation

By utilising deep learning and artificial intelligence, they provide crop quality evaluation.


Buying And Negotiation

Their unbiased, high-quality data assures that the farmer will have an advantage in negotiations.


Accessibility To Market

Based on the performance of the market, they deliver intelligent sales and procurement cycles.


13.Tensor Matics pvtd ltd

Jiwan Kumar Jindal, Kanta Devi and Puneet Jindal Kumar.


only platform for training data with a clever feedback loop

The quickest, easiest, and iterative method to obtain high quality training data for computer vision AI models.


80% of the data that humans are gathering is in the form of photographs and videos. These data can be highly beneficial in solving a variety of difficulties in the actual world.


One such technology that can advance automation and carry out previously unimaginable tasks is computer vision.

They’re developing a platform to aid machine learning (ML) teams throughout the sector in creating computer vision AI to address actual business issues.


They have developed a training data platform that functions as a single platform to generate training data, control the quality, and iteratively develop high-performing models.


14.Ripik Technologies pvt ltd

Pinak Dattaray


Building an AI platform will increase manufacturing’s competitiveness, according to Ripik Technologies.Utilize artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to extract value from data. Through a DIY AI-ML platform that allows users to conduct analytics and receive recommendations, they will empower shop floor managers and plant teams to make better decisions. Several prestigious Indian companies are currently using their Beta product. 


15. Tusker AI

Harshal Trivedi


A NO-code AI Vision platform called About Tusker will be able to assist the entire business community by automating their computer vision projects, allowing them to be completed in a matter of hours rather than weeks and requiring no prior knowledge of AI.


Instead of taking months to produce a production-ready product, TUSKER AI automates the entire model-making process, from ideation to execution. The end-to-end “Image-Video” Analytics pipeline is fully automated by TUSKER AI in three easy steps for a fraction of the cost. With only one click using our developer’s toolkit, TUSKER AI applies sophisticated deep learning algorithms with AI-OPS integrated to unleash and automate your company journey while encouraging Vision for All. TUSKER AI provides the most optimised architecture for industry practices having edge-cloud compatibility.


16. Machenn Inovations pvt ltd

 Niveditha Ramalingam and Vishnu.


They assist industries with extended reality and additive manufacturing at Machenn, a startup in digital manufacturing. In order to link engineering education with cutting-edge methods and provide a featured foundation, they are creating an imaginative ecosystem. They provide interactive and immersive content using cutting-edge technologies like AR, VR, MR, and AM. Through two separate platforms, namely XR-Tech Labs and Machenn’s Additive Manufacturing Hubs, their services are introduced into the market. They can assist you with industrial projects, product fabrication, and the design of medical devices.


17. Daveai

Sriram P H (Co-Founder & CEO), Ananthakrishnan Gopal (Co-Founder), Ashok Balasundaram (Co-Founder)


Few people have a thorough understanding of artificial intelligence, making it a specialised field. Their goal is to provide a platform that developers, businesses, and individuals who may not be experts in artificial intelligence (AI) may utilise to generate intelligent solutions to their problems for the betterment of society as a whole. They wish to dispel the negative perception of AI’s difficulty and complexity.


Intelligent, Scalable, Secure

DaveAI offers an unrivalled consumer product discovery experience with a virtual sales avatar across many industries thanks to the power of speech, data, and intelligence. They provide real-time, customised product recommendations across all touchpoints that are tailored to the tastes and interests of each customer. You can take advantage of advanced client insights through their real-time analytics dashboard to raise the following.


18. Formcept

Anuj Kumar


The centre of innovation is FORMCEPT. They are a global platform for unified data analysis created in India.


With a single perspective of the vast amounts of internal and external data, our platforms and flagship solutions, MECBOT and INTELLIDEVICE, enable you to make decisions right when they are needed. Break free from silos and use your data however you like. You have the string to pull!


Formecept was created as a rival to the conventional idea of data analytics. Data analyses do not produce intelligence. In truth, unbiased viewpoints that are truly united, mobile data blending with contextual awareness, and underlying algorithms form the foundation of intelligent analytics. They work at the intersection of business requirements and data analytics, deep learning, AI, predictive analytics, and IoT. They have already encountered the FinTech, Sports, Energy & Power, Healthcare, Insurance, and Education industries.


They are led by resilience, and innovation keeps them going.


Both of these requirements are ingrained in outheir DNA as well as the ideation and creation of their products.



1.Space Philic Pvt. Ltd

Indra Narayan Chaudhary


Space Philic Private Limited is a next-generation space-technology company primarily focused on the design, manufacture, and launch of Reusable Launch Vehicles. 


Their staff consists of highly competent, energetic, and experienced change-makers with a passion for space technology. They want to make space technology more accessible while simultaneously making it more sustainable by focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals in the space-tech sector.


The beneficial uses of outer space, such as strengthening communications infrastructures, disaster management, education, agriculture, environmental protection, and natural resource management, have enormous relevance for human development, particularly in developing countries. The widespread adoption of positive applications would contribute to the objective of keeping outer space peaceful.


The utilization of space must benefit all of humanity, particularly underdeveloped countries. The usage of outer space might help to build communications infrastructure for early warning systems and reduce the consequences of natural catastrophes. Efforts must be expanded so that all nations get the benefits of space science and technology, including the transmission of satellite-based data and instructional aid and training in institutional skills.


Sustainability requires transformation, and most companies are learning how to integrate new technologies and measures in order to continue with their social-ecological development and structure. Technology is influencing sustainability and enabling higher levels of production and efficiency.


When it comes to producing and testing launch vehicles, the major aim is technology sustainability. Customers’ demands are met by Space Philic’s cutting-edge launch vehicles, which are intended to function effectively while minimizing risk through the use of green propellant technology. Space Philic is a forward-thinking firm that balances ideals and works ethics with continual technical improvements.



Saurabh Agarwal


Trumac aspires to be the most customer-focused procurement organization on the planet. Steel, cement, and chemicals are just a few examples. They are motivated by the excitement of developing technologies, producing goods, and offering services that affect lives, as well as scoping the future of projects, innovations, programs, infrastructure, and sustainability.


Companies in the process industry require extremely flexible production environments capable of continually adapting to changing conditions through innovative technology and decision-making processes that take advantage of big data in real-time to compete in the contemporary world.


Steelmaking and cement manufacture both produce a lot of pollution. The requirement for constant high-temperature heat in the production of steel, cement, and concrete necessitates massive quantities of energy, much of which is still based on fossil fuels. Furthermore, the chemical processes used to create these materials are a significant source of pollutants.


While industrialization promotes economic and social progress, industrial structures and industries contribute significantly to environmental degradation. Trumac focuses on striking a balance between serving human economic and social demands, including job creation and government income, and protecting the environment. Sustainable industrial development strives to reduce its environmental impact while sustaining economic growth, social improvement, and a high standard of living.


The most obvious thing Trumac focuses on is the lower environmental impact. Many industrial companies are changing toward environmentally friendly development in order to fulfil their ethical responsibilities to create a cleaner and safer environment. Sustainable industrial development focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also conserving water, energy, and natural resources.


3.Uniqgrid Pvt lmtd

Director: Ankit Agarwal and Ankur Kumar Singh


The industry-focused Industrial IoT Platform from Uniqgrid is highly configurable both at the edge and in the cloud, enabling real-time visibility into operations on the production floor as well as the modernization of legacy manufacturing processes and the delivery of customised machine scenarios in a matter of days.


4.Pantherun Technologies Pvt Ltd

Srinivas Shekar


The industrial communication and controls market is a global one, and Pantherun products serve it. They create electronic equipment that can operate in a variety of temperatures and challenging environments. In mission-critical applications like factories, railroads, transportation, and smart city solutions, this is a necessity of the hour.


The specialised product team creates items using a ground-breaking methodology that has never before been seen in the industrial sector.


This high precision product range is designed in India and Taiwan, produced to a high standard in those two countries, and distributed through partners throughout the world.


5.Inoviea Ventures Pvt Ltd

Suchin Jain


Inoviea is a business venture started by former IIT-IIM alumni that offers technical, management, and marketing consultancy and services. A consulting firm with a wide range of services, Inoviea is expanding. With decades of combined experience, the company has retained its prominence as a leader in its niche market. They are currently active in the following industries: IT, Marine, Solar, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Social Enterprise, Policies & Reforms. Since its inception, Inoviea has thrived on turning obstacles into chances through inventive thinking. The business community looks forward to our technical and design services for their vision, management and financial analysis for their transformation, business integration with sales and marketing channels for their expansion, as well as our efforts to overcome policy obstacles.


In exchange for providing their clients with uncompromised services wherever they may be in the world, they take comfort in creating unique employment chances for the talented. They have an insatiable passion for work. They are dedicated to social responsibility in order to improve living conditions.


6.Gordian Technologies pvt ltd

Prajwal Ajay 


Gordian Technologies set out to do more than merely offer security in local transportation. Their goal is to create a safe supply chain that is economical, effective, and available to both businesses and consumers across the nation.


7.Niral Network

Abhijit Chaudhary


By offering 5G infrastructure as a service for last mile connectivity in Enterprise, Defense, Rural, Agriculture, Mining, etc. using an open and disaggregated Network Operating System called NiralOS integrated with COTS hardware, Niral Networks aims to democratise 5G and Edge networking infrastructure. In an effort to lower the danger of vendor lock-in, Niral Networks works with its client. Adopting open standards, open hardware, and open source is the only way to lessen network infrastructure’s reliance on proprietary vendors. NiralOS is an open source operating system that has been carefully selected to enable customers make the transition from being vendor-controlled to vendor-agnostic, enabling quicker innovation, better teamwork, more security, and cheaper costs.


8.Datnass Tech pvt ltd

Paresh Thakar


Clustered Storage and Network Attached Storage (NAS) are products that Datnass designs and produces.


What Does It Do?

Store With Simplicity

You may use your file browser to easily store data to the cloud using AirNASS.


Share Quickly

By utilising AirNASS, you may boost both the productivity of your company and the speed at which they access the information.


Rendering with savings

Without worrying about expensive data egress fees, AirNASS uses object storage to enable cloud scale and cheaper costs.




For the past 20 years, Sankalp has provided clients from all over the world with information technology solutions. Sankalp was established in 2001. Since then, it has developed into a multifaceted IT powerhouse with a focus on the conception and creation of goal-oriented software, e-commerce solutions, and mobile applications for companies across industries. Sankalp was founded as a cutting-edge solutions provider that prioritizes its clients.


Sankalp has established benchmarks in every area, from identifying its requirements to adopting the highest service quality requirements. This unwavering dedication to customer success has enabled Sankalp to carve out a space for itself and earn the respect of its customers.


10.Doorvi Door video calling

Sparsh Agrawal           


With DoorVi, a simple QR code-based video calling solution takes the place of obnoxious, noisy doorbells. It provides intercom-like technology without any additional work or expense.


On their smartphones, customers can use DoorVi to see who is at the door and communicate with them from anywhere in the world.

The people’s needs for home security and safety are met by DoorVi, a unique solution. If a visitor is a stranger, the homeowner can only let them inside after understanding who they are and why they are there. This adds an extra layer of security.


The best feature of this solution is that you may answer calls anonymously from any location.

Warnings & Alerts


You and your family members will get a call notification alert on your smartphone when a visitor scans the QR code on your front door. You will be alerted right away anytime someone knocks on the door as a result.

Upholds Security


Intruders and unauthorised visitors are deterred from entering your home thanks to DoorVi QR Code Technology. Uninvited visitors can be simply turned away from your door once you recognise them there, which is not possible with a doorbell.

11.Sputnik Brain

 Shankar Sri


Building a practical, biomarker-driven, reproducible, and chemical-free system that physiologically triggers stress reduction and mood elevation in order to address the $300 billion problem of stress.


Their goal is to eliminate suffering by providing stress relief and mood elevation in a systematic technique that is scalable and reproducible. They also want to make humanity happy by using cutting-edge, scientifically validated technology.


12.Pradjna Intellisys

Sunil Haridas


A cutting-edge machine learning engine is used by the cloud-based platform PradjnaTM to assess people’s motor skills. Although the engine can handle various motor abilities like welding, industrial painting, machining, etc., driving skills are now given priority.


PradjnaTM is built on a ground-breaking machine learning architecture that mimics the way the human brain perceives and assesses situations in everyday life. However, PradjnaTM clearly outperforms human capabilities by processing enormous amounts of data and offering evaluations that are entirely based on data and completely unbiased.



Karan S.


Playex is a fantasy gaming exchange where fantasy shares of an athlete are bought and sold.



Puneet Badrinath


Nothing is optional with Fabrik; everything is provided as standard. In less than an hour, you can transform your online portfolio website from zero to hero.


Using Perceptive Themes

Change the theme of your website instantly whenever you want without affecting your media or content.


Employ your own domain

For a genuinely professional website, link your Fabrik portfolio to your own custom domain.


Customer Service

Throughout your free trial and time using Fabrik, they are there to answer any questions or provide assistance.


Adaptable Layouts

Make a project, then pick the best presentation to effectively showcase it. Layouts produce fantastic effects when used with your website’s themes.


Media Integration in Real Time

It couldn’t be easier to include audio and video from your favourite services in your portfolio.




They are the first utility-NFT integration platform in India that helps businesses, creative professionals, and service providers take advantage of web3 by combining THEIR APIs with your website and point-of-sale systems. We can assist anyone simply bundle their possession with NFTs using their user-friendly and straightforward technology, preparing you for the future of the metaverse.


16.Accelpro Technologies india pvt ltd

Aditya Malhotra


AccelPro was established in response to the current demand for faster application access without sacrificing network security. SSL VPNs entered the market to easily answer the growing demand for Secure Remote Access, however due to a critical weakness in their strategy and architecture, they introduced unintended performance reduction. This intolerable performance decrease in the already available SSL VPNs put a stop to the technology’s development.



Suraj Bathija ,Pushpak Dagade, Jimmit Patel


AlgoBulls, a Mumbai-based trading platform, offers fully automated algorithmic trading as well as ready-to-use stock market knowledge to regular clients.


18. Robinito


Robonito is an all-inclusive, no-code platform for RPA testing that enables testing with recording and playback. without creating a single line of code, carry out complicated software testing.


Robonito, a component of the Founders Hub for Microsoft for Startups, is a fully no-code platform that enables testing using clicks and drags. without creating a single line of code, carry out complicated software testing.

Additionally, it provides a fascinating method for deploying test infrastructure via Mobile Test Cloud.


Every phase of the API cycle is made simpler with Robonito’s API Platform. Collaboration may be streamlined to produce APIs much more quickly and effectively. Robonito offers thorough API Testing tools that will be useful if you are a backend to frontend to full-stack developer working concurrently with teams to accelerate application development.


Simple Test Automation: In recent years, No-Code/Low-Code Test Automation has emerged as a hot new trend in the automation sector. The low-code procedure is quickly replacing the traditional testing methodology since it may streamline automation projects while minimising the need for any coding.


With Robonito’s Auto-Healing Automation Solution, improve test resilience. Their low-cost, low-code test automation solution makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable tests to automatically adapt to changes in the application. Their self-healing automation solution helps you save time and work while ensuring uninterrupted execution of all functional tests.


Test automatically across all browsers.Write browser-specific tests no longer interests you? With Robonito, you can create cross-browser tests and have them executed automatically on all widely used browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and more.


It takes a lot of time and effort for testers to create unique tests for various data sources. Change to our streamlined data-driven testing process instead of this time-consuming one, which uses a single test script to enforce tests across all test data sets.To provide a remarkable customer experience, simplify your testing process and add efficiency.



Njoku Emmanuel, Prosper Ubi, Abdulfatai Suleiman

Lazerpay is a blockchain-based payment gateway that enables companies to accept crypto currency payments from all over the world while providing them with extravagant premium benefits on their earnings by storing them in permissionless Defi protocols.


Max out crypto’s potentials for your business

Integrate Lazerpay so that clients may pay with cryptocurrencies on your platform without ever leaving.



Himanshu Narula


The only automation and custom firm in India, EmpFly provides SaaS-based multi-source and multi-business solutions as well as IoT control devices. Corporate & Enterprises may handle enterprise software in Access management, Attendance management, Visitor management, Work From Home (WFH) management, Travel & Expense Management hassle-free at one location thanks to its complete solutions.


EmpFly offers every business the chance to develop their enterprise with a single integrated, scalable solution. We support innovation and task automation to improve both the satisfaction of working for both companies and employees.


EmpFly business solutions are sector-specific and built for the cloud to ensure constant innovation and cutting-edge infrastructure in the corporation.

21.Cognicue analytics pvt ltd

Fasih Tandi (Co-Founder), Kanan Tandi (Co-Founder).


CogniCue helps authenticate customer identification, prevent fraud, and offer a smarter, more individualised experience that is ideal for their businesses and customers when integrated with facial expression recognition, emotion analysis, and sentiment analysis.


In order to understand customer emotions, prevent accidents, and validate claim automation and procedures, it uses a futuristic mechanism. In a word, it enables banks and financial institutions to offer unique customers customised, contextualised, and secure experiences.


Your verbal, nonverbal, and written signals will be translated into useful information by CogniCue.


By collecting a variety of body movement and emotional cues, such as facial expressions, motions, or other physical changes that provide insight into what is happening within someone’s thoughts, for example, how they are truly feeling, they are dedicated to giving the best products available.


Not only do we want to see more trust amongst partners, but they also want to see better community interactions and new opportunities for businesses to collaborate more successfully!


22.Cloudhedge technologies

Abhijit Joshi , Sameer Karmakar and Asawari Joshi 


This high-tech solution called Cloudhedge has the ability to containerize and modernise programmes for cloud platforms automatically.


They also founded OmniDeq, which is an even more innovative idea. OmniDeq is a platform that can easily modernise any business application for any new technology, such as Edge or IoT, even those as ancient as mainframes. They have more similar platforms. The outcome? CT/CI/CD pipelines that are intelligent, secure, and a game-changer for businesses trying to stay on top of the game.


Fortune 500 firms use OmniDeq, which is praised all over the world. It is evidence of CloudHedge’s commitment to completing tasks faster and more accurately than anyone else in the globe.


23.Resonant Electronics Pvt Ltd

Anubhav Goel and Amit Goel


Resonant uses RUSH Stack (Resonant Universal Software & Hardware) for Edge Computing, Cloud Platform, and On-Premises Solutions to enable Digital Transformation of the physical infrastructure & assets through our comprehensive IoT Solution. Dashboards and mobile apps specifically designed for industrial, CRE, and solar use cases.


The best selection of capacitive touch control keypads, energy audit and control systems, passenger information systems, active alert systems, and cloud-based configurable dashboards are all offered by Resonant Electronics Private Limited with prompt and efficient delivery.


Drones and Robotics

1.Vyomik Innovations

Hanuma Madireddy


Vyomik Drones manufactures UAVs that offer many different types of solutions for various industrial industries. Their drones are equipped with the proper hardware and software to function as intelligent resources for the public sector, agriculture, mining, infrastructure, land mapping, and other related businesses.


They build drones that are programmed to operate 10 times more accurately and efficiently in the public, agricultural, mining, infrastructure, and energy utility sectors. They are enabling sensible corporate operations well in advance. They are redesigning traditional approaches in order to provide intelligent solutions and alter the face of traditional enterprises.


They believe to constantly embrace the evolution of drone based technology to develop reliable RPAs for institutions and individuals to offer a range of efficient and affordable service.


2.Pace Robotics

Srinivas K Pai


Construction robotics startup PaceRobotics® (Constrobot Robotics Pvt Ltd) is supported by Pidilite Industries and fostered by SINE-IIT Bombay. They are working to use robotics and deep technology to make building sustainable and effective. 


They are developing a modular wall finishing robot that can automate tasks like plastering, puttying, and painting throughout the entire wall finishing process. Their robot will significantly reduce safety risks while finishing walls while providing a 10x boost in productivity, a 3x reduction in cost, and uniform quality over wide areas.


They are now testing their robot for painting and putty activities with contractors and real estate developers.


At PaceRobotics®, they picture a market where technology is pervasive rather than merely a sporadic element that only offers value when used alone. Robotics is a tool for orchestrating a technology-led shift in the execution of building projects in addition to being a way to increase labour productivity. Their goal is to create intelligent machines that can do assigned tasks on their own, gather real-time data from the job site to create actionable data pools, and communicate back to open up vast opportunities to improve value delivery to all participants in the construction value chain.



Ayushi Mishra and Utkarsh Singh


Enhance your Drone maps with AI.

drone data collection, processing, and visualisation end-to-end platform


Deep learning-powered insights to enhance the significance of your maps

Scaled-up raw data to insights


Maps let people navigate to locations that are just beyond their imagination. There is a larger 

need for their products as drones gain popularity as a low-cost data collection tool since they can process this data and produce usable information from it. Using a combination of traditional geospatial methodologies enhanced by deep learning, they provide decision makers with solid insights. their all-inclusive solutions increase the scalability, accuracy, and accessibility of mapping.


4.Geruda aerospace

Agnishwar Jayaprakash


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), sometimes known as drones, are the primary focus of Garuda Aerospace’s design, construction, and modification efforts. Garuda Aerospace precisely satisfies the needs of the customer by catering to a variety of needs, including event photography, agricultural survey, reconnaissance, and surveillance.


The Garuda team is made up of eager and vivacious engineers who take a thorough approach to design and development, which helps them to work effectively together. Engineers in the team test out novel design approaches that might be used in next projects.


The goal of Garuda Aerospace is to become India’s best commercial UAV design, development, service, and support company.


5.Orangewood labs inc

Abhinav Das, Aditya Bhatia, Akash Bansal


Robotics made effortless!

One robot at a time: democratising production


Manufacturing of robots is currently in a stage akin to that of personal computing in the past. At first, computers were exclusively accessible to those with higher incomes and institutions. But all of a sudden, in the 1980s and 2000s, almost everyone had access to them.


Robots that are simple enough for a youngster to use are being created by Orangewood Labs. They are developing safe, cheap collaborative robots that can handle the demands of contemporary industry.


Their robots can be programmed to function as though a human operator were controlling them with dexterous arms. Think of your manufacturing task as using the Hulkbuster arms from Ironman. But unlike people with arms, they can operate continuously and perform tasks without growing weary, bored, inaccurate, or distracted.


Oil and Gas

1.Vdt pipeline

Bhuvanesh Sharma


A startup project called “Innovative Pipeline Inspection” by “VDT Pipeline Integrity Solutions Private Limited” is backed by the Indian government as part of the “Startup India” programme. It was founded on August 31, 2017. VDT is a design and development, engineering, project management consulting, and field services firm that focuses on offering integrity solutions for the oil, gas, and energy industries.


They operate as a “Indian Enterprise” that gives the “Oil and Gas Industries” “Pipeline Integrity Solutions.” Their team holds the patent for creating the MFL Inspection Tool as well as the first Geometry Inspection Tool in India.


They are dedicated to offering excellent goods and services that create value while also developing a strong, lasting relationship with our clients, customers, and other stakeholders.



1. Nesa Medtech

Sreekar Kothamachu


A cutting-edge method of treating uterine fibroids without leaving scars


A medical device startup, NESA MEDTECH PRIVATE LIMITED, believes in developing business through innovation and technology. It strives for excellence in the Research & Development of medical devices for rising nations, notably India. Delivering innovative, minimally invasive treatment devices is the main goal of this to ease societal and financial strain.


Their cutting-edge technology uses an exact guidance and planning system to administer treatment to decrease uterine fibroids, which relieves symptoms.


2.Softmed Technologies

Arindam Bhattacharya


For the healthcare sector, Softmed Technologies offers creative and affordable software solutions. They create cutting-edge technology and solutions for automating medical imaging operations.


Their primary objective is to develop domestically innovative software solutions for the medical imaging and telehealth industries. Their goal is to reach the unreachable by using cutting-edge technological solutions to improve healthcare accessibility.


Automation of medical procedures, creative solution development, and economical radiology reporting Their offerings include cutting-edge software solutions for both invasive and non-invasive diagnostic procedures, which can be used to improve the operational efficiency of a variety of healthcare service providers, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and diagnostic centres, as well as to offer the underserved population the much-needed timely medical care support services.


3.Arficus Private limited

Sandeep Sinha


Using artificial intelligence, Medhini offers pre-screening, accurate disease diagnosis, future disease prediction, and new drug research and development.


CT or X-ray images using an AI-assisted automated medical image analysis tool. Team Arficus created Medhini, which has a 99% accuracy rate and can identify nearly 13 diseases listed under the “Diseases we diagnose” tab.


A user-friendly and high-quality “HOSPITAL ON THEIR MOBILE IN THEIR POCKET” Mechanism is offered by MEDHINI, a new generation of health care technology.


For CT scans, MEDHINI’s computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) technology provides 95.3% specificity, 99% accuracy, and for X-rays, 99.31% accuracy, 98.87 specificities.


Healthcare facilities, staff, and patients can all benefit from the solutions offered by Medhini, which uses artificial intelligence. Its main goal is to offer quick and convenient screening, diagnosis, and disease prediction services to customers.


They have set up our “LAB ON WHEELS” in remote and rural areas of INDIA so that you may travel there, submit your data, and receive service immediately.


4.Aikenist Technologies pvt ltd

Ashwin Amarapuram


AIkenist is a healthcare technology company designing products to enhance end to end patient experience and optimise the utilisation of medical equipment. In order to achieve quicker scanning, exceptional image quality, and an improved patient experience, AIkenist incorporates AI techniques. The founding team has held senior management, product, and engineering positions in AI, biomedical, and cloud firms and has a solid history in entrepreneurship, engineering, and academia.


In order to extend the benefits of medical imaging to a greater community, Aikenist offers AI-based solutions for quicker scanning, better detection, and quick turnaround. The solution increases patient convenience while increasing hospitals’ and diagnostic centres’ return on investment. Modern AI-based algorithms are used in the solution.



1.Quintrains Hyperloop

Prasanna Kadambi,  Kartik Kulkarni Co-Founder,  Pranay Luniya Co-Founder & CEO



Construction of India’s First Homegrown Hyperloop Solution


A 21st-century method of commuting that is cleaner and faster

Ever wondered how to get from Mumbai to Pune in less than 25 minutes?

At Quintrans, they hope to create a highly connected world where being anywhere and at any moment is possible.


2.Raptee energy

 Dinesh Venkatasamy (Dinesh Arjun), Keerthivasan Ravi and Phunith Kumar V.


To reimagine electric mobility, we at Raptee are inspired by an imaginative spirit.

Their motorcycles are user-friendly and designed to outperform cars with internal combustion engines, demonstrating that going electric is not a trade-off.


They are filled with cutting-edge technology to improve every ride you take, and they are intelligent, strong, energy-efficient, and powerful.


3. CellProp

Nakul Kukar and Paras Kaushal.


Cellprop is a startup that creates electric vehicles for environmentally friendly cargo transportation. Electric trucks will play an important role in improving India’s energy security and lowering the cost of commodities transportation. Furthermore, electric vehicles are crucial to any country’s decarbonization and air pollution management strategies.


Fleets can properly determine how much money they need to deliver utilizing diesel trucks under their present business models. In addition, there are purchase and maintenance expenses to consider. In this aspect, electric trucks in India can be several times more efficient than diesel trucks.


They provide a more cost-effective method of transporting the same cargo. Because of its clean technology, electric vehicles in India create no noise. However, this also implies that these vehicles can be used after hours or at night. This may have a substantial impact on companies in congested metropolitan settings where diesel vehicles have limited time on the road. Enterprises have everything they need with electric trucks, and they can arrange their days appropriately.


CellProp’s EV trucks deliver renewable energy without sacrificing the economy, speed or technology. Additionally, installing electric trucks in India can have a psychological aspect. The notion of pushing sustainable energy technologies may allow corporates to retain more people and productivity in their supply chain operation.


The Indian government will need to push policies that encourage battery manufacture, electric car production and adoption, and the development of fast-charging infrastructure. Prior to this, India has begun highly ambitious electrification initiatives.


In India, there is increasing interest in electric trucks. As cities around the country deal with traffic congestion, growing air pollution, and ballooning diesel prices, there is a fresh effort to bring electric trucks into the mainstream.


4.Dash Dynamic pvt ltd


Shashank Sawai and Robin Singh

Electric vehicles (EVs) may now be charged wirelessly using Dash Dynamic, which is 30% faster than using a regular plugged-in EV charger. An electric vehicle owner can wirelessly charge using their smartphone app by just parking above the charger on the ground.







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