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SanchiConnect is dedicated to empowering startups, incubators, and innovation teams by leveraging Software as a Service (SAAS) in thier journey to scale and achieve success. In collaboration with the Deeptech Community, we strongly believe that these entities have the incredible potential to drive sustainable growth. The triumph of incubator and innovation centres will be crucial in propelling India towards its Ten trillion-dollar economic vision.

Empowering the DeepTech Startup Ecosytem

SanchiConnect's DeepTech Triumphs

The community that is helping to shape the future of deep tech in India.

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Community Outreach

At SanchiConnect, we understand the profound impact that in-person interactions can have among stakeholders, including founders, investors, VCs, and incubators. To foster these invaluable connections, we regularly organise and participate in various deeptech community outreach activities. These include Roadshows, Networking Sessions, and Exhibitions. Below, we share some highlights from these programs.

Strategically organised in established deep-tech hubs and emerging startup centres across the country. Our primary focus is to expand and nurture talent in new, high-potential regions while reinforcing SanchiConnect's presence in traditional hubs.
Neworking Session
Networking Sessions helped in order to engage with industry experts, gain valuable insights, and expand professional network in the DeepTech realm
Singapore Exhibition
Participation in EchelonX showcasing cutting-edge innovations and fostering connections between startups and industry leaders, highlighted by Demo Day, where startups from our deeptech community pitched to global investors and VCs.
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Our Patrons

SanchiConnect takes pride in collaborating with esteemed associations, amplifying our resolve to pioneer the DeepTech revolution in India.

Global Partners

SanchiConnect is forging global partnerships, emphasizing our vision to not only lead the DeepTech movement in India but also to make a mark on the international stage.

Hear from our clients

Our clients love working with us, just read what they have to say!

Our News

SanchiConnect, YourNest Launch Deeptech Accelerator With INR 30 Cr Corpus

May 21th, 2024

The accelerator programme aims to provide $500K-$1 Mn in funding to 5-8 selected startups.

Startup news and updates: Daily roundup

May 21th, 2024

SanchiConnect, in partnership with YourNest Venture Capital, is launching a scale-up accelerator for deeptech hardware and software startups with core intellectual…

First global showcase of deeptech startups by SanchiConnect in collaboration with ThinKuvate in Singapore

May 15th, 2024

Deeptech startup enablement community SanchiConnect announced its upcoming…

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